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Yves Rocher Aloe Vera Pulp Shower Gel

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2012 18:48
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      A dull shower gel that's too expensive - glad I don't like it

      After many months of temptation in the shape of Supersonic75's reviews of Yves Rocher products on this website and others, I recently gave in and bought some perfume that had been highly recommended. To make paying the postage worthwhile I threw in a few additional products which were on offer at the time, one of which was this Aloe Vera Pulp shower gel. I paid £1.95 for a 200ml bottle, a discount of 50 per cent; there's no way I'd have paid full price for this product but at the promotional price I was pretty sure I was not going to be disappointed.

      The product is part of Yves Rocher's 'Les Jardins du Monde' range ('Gardens of the World') and it's specified that the aloe vera in this product comes from Mexico. I'm pretty sure that aloe vera pulp from Mexico is much the same as that from any other place that aloes grow so I suspect that emphasising that this ingredient comes from Mexico lends an element of the exotic to the product. Aloe vera is a succulent plant that contains a high proportion of water in its fleshy leaves. It is frequently used in sin care products, especially those intended to treat sunburn, because it is extremely gentle and yet effective in rehydration. I thought that this would be a good product to use on holiday for those reasons.

      The product comes in a reasonably attractive bottle which is contoured (presumably) to make it easy to handle when bathing. The gel can be seen through the plastic and it's a pale mint green. I had also bought a bottle of the green tea shower gel from the same range and have to say that the two botttles look very similar and are easy to confuse even though there's an illustration of some aloe blades on the label of this particular bottle.

      I really wanted to like this shower gel but we got off to a bad start when, trying to open the bottle in the shower, I struggled to get the flip cap up. This is a strip that flips down over the dispenser and it closes with quite a ferocious click. It's all very well making a bottle that's easy to grasp, but pretty daft to make one you can;t open. I'm ashamed to say I had to resort to getting it open with my teeth which was far from satisfactory when it sprang open, giving me a taste of the gel. Now when I use this I open the bottle and leave it open on the side of the bath before I start the shower going.

      Recently I've had to enlist some help when having a shower. Having had surgery to replace the big toe joint in my right foot, getting into the shower has been quite an ordeal; finding a safe comfortable way to stand while showering has left me with one usable hand so I have to as my assistant to pour the shower gel into my hand. The gel comes gushing out of this bottle as soon as you even slightly tip it so you do need to be very careful or else it spills all over your hand and down the plughole (and at the full price that's definitely something you don't want to happen). My assistant failed to realise that he had tipped the bottle too far and was most severely reprimanded for his lack of attention.

      My first impression of the fragrance was reasonably positive. I didn't love it, nor did I dislike it.It has a very mild scent, very different from the in your face citrussy scents I usually favour in shower gel (though obviously I did know before I bought it that it would be quite different). It's difficult to really describe the scent but if you are familiar with the scent of aloe you'd certainly recognise it. The more I use this product, the less I enjoy the scent. This could be a little to do with the fact that with my current physical limitations I find showering rather tiresome but I think it's more to do with the fact that this is a fragrance which is neither invigorating nor relaxing. The scent is rather one dimensional and gives me a headache. Himself thought it was OK and has been happy to use it so I suppose there is an advantage in that the scent could be considered unisex.

      As far as cleansing poer is concerned this is a fairly ordinary product. It lathers well enough and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry after use as long as I have rinsed it properly. Unfortunately, due to my recent showering problems, I haven't always managed to rinse completely and have found that the skin that was not rinsed became a bit itchy.I should have rinsed properly, but I was still surprised as the Yves Rocher blurb promotes this shower gel as pH neutral.

      I wouldn't buy this particular fragrance from the Jardins du Monde range again and I wouldn't recommend it to others. There's nothing appealing about this scent, it's simply dull and uninspiring.


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