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Salter Razor Ultra Slim Scales

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2 Reviews
  • Thin but sturdy and very precise
  • They don't make me weigh less ! !
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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2015 16:00
      Very helpful


      • "Thin but sturdy and very precise"


      • "They don't make me weigh less ! !"

      My slim pink new friend

      Salter 9069 PK3R Ultra Slim Glass Electronic Scale


      I seem to be on a constant battle with my weight – depending on the time of year, personal problems, mood swings etc. it goes up and down – mostly up I’m afraid!!
      So when I decided yet again last summer I needed to take a more regimented approach to my weight I dragged out all my old Weight Watcher books, calculators and fished my dusty old bathroom scales out from in the shed.
      With trepidation I stood on the scales – great - 9 stone (only I knew that was wrong!!) – two minutes later that had gone up to 16 stone, then 10 and so it went on!!
      So it was obvious that I was in desperate need of a new set of scales!
      I got out the old laptop and took a look at Amazon where I found a set of bright pink scales that went well with my bathroom for just £14 with free delivery; the name ‘Salter’ was very reinsuring and the fact that the scales had a 17 year guarantee made up my mind – CLICK and the scales were ordered and were on their way.
      3 days later my shiny, colourful new scales had arrived!

      The Scales

      The scales were available in several colours – but as I stated earlier I chose the bright pink (or fuchsia as they are described) ones to match my black and pink bathroom.
      When I eventually managed to get into the extremely well packaged scales I was very pleased with the initial appearance of them.
      Measuring 30cm square these scales seemed very sturdy despite being really slim (about1.5cm deep), the colour was a perfect pink and consisted of a toughened glass platform with a decent sized display window measuring around 8 x 4cm that was very clear and easy to read.
      Being a bit of a dinosaur with weights and measures I was very pleased to see that just by flicking a small button the bottom of the scales I could have my weight in either stones, pounds or kilos. The scales are suitable for weights of up to 28st 8lb or 180kg and weigh to the closest 0.1kgs or 1/4 lb.
      They are extremely easy to use – no need to tap them to switch them on as so many other scales I have owned have needed; you simply stand on them and wait for the weight to be displayed on the display window. The weigh is easy and clear to see, no need to shift around and bend down – it also stays on for a while when you stand off.
      Since using them almost daily since last August I have found the scales to be reliable and accurate; I use them on a tiled floor and they work well – I have not tried them on a carpet however.
      The scales come complete with a battery and are very easy to clean and look very attractive in the bathroom.

      The RRP for these scales is £29.99 but as of today they were available from £10.28 on Amazon.


      If you are looking for a reliable, attractive, modern and slim set of scales that are easy to use and have a clear function and don’t want to spend a small fortune I would heartily recommend this model.
      Sadly they did not miraculously make me lose weight - and I am on a balanced diet - I have a bar of chocolate in each hand!!


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      24.03.2012 14:41
      Very helpful



      Accuracy and nice design, all you need from a good bathroom scale.

      I bought this electronic scale for my bathroom when I was living in the university accommodation. I needed an electronic scale to track my progress and weight occasionally and I found this scale on Amazon for around £25. The price was good and I really liked the size and the nice design of it. I used this scale for less than 1 year and when I moved out of the flat I gave it to my old flatmate with some other stuff that I didn't need any more. I was very pleased with it, as it was accurate and quite simple to use.

      Salter is a well-known company in the business of measuring equipment manufacturing, such as kitchen and bathroom scales. The Salter 9028 model is a personal electronic bathroom scale and it's a useful item that should be in every bathroom. It comes in silver colour with a glass platform of 8 mm thickness. The design is simple but modern. The scale itself is sturdy and well-built and the maximum capacity according to the product specifications is 180 kg.

      It's a simple digital model without functional extras for weight loss aid, such as excess fat, body water etc. The weight is displayed on a 50 mm LCD screen with 4 digits, in 0.1 kg increments. You can change the display options and switch the measurement units to pounds, stones or kg by using the settings button at the bottom. The numbers are large and clear on the screen with a light grey font, so they are easily readable when you are standing on the scale.

      It runs on lithium CR2032 battery which is included on purchase. You can start using the scale as soon as you take it out from the packaging. You place the scale on the floor and weight yourself.

      To get a steady reading you just have to step on the platform and stand still for a few seconds, until the measurement is confirmed. I haven't tested if it gives absolutely precise calculations by placing a standard weight on it and check if it gives the real measurement. The only check that I've performed was to weight myself before I leave from the gym and then when I arrive at home and see if I get the same three numbers on both scales. I did get the same weight measurement so it seemed to be pretty accurate.

      The precision of the measurements is highly dependent on the stability of the scale unit and the supporting floor. Carpet feet are also included in the box. The plastic feet can be attached at the bottom to keep the scale steady if you want to place it on a carpet, aiming to prevent any inaccuracies due to instability. I think that it's better to place it on a hard floor and it's also suggested to leave the scale on a specific place in your bathroom and do not move it around. I had just placed mine on my flat bathroom floor so I didn't actually have to use the extra feet.

      Overall the scale works as expected, it comes with 15 years guarantee included and measures the weight with accuracy. The electronic scale costs £ 29.99 at the official Salter page www.salterhouseware.com and it can also be found on amazon.co.uk from £ 19.75.

      _This review was also published on ciao under my username "sweetybi"_


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