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Yves Rocher Jardins Du Monde Cotton Flower Shower Cream

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Shower Cream

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2011 11:50
      Very helpful



      A lovely shower cream from Yves Rocher

      Anyone that has read my reviews will know I have a thing for Yves Rocher products and just after Christmas I stocked up on quite a few items that were mainly on offer (I love a bargain). Amongst my loot were several shower creams and the first one I am reviewing is this; Cotton Flower.

      This Cotton Flower is a fairly new edition to the already existing 'Jardins du Monde' range and comes housed in the same style vessel. The design in question is that of an upright standing bottle which is transparent and tapers in towards the neck giving it a slight triangular look.
      To access the shower cream there is a large flat lid in a pale pink colour that is placed directly on top of the bottle, but for some reason Yves Rocher seem to to make it impossible to open their products without breaking nails and damaging skin.
      Once you have managed to actually open the lid the shower cream itself is a very bright white in colour, though the bottle appears to be totally transparent at first it then becomes obvious there is a slight pink tint to the packaging which is quite deceiving as I was convinced the cream was also this colour.

      The fragrance itself is one that is gentle and delicate, yet very noticeable at the same time and has a clean floral scent to it which reminds me of peony. This is a very feminine product and not really the sort of thing your male partner would probably want to use. YR have used a cotton flower that originates from India and has apparently grown for over 5000 years so it's certainly been around for a while.

      My experience of using this~
      As I have just mentioned this is a fairly new addition to the range and one which I have just tried for the first time. I have always found YR Jardins du Monde shower creams to be very compliant with my skin and was hoping that this would be no exception.

      The cream squeezes out of the bottle with little effort and although it appears to be of a thick consistency it is actually quite runny so be careful if using for the first time. The cream is well..very creamy and has an almost velvet feel to it before mixed with water so I had high hopes that this wouldn't disappoint.

      I needn't have worried though, as soon as I started to cleanse my body with it I was instantly impressed: the fragrance is slightly more intensified when mixed with water and the cream gives off a lovely sweet floral scent that not only lingered on my body, but also left my bathroom smelling beautiful for about one hour afterwards as well.

      I have found that with this product in particular less is more, as a small blob of about a 10p coin seems enough to cleanse my entire body as it lathers up incredibly well and because it's already a cream based cleanser it just explodes in a mass of bubbles without losing it's thick consistency. I have also used this twice in the bath as a bath cream and it's been fantastic at creating lots of sweet scented bubbles that have lasted nearly the duration of my bath so it's a versatile product.

      This rinses away quickly both whilst showering and bathing and leaves no residue on the skin though it does leave behind an added softness and doesn't dehydrate the skin at all. Though I always use a body lotion/cream after showering I would feel quite confident to just go without when using this and have peace of mind knowing my skin wasn't too dry.

      Because YR products are natural plant based I have never suffered any skin irritations nor rashes and this was the case here - just clean, sweet smelling skin that feels moisturised after each use. This comes in one size of 200 ml's and because only a small amount is needed each time it's lasted me for quite a while though I do confess to having several similar items on the go at once so it doesn't get used everyday, but definitely 2 to 3 times a week.

      The only downside with this and all Yves Rocher items is their products don't come cheap, though this is actually not too badly priced at £3.90 for a 200ml bottle. As I always state though I never pay full price and bought this (along with 5 other shower creams) at the reduced rate of £1.90 'buy one get one free' so if interested do look out for deals.

      For further information check out www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      Phone 0870 049 2222,
      or alternatively browse in one of their shops that are dotted about up and down the country.

      A very nice shower cream from one of my favourite beauty companies.


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