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Yves Rocher Malaysian Coconut Shower Gel

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2 Reviews
  • It makes me feel clean
  • It smells very beautiful
  • You cannot buy it from all stores
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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2014 18:15
      Very helpful


      • "It makes me feel clean"
      • "It smells very beautiful"


      • "You cannot buy it from all stores"

      Yves Rocher malaysian coconut shower gel

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is shower gel that is made by Yves Rocher. It is called Malaysian Coconut and that is what it smells like.


      I think this shower gel has got a very beautiful fragrance but I wish it was stronger because I cannot smell it after I have got out of the shower and that is a pity because it is very exotic and I would like to be able to smell it on my skin for longer. The smell is of coconut and it is very natural but the fragrance is sweet also, it has got a nicer smell that coconut produce from the Body Shop and I think it is the nicest coconut product I have used.


      I think this shower gel is very pleasing to use. It does not give me very many bubbles but I do not care about that because it makes me feel clean and my skin is very soft after I have had a shower using this.

      I like that I can buy it in small bottles, I have never bought it because me and my sister order from Yves Rocher and sometimes we receive small bottles of shower gel as thank you gifts from the company. My sister does not shower only bathes so she gives me the shower gels to use and I am happy about that because I have used this beautiful coconut shower gel many times but not had to buy it.

      You do not have to use very much when you have a shower because even a little bit of shower gel will make you clean and you get the same amount of bubbles however much you use. It is a little bit runny so you should not use alot because if you put too much on your sponge it will slide off and you will waste it.


      A bottle that has got 50ml of shower gel in it costs only £1.90 and I think that is value because even a very small bottle like that lasts for quite a long time because you do not have to use very much. I want to use coconut shower gel soon and I am going to buy my first bottle when I place an order with Yves Rocher.

      5 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      30.11.2011 12:42
      Very helpful



      I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.....

      When I went on holiday in the summer I stumbled across an Yves Rocher shop. I used to buy Yves Rocher products from their catalogue years ago and so I bought a lot of products 'for old times sake' really. I purchased a selection of travel sized shower gels, but having used four of them, there was only really one that I liked, and I found the other three were fairly disappointing. The last I am to use is the Malaysian Coconut variety and given my experiences I didn't have high hopes for it...


      The shower gel comes in a clear bottle, which features a label depicting a halved coconut. The bottle is simple, but doesn't look anything special, although I do like to be able to see how much I have left, so the clear bottle is a plus point for me.

      The bottle has a screw top lid but I think a flip top cap might have been a better option as it can be fiddly to unscrew the lid, pour out the shower gel, then screw the lid back on with wet hands.

      ==My thoughts==

      Having reviewed many coconut scented products in my time, I have found that I tend to get a real divide from people - it seems to be a scent that splits people down the middle. Are you a lover or a hater? I'm firmly in the love camp, but I have found that in beauty products especially, the coconut fragrance can sometimes be a little too artificial and sickly smelling. When I first used this shower gel, I was absolutely thrilled with the scent. It's absolutely gorgeous - a sweet coconut fragrance, but not too sweet - just perfect in my opinion and very natural smelling.

      The shower gel is rather thick in consistency and so only a small amount is needed per use. It feels creamy on the skin and lathers up reasonably well on its own, although like all shower products I find it works best when used with a shower puff.

      The scent of the product really comes out when I use this and it rinses away easily. After use, my skin felt soft and smooth and wasn't dried out. I was extremely pleased to find that the scent lingered on my skin for a good few hours after use, as I loved it so much. I actually like to use this before I go to bed as strangely I find the coconut scent quite relaxing and it makes me think of lying on a beach as I fall asleep!

      ==Price and availability==

      This product is available in two sizes, the travel size I have and a full sized version. The 50ml size costs £1.70 and the 400ml size is £5. I do think these prices are slightly on the expensive side for what is an everyday product, however I have made even my small bottle last for a long time, since only a small amount is required per use.

      Yves Rocher products are available online at www.yves-rocher.co.uk or via mail order. A body cream, body lotion, bath cube, lip balm, soap and eau de toilette are also available in this fragrance and I'm very interested to try all of them!


      Overall I am very pleased with this product. It lathers well and leaves my skin clean and soft, but the main plus point is that beautiful coconut scent. I would definitely recommend it for all you coconut lovers and I would be happy to buy it again.


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