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Wilkinson Fruity Lemon Shower Cream

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3 Reviews
  • It is cheap to buy
  • It makes me clean after my shower
  • You have to use quite alot of shower cream each time
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    3 Reviews
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      09.11.2014 12:06
      Very helpful


      • "The tube is a good design"
      • "It is cheap to buy"
      • "It makes me clean after my shower"
      • "It smells very pleasing"


      • "You have to use quite alot of shower cream each time"

      Wilkinson fruity lemon shower cream

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is shower cream that is made by Wilkinsons and sold only in their stores.


      The shower gel comes in a tube and I think that is good because tubes are easier to use in the shower than bottles. The tube has a screw top that is large so easy to take off and put back on again when you need to dispense some shower gel.


      I like the fragrance of this very much because it is refreshing and that makes it a very good shower gel to use in the morning because it will wake you up and refresh you for the day. The smell is of lemon and it is quite a natural fragrance but it is sweeter than real lemons because I do not think it would be very pleasing to shower with something that smells like actual lemon.


      I like that this is a smooth cream instead of being gel because it feels alot more like luxury even though this is a very cheap product. It does not make bubbles in the shower but if you use a sponge the way the cream spreads over your skin feels very nice and it feels like it is cleaning me good without the bubbles.

      I like the way the smell lingers on my skin after I have rinsed the shower cream off and the cream rinses off very easy also without leaving any residue on my skin.

      I always feel very clean when I have used this shower cream but I think it is a pity that I have to use quite a lot of it to clean myself and that means the cheap price does not make it as much as a bargain as I thought it was going to. I will still buy it thought because I like the smell very much and think it is similar to the lemon Original Source shower gel that I use sometimes.


      This shower gel costs £1.50 for a tube that has got 250ml of product in it. I think that is value even though you have to use quite a lot for each shower because it makes me feel very clean and fresh and that feeling lasts for a long time after my shower.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      06.03.2013 21:41
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If you love lemon, try this!

      I have recently been using the Wilko Fruity Lemon Shower Cream which my sister bought for me. I have used quite a few products from the Wilko Fruity range so far and liked the majority of them, so was quite excited to try this. Funnily enough not long before she bought it for me I had been looking at it and the only reason I didn't buy it, was that I had quite a lot of other bath and shower products already in the house at the time.

      The shower cream comes in a clear tube with a yellow and lime green label and it sits on a black flip top lid. I think the packaging is quite nice. It's cheerful and although it doesn't particularly look special or premium, I think it could pass for being a few pounds more than it actually costs.

      The shower cream contains lemon and green tea extract. It claims to cleanse and moisturise the skin and states that the lemon and green tea combo will leave you 'feeling zesty and zingy'. Well that sounds good to me, I mean who doesn't want to feel zesty?!

      The flip top lid of the product is easily opened, even with wet hands and it only takes a gentle squeeze to dispense the fairly thick, bright yellow shower cream. Other than the gorgeous bright colour, I think the thing you will first notice is the scent. It smells absolutely amazing. I can't smell green tea in it at all, it is just like freshly squeezed lemons - it's so zesty and so fruity, I absolutely adore it - but then I have always been a big fan of citrussy fragrances. I would say that in terms of scent this is incredibly similar to the Original Source lemon shower gel and this is the first time I have found a lemon scented bath product which has lived up to that one in terms of zinginess!

      The shower cream is a nice thick consistency and does indeed feel quite creamy on the skin. It doesn't lather up a lot - it does create some bubbles, but not a thick bubbly lather. I have started using it with a shower puff which has helped lather it a bit more, but on the whole it's still creamy rather than bubbly.

      After using this the lemon fragrance stays on my skin for quite some time. Unfortunately it's not as strong as I would have liked but it's still noticeable. Although the tube describes this as being moisturising I do feel I have to refute that. It may just be because my skin is quite dry anyway but although I don't find this product to be drying to my skin I don't think it adds any moisture, despite feeling creamy on application. In fact other than getting my skin clean and leaving it's lovely fragrance behind, it doesn't really do anything for my skin at all, but I don't mind as I have lots of body moisturisers I can use instead.

      A 250ml tube of this shower cream costs just £1 from Wilkinson's. I have to add however, that ever since discovering this brand I have found it to be on a constant 2 for £1.50 deal, which effectively makes it half price, so I think this deal is well worth taking advantage of.

      Overall, I absolutely love this shower cream and would thoroughly recommend it, especially for anyone who likes lemon scents. It's not perfect - I don't think it's moisturising as it claims to be - but it smells amazing and is cheap as chips, so it still gets a massive thumbs up from me!


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        12.12.2011 19:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A well priced, efficient shower cream.

        Always on the look out for savings when it comes to toiletries, I'd rather a good bargain as opposed to sticking to a particular brand, I happened upon this shower cream.

        * Price and Packaging

        This is priced at £1 for a 250ml tube but Wilkinsons currently have the following offer: 2 for just £1.50 so it was a must have purchase.

        The shower cream comes in a brightly coloured tube, rather like an extremely large toothpaste tube. It looks appealing with a bright, refreshing cut lemon on the front.
        It is dispensed through a hole under the black flip top lid on which the tube sits. The packaging is bright and vibrant but it does have a slight disadvantage in my opinion. Sometimes the shower gel continues to come out of the hole and goes into the lid area so that when you next open it, there are bits of it on the interior of the lid. A minor flaw but thought it worth pointing out.

        * What does the packaging state?

        ~ Gently cleanses and moisturises.
        ~ Lemon and green tea fragrance.
        ~ Leaves you feeling zesty and zingy!

        The shower gel lasts for 24 months from opening

        * So what's it like?

        This is an extremely bright, almost luminous yellow when squeezed out of the tube, although it doesn't take much of a helping hand to dispense the cream especially when the tube is full.
        It is quite a thick consistency and lathers up really well but is easily washed off. A little, really does go a long way with this shower cream.

        For me, the smell is the winning factor - it has such a vibrant, zingy, refreshing scent but obviously not for those who are averse to lemony fragrances. I can't actually smell the green tea in this shower cream, suspecting that the lemon fragrance drowns it. The smell stays on my skin for a short while after using it but definitely doesn't conflict with any perfumes or body lotions that I may use after washing.
        It makes my skin feel cleansed and although I can't see any moisturising qualities, I should also point out that it doesn't dry out my skin which has sometimes been the case with cheaper shower cream / gel products that I've used in the past.

        * Overall
        ~ Lovely smell
        ~ Great price
        ~ Cleanses my skin
        All in all, I really like this shower cream for all of the above reasons. The shortfall of some of it seeping out into the lid is hugely overshadowed by the advantages of this. I'll definitely be buying this again and trying some others from the same range.


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