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Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Shower Gel

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2011 00:06
      Very helpful




      The Yves Rocher yellow peach shower gel was another that I picked up when in France on holiday. I really love peach scents which is why this appealed to me.

      ==About the product==

      Made by French company Yves Rocher the yellow peach shower gel is part of the Les Plaisirs Nature range. This is a range of fruit based products and others in the range include raspberry, blackberry, coconut and mandarin. A matching soap and bath cube are available in the peach fragrance, although having tried the bath cube I would not recommend buying it!

      The shower gel comes in two sizes the 50ml travel size which I have and the 400ml full size. The official description is 'This shower gel enriched with yellow peaches lathers into a light, creamy foam. A true moment of pleasure with a mild tang, it offers you a delicious interlude of well-being!'


      The product is packaged in quite a simple way, it comes in a clear bottle with white screw top lid and the label on the front depicts peaches. The gel itself is a pinky-peach colour. The packaging to me, is OK, but nothing special. If I was browsing in a shop I don't think this is something that would immediately grab me and say 'wow, you must try me'!

      ==Using it==

      The gel has quite a runny consistency, so I find I have to be careful that I don't pour too much out at once. The smell of peaches is immediately noticeable when poured out and I find it to be a sweet, yet natural fragrance. In fact, I used to own the Peach body butter from The Body Shop and had you blindfolded me and asked me to smell them both side by side I don't think I would be able to tell the difference.

      I have found that when used directly onto the skin the gel will produce only a very light lather. In my opinion it is best used with a shower puff as this way it produces a thicker, soapier lather whilst using less of the product. The shower gel feels nice against my skin, but nothing special. With some of the pricier shower products I've used in the past it's been obvious I was using a quality product just by the texture, but this one feels pretty ordinary to use.

      One thing I have found with the product is that whilst the peach smell is nice and natural, if you happen to use too much at once it can begin to have a bit of an artificial undertone to it. I would therefore recommend only using small amount at a time as if I pour lots out, the smell seems to change and is not all that nice.

      After using this my skin feels clean but I notice no huge change to it and unfortunately the peach scent doesn't linger. I have eczema and dry skin and the gel has not aggravated either of those conditions.

      ==Price and Availability==

      A 50ml bottle of this shower gel costs £1.75 and the full 400ml size is £5.00. Yves Rocher is not widely available in the UK, so you will need to go via mail order or visit www.yves-rocher.co.uk if you want to try this.


      On the whole I really like this shower gel and look forward to using the rest of it. Despite having a relatively small sized bottle I have loads left still as a little goes a long way - and like I say the smell can be a bit much if you use too much at once anyway. If I order from Yves Rocher in the future (or else go back to Paris), I would definitely think about buying another bottle of this and I would recommend it.


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