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Waitrose Umi Gift Box

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Body Lotion / Moisturiser

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 19:52
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      A Brilliant Present For Anyone!

      At Christmas I received this lovely Umi Gift Box.
      It is a brand I have never heard of before and it looks fantastic!

      When I opened the paper the tallish brown and pink box caught my eye, it has a brilliant appearance to it and looks like a designer brand!
      The brown is a nice brown and goes really well with the bright pink stripe through the middle.
      The front of the box has a medium sized label saying 'Pampering gift box to indulge the body and ease the mind.'
      On the back is another sticky label telling you what is inside the box and the ingredients used.

      As I took the lid off, the inside was full of bright pink and white tissue paper. I then pulled out 3 Umi products.
      - Bath Sock
      - Body Wash
      - Hand Cream

      The body wash is in a 400ml tall, slim, see through plastic bottle. It has a brown sticky label matching the gift box which tells you what the product is.
      The Palm Milk & Acacia Honey Bath Soak is a light yellow colour and looks fairly relaxing.
      When I used the bath soak I opened the twist off lid and had a sniff.
      The scent this bath soak has is gorgeous! It's very hard to describe how it smells, it has a sort of light perfume smell to it. The scent reminds me of the brand Palmolive, the Naturals Honey & Moisturising Milk shower cream they make. It really does smell gorgeous and has to be one of the best smelling bath soaks I have used yet.

      As I ran my bath I poured a little bit of the product under the hot water tap.
      The substance of the soak looked soft and delicate if that makes sense and bubbles started to appear straight away.
      The bubbles looked lovely although a little bit thin, unlike other bubbles baths I have used which produce thick bubbles.
      When the bath was full the bubbles spread out well, and my bath was very relaxing!
      The bubbles lasted about 10-15 minutes and then started to go. When I had finished my bath after about 30 minutes the bubbles had left a slight bubbly film across the top of the water.

      I love this bubble bath and it does say on the directions to be generous when pouring it into the bath, which is probably why I don't get thick bubbles.
      There are quite a few ingredients which I don't feel need to be added into this review but there are some allergens.
      ALLERGENS CONTAINS: Cinnamal & Hexyl Cinnamal.

      Over All Bath Soak- 9/10!

      The Body Wash has to be my favourite product from the box. It is also in a 300ml tall, slim bottle, but the bottle is a pump action bottle.
      The label says Peach Kernel & Vanilla Exfoliating Body Wash.
      It is a light brown colour which doesn't look to brilliant with darker bits in which sort of look like glitter.
      When I first used the product it took a few pumps for the body wash to come out, now it is fine and I have no problem with the pump, it's very easy to use even with wet hands.
      The substance looks a bit thick and oily, when I pumped some onto my hand it did not feel how it looked! It's quite a runny substance and not at all oily.
      Again the body wash has a gorgeous fragrance just like the bath soak.
      It smells of vanilla, not strong but just right!
      The Peach Kernel is the exfoliant, when I rubbed the substance in my hands a bit I could barley feel it and thought that it wouldn't exfoliate my skin at all!
      I continued to use it and as I rubbed some into my arm it started to foam up.
      When I was rubbing the substance into my arm I could then feel the exfoliants working, but not as much as other exfoliating products I have used.
      When I had finished my bath I felt very clean, refreshed and relaxed.
      As I was drying my skin I noticed dead skin coming off, I then realised that the exfoliants had worked!

      As I've said this is my favourite product from the box!
      It not only foams up well and makes you feel lovely and clean it exfoliates very well too.
      I find not alot of the product is needed and a small amount about 2 pumps is enough for my stomach.
      There are also allergens in this product aswell.
      ALLERGENS CONTAINS: Butylmethylproplanol, Coumarin, Limonen & Linalool.

      Overall- 10 / 10!!

      The last product is the Hand Cream.
      The Hand Cream is in a 100ml silver, squeeze tube with a flip lid.
      Pomegranate & Acacia Honey Hand Cream For Soft & Strong Nails.
      The substance is white and runny. As I squeezed the tube I was surprise how runny the cream was.
      It doesn't bother me to much as only a very small amount is actually needed, so when the cream is squeezed into the palm of a hand it shouldn't run off.
      This hand cream doesn't fail when it comes to the fragrance. It has quite a strong smell which lasts on the hands well.
      Again the scent is quite hard to describe and as I have never smelt Pomegranate properly I can't compare it.
      At first I wasn't sure if I liked the smell, but once it was rubbed in fully on my hands the smell grew on me and now I love it.
      After application my hands feel very soft and smell great without any stickiness.
      I don't really use hand cream alot and currently have a very large bottle of Soap & Glory's hand food on the go so at the moment this Umi hand cream is taking a back seat. I can't comment fully if my nails have become stronger, but after I have used the cream they look healthier and feel good.
      The hand cream is a perfect size to put into a handbag though, and so this will be popped in my bag soon!
      There is no allergy advice on the tube.

      Overall 8/10!

      - Other Info -

      Umi make their products with natural ingredients and you are advised to keep the product out of direct sun light.
      Their products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
      Once opened both the bath soak & body wash can be used for 24 months and the hand cream 12 months.
      Also on the bath soak & body wash the bottle and caps are both recyclable!

      - Where To Get It & Price -

      I searched endlessly for this product online! Whenever I typed Umi into google it came up with shoes.
      I first tried the Boots website as they stock a good range of professional brands but they didn't have it.
      It was only when I read the whole of the label on the back I saw it was from Waitrose / John Lewis.

      Waitrose supermarket was the last place I would have thought about buying a present from as it doesn't really spring to mind for that sort of thing.
      I then looked online and found out the gift box only cost a bargain of £5.00!!!
      Unfortunately I don't think it can be purchased all year round, only the christmas months of early november - late december.
      BUT, while looking online on the Waitrose website Umi do make single products.
      Face Wipes, Bar Soap and other bath soaks and body wash's.
      Prices ranging from £1.95 - around the £3 mark.

      - Overall -

      I love this gift box and I am very happy with it!
      I think it's a fantastic presents for anybody and especially good if your on a tight budget as it looks like it costs more than £5.
      When I first opened it I thought it would be about £10/ £12 or more.
      All the products are lovely and do what they say on the bottle!
      10/10 Product!!

      - Highly Recommend!
      January 2010.


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