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Argos Value Range Electric EPP Scale

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Brand: Argos / Type: Bathroom Scales

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2013 00:30
      Very helpful



      A compact reliable scale at a good price.

      I'm reviewing my Argos value range bathroom scales.
      They cost me £9 last year from my local Argos Store.

      I'd reached a point in life where I had become rather too complacent regarding my weight and decided it needed kept in check so I bought a set of scales and was happy with them, till I became convinced they were faulty, because my excess pounds weren't shifting as I expected them to.....according to those pesky scales. So in a moment of madness and with a voucher needing spent before expiry date I bought these Argos Value scales as a back up to the big scales. I know, how pathetic am I ?

      ***USING and MY OPINION***

      These are a neat little item measuring just 26cms x 26cms x 3cms(10" x 10" x 1") and that was important to me because I planned store them in the bathroom cabinet upstairs where space is limited.
      They have a white plastic platform but the backing(underneath) is labeled as 'TEMPERED GLASS'.
      Max load is 150kg/330lb/23st....so they have a good limit .
      Using is simple. These are basic scales with no 'whistles and bells' added facilities regarding body mass reading etc.
      There is a small switch on the underside for switching the reading from stones and pounds to kilograms. No other switches on them, not even an on/off switch.
      They are battery operated (1 x CR2032) and despite having them a full year the battery has not needed replacing. If it does we will get a "low battery" warning in the window apparently....handy.

      All that's required to activate them is to tap the platform firmly. This brings up a row of '8888' in the little window, and then that rapidly changes to 0.0.
      When the 0.0 comes up you step on, and your weight will appear in the window.
      Once you step off the machine it will automatically switch off after a brief time.

      The plastic platform has curved ridges on it to avoid feet slipping .

      I'm quite pleased with these. As it happens my other heavier scales were working fine, because both scales give the same reading . But it was nice to be assured on the accuracy anyway and now we have the heavier scales downstairs in the main bathroom, and these upstairs in the smaller bathroom.
      As I said these needed to be small to fit in my bathroom cabinet upstairs and to fit in they need to be stored on their side. I thought this might be an issue possibly messing up the readings due to bad storage, but where that might apply to the old mechanical style scales it most definitely doesn't with these electronic ones. Storing on their side has not affected them whatsoever.
      Another plus is that when they are stored in the cabinet out of sight I don't over-use them.
      I don't want to be someone who hops on the scales every single day and becomes weight obsessed .

      They are a rather flimsy plastic on top and quite light despite the tempered glass backing.
      This has advantages AND disadvantages in my opinion .
      The light weight is good for lifting them (I can do this with one hand), but it also means I'm wary of dropping them or dropping something heavy ( I do NOT mean myself) on them in case the light plastic fractures.

      So it's a case of swings and roundabouts on the lightness issue and it balances out .

      Needless to say you must use these on a very flat surface (not carpet) for an accurate reading.

      Would I recommend these ? Yes. If you just need a basic aid for keeping track of ONLY your weight .
      If you are a dedicated fitness person these might be too simplistic for your needs.
      For me they prove you don't always need to pay high prices for something dependable and I am happy with them .

      The stars thing is making me indecisive. They have faults in that they are flimsy and do nothing other than read your weight, but the price reflects this. The reality is that for me those things are just fine and they serve me well, so the full 5 stars are being awarded for a simple reliable health aid.

      Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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