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Salter 9055 WH3R StowAWeigh

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Brand: Salter / Type: Bathroom Scales

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2013 18:16
      Very helpful



      good bathroom scales

      I'm not a big fan of weighing myself and it is not something that I do often but I still need a set of scales in the bathroom. My husband is more keen to keep an eye on his weight and I also like to weigh my two year old son from time to time so they are something that do get used regularly. When we moved house I bought a new set for the bathroom and opted for a clear glass set from Salter. They cost me £18.50 from Amazon.

      The scales themselves are made of a thick, transparent glass. From the top view there are two thick silver patches - one running horizontally along the top of the scales and one running likewise along the bottom. The 'SALTER' brand name is also displayed at the bottom. My set are the 'stow a weigh' version of the glass scale so come with a white plastic stand so they can stand vertically and therefore take up less space on the bathroom floor (and also gather less dust!!). Our set slot nicely between the shower and our sink.

      The scales sit neatly on our bathroom floor which is tiled - the feet are padded and have a good grip so they don't slip around. The scales are digital and turn on when you put some weight on them - so I just tap them with my feet to turn on before getting fully on them. The instructions say tap them but you actually do need to apply a fair amount of pressure to get them to turn on! You then step on, wait for the bleep noise and step off again to read them. They weigh in stones or kilograms - there is a switch to select your preference. I prefer stones and pounds so have it set on this setting and they weigh to a fraction of a pound. The maximum capacity of the scales is 31 stone or 200kg so they are pretty robust and most people will have no issues here. The display screen is a good size and easy to read without having to bend down.

      I have found the scales to be easy to use, accurate and reliable. When I purchased I had read reviews that these could be inaccurate and give varying readings, but this is not something that I have had a problem with nor actually even experienced myself. The only fluctuations that I have experienced are those you get naturally i.e. having eaten/drunk etc. We find the scales to be reliable and to work well so have no complaints at all. They are also easy to clean - a simple wipe over with a damp cloth does the job perfectly.
      Overall, these are good value scales. They are well made and robust, look good in any colour scheme of bathroom and weigh you accurately in either stones or kg. I completely recommend them.


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