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Boots Mechanical Bathroom Scales

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Brand: Boots / Type: Bathroom Scales

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    1 Review
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      09.08.2013 10:32
      Very helpful



      In this case, cheap isn't cheerful.

      These are the scales I had before the electronic ones that I have now. I am not sure why I bought them to be honest; I think it was probably because I thought that no home could be complete without a set of bathroom scales rather than because I wanted to use them. Which I didn't very often, because they are so inaccurate. I couldn't trust them, which is why they were replaced when I started getting serious about losing weight at the start of this year.

      The Good

      There are some good things about the scales. The fact that they are so cheap is the thing that drew me to them in the first place. When I got them a few years ago, they were about £5. Inflation has seen them rise to £6.50 since then which is still at the very low end of the price spectrum for bathroom scales which can be up to the eye watering amount of £70 plus these days. (For that kind of money, I'd want scales that told me I was my ideal weight no matter how much I actually weighed when I got on them!).

      The scales are pretty pleasant looking too. I use that description because I find it near on impossible to get any more excited about the appearance of a set of bathroom scales, plus it is a fairly accurate description. They are very simple looking and are plain white so they would fit in any bathroom. There is nothing space aged looking or fancy about them and that is what I do like about them; it is my belief that scales do not have to be and in fact should not be a piece of modern art and these certainly aren't that with their plain white plasticky surface and simple dial of white background with black numbers on.

      The fact that they are easy to use is another good thing about them. I think mechanical scales are easy to use as a general rule really considering that there is nothing technical about them. That shouldn't take away from these scales though because all you have to do is step on them, wait for the dial to settle (which takes a few seconds depending how hard you stepped onto the scales in the first place) and then read what it says.

      The Bad

      So far they sound good I know but I am afraid that is where the benefits of these scales end. They are pretty much inaccurate. I found they worked well enough for me when I wasn't really watching my weight; they do give a rough idea of how much you weigh. But when I compared them with my mum's and nan's electronic scales (which both gave the same reading) I found that the Boots ones under weighed by about three pounds. Aside from anything else, I was absolutely devastated to find out that I actually needed to lose three pounds more than I thought.

      The dial is a bit lousy too, which makes them even more inaccurate. I found that after I'd weighed myself, the dial didn't settle back to zero again, it would always be a couple of pounds either side. It is simple enough to slide the dial back to zero, but that is not the point. The fact that I had to change it every single time was very disappointing. I actually ended up weighing myself three times each time and taking an average which kind of defies the point of them - I might as well have just guessed.

      The dial is quite hard to read as well. There are two lots of measurements on there; stones and pounds and kilograms. Whilst this is quite handy to have it also means that they have more information to squash into a fairly small area so the writing becomes more difficult to see. I am pretty much vertically challenged and I do have fairly good eyesight, but I struggled to see what weight I was. I don't think this is helped by the fact that the increments are little lines between the stone markers (and kilogram markers respectively) in two pound intervals, which means you have to actually count how many you are and they are even harder to see than the numbers.

      The scales are very temperamental as well. They literally will only work on hard surfaces - I found the best place was on the tiled floor in my kitchen. My bathroom is rather inconveniently carpeted which lead to more than one embarrassing situation which involved the postman seeing me charge through the house with not much on. I also found that the reading differed quite dramatically depending on where you actually stood on them; bizarrely I weighed less when my feet were further forward on the scales than when I stood towards the back. This was great for making myself feel better when I'd had a week of being bad, but wasn't very good for accuracy obviously.

      The Ugly

      Overall I felt that I couldn't give these scales any more than one star because, whilst they do look nice and they are very cheap, they just do not do the job that they are supposed to. It turns out that when it comes to bathroom scales, you do get what you pay for and in this case, that is not very much. Not recommended.


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