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Lloyds Digital Body Fat Scales

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5 Reviews

Brand: Lloyds / Type: Scales

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    5 Reviews
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      16.02.2011 20:02



      worked fine for 3 weeks, now declare everyone weighs over 150 kg, giving nothing but overload error!


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      02.09.2010 11:45
      Very helpful



      A good pair of scale i would recommend to people who want these features

      During my first term at university the digital scale I had brought with me broke, the LCD display stopped working. It was quite frustrating as I was currently healthy eating as I had put a few too many pounds on over fresher's week and didn't have any money to get a new set for two weeks. Luckily one of my friends had this pair of scales and let e use them until I could buy a new set.

      The scales did interest me as they claim to be able to weigh you, calculate your BMI and the percentage of body fat. I have always been very sceptical of devices that claim to calculate your body fat by just on something rather than using the old school method of those clips that pinch your fat. In order for the scales to calculate these you need to input your height, age, body frame and sex, which is all quite straight forward to do as you have an instruction book that takes you through step by step.

      The scales are a thick, glass square with a LCD screen and silver buttons at the top and you can see the silver curved stands through the glass giving them a funky modern look suitable to every bathroom. As with most scales you tap them to turn them on, wait a couple of seconds and then step on them and wait for your weight to appear on the LCD screen. I prefer weighing myself in stones and pounds however I do believe these scales can also measure you weight in kilograms if you prefer. If you wish to calculate your body fat you must place you feet on the metal stands after entering in your details and wait while a small electric current is passed through (don't worry you do not feel the current). The reading will them appear on the screen first you body fate then your BMI and will both flash twice before clearing. So, in theory they should be fairly accurate in regards to your body fat percentage, but I am just sceptical.

      I can not comment on the sccuracy of the body fat percentage but the weighing were very accurate matching those given to me by my doctor, so perfect if you want accurate scales (which most people do want).

      The scales are only available from Lloyds the Pharmacy and cost around £15, making them very reasonably priced for what they are capable of doing. I would not buy these scales myself as I do not believe BMI is any use at all (you can be classed as obese by BMI and still join the army), and I am still very sceptical of measurements it makes of body fat as it seems to just put the numbers you type in about your age etc into an equation and calculate it without any accurate measurements. However, as I have not had the proper body fat test done I cannot say for certain how accurate they are. So overall I only need scales that can accurately weigh me so these scales are not for me as I don't need to pay the extra for BMI and my percentage of body fat.

      Overall these scale are accurate when it comes to weighing, but I have no need or want for the other features, but would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants these extra features.


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      25.08.2010 13:07
      Very helpful



      Very good

      Around 1 month ago I read a review on Dooyoo written by 'Newby2', which first highlighted these Digital Body fat scales to me.

      I was in need of some new scales, as my previous set was very old, and would very often give me a different reading of up to 4 pounds, just from stepping back on a few minutes later. Also it only gave me my weight, and after reading Newby's review, I realized that I was missing out on the usefulness of the info regarding body fat and BMI.

      That same day, I looked through the Argos catalogue, and discovered a number of similar options, each costing a lot more than the Lloyds Pharmacy ones, but without that sleek and modern stylish look that the Lloyds ones had, and reading reviews of them all, they did not sound all that good!

      So I decided to purchase the Lloyds pharmacy GY5900 scales from the website, priced at £14:99 plus £3:95 delivery charge, totaling £18:94.
      They arrived 3 days later, and I quickly un-wrapped them, and grabbed the user manual to find out how to set them up.

      ***** My Experience *****

      I have had the scales now for about 4 weeks, and I am really pleased with them.
      They are very stylish looking, and have a solid feel to them.
      Included in the well packaged box on arrival was a pair of batteries (2 X CR2032 Lithium batteries), which needed to be inserted into the back of the scales.
      Right next to the battery compartment is the weight mode selector, and there are 3 available options:

      Stones and pounds
      Kilograms only
      Pounds only

      The Scales weigh to the nearest 0.2 of a pound, or 0.1 of a kilogram, which is far more accurate than have seen before.

      Once the weight mode has been selected the scales are ready to perform a standard weighing, and just a light touch on the top of the scales will illuminate the digital display, indicating a 0.0 weight, which means they are ready.

      For a more comprehensive weighing, comprising of weight, BMI and percentage body fat, an individual profile needs to be set up. This is very simple to do, and the user guide is excellent in the way that it describes each step in simple text, along with diagrams.
      The scales can store up to 10 different individual profiles, which is surely plenty for almost every household, and it is a simple case of entering your name, gender, height, and age. Once this is done the scales will give a reading of BMI and Body weight, as well as weight.
      This is done by standing onto the metal plates located in the 4 corners of the scales with bare feet, after which a harmless electrical signal passes through the body, and as fat is more resistant than muscle and other tissues in the body the time the current takes to pass through can be converted by the scales to the % of body fat, along with the BMI by calculating the weight and height of each person.
      There is a warning regarding the electrical current, which advises anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted device, not to use the scales, along with anyone who suffers with an abnormal heart rhythm.

      The user manual also contains a guide to BMI and body fat at the back, which is very useful to keep an eye on, and perhaps set yourself a few targets. The basics of the info are separated into male and female, and again into 3 different age groups.

      For example mine is Male aged 20-39 and reads as follows:

      Body percentage Fat
      0-8 = too low
      8-20 = healthy
      20-25 = too high
      25 + = obese

      Less than 18.5 = underweight
      18.5 - 24.9 = normal
      25.0 - 29.9 = over weight
      30.0 - 39.9 = obese

      These figures are a guide only, and are apparently based on N.I.H. and W.H.O. guidelines.

      Overall I have found these scales to be extremely accurate. I can step on and off them repeatedly and each time the weights are almost identical, and at most fluctuate by 0.2 of a pound (as opposed to the 4.0 pounds of my old set!!)
      They are a little less accurate on carpet, but on my tiled floor they are superb.
      The BMI and Body Fat are a very useful addition to a means for keeping an eye on your body, and it is interesting to see that sometimes although I might be a few pounds heavier than normal, this doesn't always mean that my percentage body fat has increased.

      Highly recommended by me, and thanks to Newby2 and Dooyoo for alerting me to these scales!

      The scales can be viewed in more detail by visiting your local Lloyds pharmacy, or online at www.Lloydspharmacy.com

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2010


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        07.08.2010 04:45
        Very helpful



        A great, stylish looking pair of scales that measure 3 things in 1

        Before I purchased my most recent set of scales (a value priced set from Argos) I had a pair of Lloyds Digital Body Fat Scales, and to be honest I miss them! I dropped mine down the stairs whilst moving house and completely wrecked them, so was forced to buy a cheap pair to replace them.

        I purchased my scales for around £15 from my local Lloyds pharmacy shop, and as far as I know, these scales aren't sold anywhere else, although similar models are.

        In terms of appearance, these scales are very nice indeed, with the main weighing section being made of thick glass with silver plates on which to put your feel. The buttons on the scales are also silver, and under the glass there is an electronic display that reads out the measurements on in easy to understand amounts.

        Not only can these scales calculate your weight but they are also able to calculate your BMI - Body Mass Index, and body fat percentage. To do this you do need to input your height, age, body frame and sex. This is easy to do though and the instruction booklet goes through this process step by step.

        As with many digital scales, to use, you just tap or touch the top of the scales to turn them on, wait for the setting to settle at zero, then step on them and wait for your weight to be displayed on the screen. I prefer the old style of measurements which is good as these display stone, pounds and half pound measures, as well as pounds only, or kilograms only, depending on your preference and settings.

        To get your body fat and BMI reading, you have to scroll to your profile on the scales, where you entered your height, age etc, wait for the digits go back to zero and then step on the scales. By keeping your feel on the silver feet areas, a small current is passed through your body (you can't feel it!) and measures your body fat percentage. The weight, body fat percentage and BMI readings will then flash up in that order twice before clearing.

        I have found these scales to be some of the best I've used. Not only are they attractive, but they help me to keep track of my weight and BMI (and body fat to a lesser extent) very easily. They are simple to work and save me having to look up BMI calculators online or at the gym. For the price I paid, I was very pleased with them, and when looking for scales in that price range, would have no hesitation in buying them again.


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        29.07.2010 21:01
        Very helpful



        A great item

        ==Lloyd's Digital Body Fat Scales==

        Having a constant battle with my body and the weight of it, I have quite a close relationship with my bathroom scales and therefore need both a set that look stylish in the bathroom whilst giving an accurate reading.

        The Lloyd's Digital Body Fat scales were on a half price offering my local Lloyd's pharmacy which is in the building where I work so I am always in there checking out what is on special and taking advantage of my 10% discount. The normal selling price is £14.99 p but I managed to get them for just under £7 with the offer and my discount. This is a great price when comparing them to other scales which have the functions which this set does. Also it comes with the two button cell batteries included which is an added bonus as with the amount I use them they do tend to run down rather fast!

        The scales themselves do look really nice and are made up mainly of glass with silver foot plates and silver plastic buttons. There is an little screen that shows the weight and this is clear even though it is under the glass and doesn't illuminate at all.

        They didn't need any real set up to give a weight reading straight away, but to use the other features that the scales offer such as the BMI calculator and the body fat percentage you need to input your height, age, body frame and sex (male or female). This is easily done especially when there is a good explanation of how to do it in the instruction manual which accompanies the scales in the protective cardboard box.

        The instructions are simple, clear and easy to follow and inputting all the necessary information takes less than 5 minutes if you are technically minded. Mum bought some scales just like this and had to ask me to do it pleading ignorance of all things digital but I think it was probably easier to let me do it than attempt it herself!

        Once the scales have been set up they are very straight forward to use and can be used in two ways. To just obtain your body weight, all you need do is lightly tap the scales on the top and the display should then come on and once they have turned to zero you can then step on. It take a few seconds to get the body weight appear on the screen. This is displayed in stone, pounds and half pounds. There is a little switch underneath the scales to turn it to pounds only or kilograms if you like but I work in stones which is what mine are always set to.

        If you require getting the reading for body fat and BMI, the button at the top needs pressing until you find your own personal settings. There is space for up to 10 individuals own body settings and the name can be stored alongside this so the button needs pressing repeatedly until you find the correct one. Once your name is up you wait until the digits appear at zero and then step on a wait. You have to make sure your toes and heels are positioned on the silver metal parts of the scales so that a harmless electrical current can pass through your body and get the body fat reading. Once this has been retrieved the display will show the weight first, then the body fat percentage, then the BMI. It will flash through these results twice before turning off.

        I have found no problems at all with this product and like I say, I liked them so much and raved about them that mum decided on getting a set too and she is pleased with the product although not so much the results they tell her!

        I have had to change the batteries a couple of times in the couple of years that I have had them but because I do use them daily this is only to be expected! You can tell when the batteries do need changing as the screen becomes dimmer and dimmer until it eventually gives up! But this gives you plenty of time to go out and source some more.

        The results of the weight are always pretty accurate but I am not sure about the body fat percentage as the chances of this being correct are pretty slim due to the fact that no measuring of arms and circumferences of thighs etc. are being taken so I wouldn't take this as a sure thing. Also because of the electrical current people who are fitted with a pacemaker or such devices can't use them which is worth bearing in mind!

        Overall I have to say that this product is brilliant for this price. It looks the business in my bathroom, gives a quick and accurate result every time and has enough extra features that means you can keep your BMI in the 22-25 range without having to do the maths!

        A top score of 5 out of 5 stars for this product and a high recommendation!

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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