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Brand: Omron / Type: Scales

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2013 20:02
      Very helpful



      That's a 'weight' of my mind now that I've slated them here...

      In an aim to get healthy and lose weight this year I decided that after a Christmas and New Year blow-out to invest in some 'proper' scales for my home. I'm not usually one to bother about numbers on scales and generally go by how my clothes feel to know whether or not I need to lose weight but having had a rough couple of years in my personal life which I ended up pretty much comfort-eating my way through I found new inspiration to get healthy at the end of the recent upheaval and decided that I would do things properly this time and keep an proper account of weight gains and, more importantly, losses.

      Browsing on amazon I decided that I would buy a set of scales that were from a good brand name and settled for these from Omron, they did have mixed reviews from what I read but I liked the appearance of them and having some credit in my gift certificate balance they didn't seem overly expensive at £24.95. Quickly delivered after a couple of days and neatly packaged in a simple cardboard box the scales were exactly as shown in the picture here and on amazon and I was quite impressed with their simple yet stylish look.

      Constructed from toughened glass and featuring a clear digital window the HN286 digital scales have a large surface area for a person to stand on, they can hold a maximum weight of 180kg (around 28 stone) so suitable for many body shapes and sizes. They appealed to me being a tall, heavy guy with big feet, I'm not demure by any stretch of the imagination though thankfully not at the upper end of what these scales can hold but still wanted something a little more 'mansize' than an average, everyday set. There are sensors that run under the bottom of the scale which, according to Omron, means that they should be incredibly accurate in recording weight fluctuations and have four feet which hold them firmly in place when they are stood upon. They can be set to display a weight in Kilograms or Pounds which is handy and are activated by stepping onto the scale, coming off and then back on again. It takes a few seconds for the scales to register and display the weight and the numbers are clear to read. Aesthetically speaking I do think the scales are nicely designed, the turquoise frosted glass looks classy and they are easy to keep clean only requiring a quick wipe over with a cloth for them to maintain their glossiness. It's how accurate they are though that's the most important thing for any pair of bathroom scales and unfortunately for the HN286 I have to say that they are a complete let down...

      Temperamental would be a good word to describe these scales as they display a different weight depending on where you have them stood. They don't work on carpets, rugs or the merest hint of an uneven surface and even on laminate flooring (which I have throughout my home) they display a different weight depending on where they are. In one part of the hallway they show a different weight to another and on the vinyl floor covering I have in my shower room they offer another different result. It's frustrating to say the least to get an accurate weight display from these and I soon learned to put them in exactly the same place every time I attempted to get weighed and even then I didn't really trust the results they gave me. I'm not usually someone who jumps on the scales every day but as an experiment with them I did try to record my daily weight fluctuations over the course of a week to fully give them the benefit of the doubt before declaring them to be useless. I realise that some people's weight changes at different times of the day (lighter in a morning, heavier on an evening) so was prepared to overlook the odd lb or two difference but these scales would weigh me up to 6lbs heavier or lighter on a daily basis and for me they were just too discouraging to keep on using.

      Anyone paranoid about their weight would find these scales to be alarming I think and any joy at discovering a weight loss would quickly turn to despair if they weighed 'wrong', there just didn't seem to be any consistency with them at all and I quickly lost faith in what they were displaying as I couldn't trust the results. I haven't owned a set of scales for years and these reminded me why after attempting to use them for a couple of weeks and sadly I ended up contacting amazon and asking for a refund as I just found them to be inaccurate and, worse of all, demotivating. It wasn't just me who tried them out either, someone a lot lighter than me who knew their weight gave them a go and they weighed them a lot heavier to what they knew their weight to be and even double checked on their own scales once they got home to compare results.

      For me the HN286 Digital Scales look the part but are either far too sensitive or just badly made to be an accurate way of keeping track of a persons weight and for a company as reputable as Omron I'm surprised that they haven't withdrawn these from sale. They're too temperamental to what floor surface they can be placed on and are so badly inaccurate that they have no consistency whatsoever, luckily for me amazon refunded me the cost of purchase and told me to dispose of the scales rather than sending them back so they ultimately ended up in the bin and I've gone back to keeping an eye on how my clothes feel rather than recording a number on a digital display to tell me if I'm putting on or losing weight.

      All in all an utter disappointment and worthy of a single star rating here simply because I can't award them zero. Avoid at all costs would be my advice and if you're looking for a set of accurate weighing scales then buy something else or better still ditch all scales completely and go on how you look and feel.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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