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Weight Watchers Body Fat Precision Electronic Scale

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    3 Reviews
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      04.10.2010 08:27
      Very helpful



      See review

      I had been attending weight watchers a little while ago when my scales at home decided to pack in and so I searched on my online catalogue and saw some weight watchers body fat precision scales selling for £25.00 and so I decided I would replace my broken ones with this model.

      The scales come well packaged in a cardboard box and are secured in the box with polystyrene pieces. The scales are also packaged in a clear plastic bag for extra protection. When you remove all the packaging you are left with a stylish silver scale.

      The scales are silver all over apart from the writing and display screen. Towards the top of the scales there is a reasonable sized display screen which will display all your information and I find that it is quite easy to read. Above the display screen is a small weight watchers logo. There are also four buttons underneath the display screen which are used to enter your data and switch between users when you want the scales to give you a full body reading.

      To begin using the scales you should first remove the isolator tab from the battery compartment and then you should turn the scales upside down and using the switch underneath choose whether you wish to be weighed in stones, pounds or kilograms. You then need to press your foot gently on the scales and the screen will light up. Once the display screen shows 0:0 you can step on the scale and be weighed. The screen will only stay on for a few seconds and so if it goes off before you have stepped on to it to be weighed you will have to repeat the process again. When you have been weighed you simply step off the scales and they will switch off on their own accord. They switch off after just a few seconds which I think is great as the battery life is being preserved and heaven forbid someone should see how much I weigh!

      As I mentioned earlier the scales can also measure other aspects of your body and to be able to do this you need to input some data into the scales first of all. You are provided with an instruction manual but even with this I found it to be quite a faff! My brother also wanted to use the scales when he visited me recently and it took us around fifteen minutes to get all his data into the scales before he could be weighed so it would be nice if the process was slightly simpler and you were given more time to input things as if you are not quick enough it switches off and you have to start all over again!

      To input data you need to again press the scales and then wait for the 0:0 to appear on the display screen. You then need to use the buttons available to enter your user number-you can add up to ten people on the scales which is very handy if you have a big family. You then need to enter your height, your age, gender and fitness level using the arrow keys provided. Once you have done this the scales will scroll through all of your data to check it is correct and then switch off.

      Once you have done this you can then use the scales to measure different aspects of your body. You need to step on the scales as usual but then select whichever user you are. Once you have done this the scales will quickly scroll through your information before presenting you with your current weight, your body mass index, your body fat weight, your body fat percentage and your body water percentage. The scale will then turn off again. Inside the instruction manual there is a table which tells you what is average, underweight and overweight for your age and height and such like.

      Whilst this is a useful tool I have to say I have only really used this on a few occasions and tend to just use the scales for a general weight measurement. However, I like the fact that should I wish to use this function on the scales it is there for me. I think it would be particularly useful to use after you have lost a few pounds and are looking to see if you body mass index has changed or something like that.

      I have found that the scales seem to be quite accurate. There used to always be a slight difference between my own scales and those used at the weight watchers weigh ins but that could be simply down to fluctuation during the day.

      I would certainly recommend these scales for people who are perhaps trying to lose a bit of weight and are interested in their whole body set up rather than just a numerical weight as they can provide you with extra information that may help you understand your body a little better. Now I just need to get back on to the diet and hopefully I will see those numbers fall on the scales!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        15.02.2009 22:57
        Very helpful



        Monitor both body fat and weight at the same time.

        A few months I decided to purchase some scales so that I could keep track of my weight loss. I browsed a few online sites and found that there were loads to choose from, and also that they were more expensive than I had anticipated. The 'Weight Watchers Body Fat Precision Electronic Scale' appealed to me as it seemed to offer many more features than some of the others, for just a little higher price.

        The scales are usual size, silver plastic with LCD display. There are two sensor pads onto which you stand, sending a current through your body to analyse your body tissue - the LCD display will then tell you your: weight, BMI, body fat weight, body fat percentage and body water percentage.
        *Ten user memory so that up to ten people can store their data and use the scales.
        *Requires lithium battery which is included.
        *It can give your weight in either stones, pounds or kilogrammes.
        *Comes with feet to make use on carpets more accurate.
        Whilst looking to make my purchase, I found these available from Amazon, Argos and Tesco for between £30 and £35. I made my purchase from Ebay, where I found some at £24.99 plus £5 P&P. The scales arrived just a few days later.
        *MY OPINION*
        The trouble with monitoring your weight is that you may be happy to have lost a few pounds, but it may not have been fat that you lost. Thats why I am happy with these scales as I am much more interested to see if my body fat has reduced rather than my weight. The first time I stepped on these I was shocked at how much of my body weight was actually fat so am exercising a lot more now.
        It is also really interesting to monitor the percentage of H2O in the body, motivating me to drink more water.
        They are very simple to use and seem to be accurate, although I would reccommend using them at the same time every day as throughout the day the readings will fluctuate quite a bit.
        I did think that the cost was a little high, however they come with a ten year garantee if you register the scales, so you won't have to replace them for a long time.
        Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.


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          12.07.2006 20:21
          Very helpful



          A expensive but valuable purchase

          Although I have always had a rough idea of how much I weigh, I never owned a pair of scales until recently. I've always been a bit of a control freak with my weight, having been bullied when I was younger, mainly through being that little bit bigger than the popular kids. So having joined a gym recently to take control of my body and actually love who I am, I thought I would also purchase some scales…but not just ordinary scales, those that gave a little bit more information about the state of my body as well.


          I chose to purchase the Weight Watchers Body Fat Precision Electronic Scales which are available from Argos (and other good retails stores) for £34.99. The Weight Watchers Precision Scales use the latest technology to provide readings of Body Weight, body Fat, Body Water Percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI).


          Our bodies are made up of two basic components, Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass - which is technically body fat. Now although our body needs a certain amount of fat, most of us carry too much around our bodies. For example, a woman of 30, in good general health condition, should have a body fat percentage of between 19-24%. Anything over 29.1% is classed as overweight.

          This is why Weight Watchers feel it is so important that we monitor our Body Fat, as this can result in increased vitality and a general sense of well being when we are within the correct range.

          *Weight Watchers Precision Scales*

          The Weight Watchers Precision Scales have small pads at the top, where you place your foot. An Imperceptible current then runs through your body, analysing the different fatty tissues, lean body mass and water within your body. If your feet are not aligned properly on the scales (Remember barefoot!) an error message with appear.

          As well as measuring the BMI and Body Percentages, the Weight Watchers Scales have a 10 person memory data bank, allowing you to program a personalised memory bank by inputting fitness level, gender, height and age. When you tap the scales to activate you can select your personal data and proceed with the body measurements.

          The scales can register in Kilograms, Stones and Pounds, or Pounds only, and can be changed by using the switch on the underside of the scale. The scales can also be used either on carpet of on a hard surface by the inclusion of 4 "carpet feet" which allow for more accurate readings on carpets.

          In order to use the product, you place it on a flat surface, tap the top to activate and wait a few seconds until "0:0" is displayed. After selecting your user profile, you can then step onto the scales, ensuring your feet are aligned correctly, and then first your weight will be displayed, 3 seconds later your BMI is displayed, followed by your fitness level, body fat weight, body fat percentage and finally body water percentage before automatically switching off.

          If you just wish to use the scales for weight only, then don't select a user profile, and the scales can be used as normal.

          The guide booklet provided with the scales is very helpful and inside contains table showing guidelines to body fat percentage, body water percentage and BMI, as well as full instructions on how to program the scales.

          Key features:

          • Measures body fat in 0.1% increments
          • Monitors BMI and Body water in %
          • 10 person memory of age, height and gender
          • Measures weight in kg, stone or lbs
          • Weighs up to 23st 8lbs (150kg)
          • Large 1 ¼" lithium display
          • Carpet Feet

          *Key weight points to note*

          • As results can vary between different scales, it is best to try and use one scale only, to ensure consistency.
          • You should always try and weigh your self at the same time each day (preferably in the morning)
          • Many factors can cause weight fluctuations such as being on your period; being ill etc so it is best to monitor yourself over a period of time.
          • For body fat and BMI calculations you must be barefoot to allow the current to analyse your personal data

          *Safety Cautions*

          • Use of this equipment is not recommended for people wearing an electronic implant because of the current that passes through when analysing the data.
          • Do not immerse in water
          • Keep out of reach of children
          • Do not drop the scale as this could damage the sensors
          • When the battery has run down ensure it is disposed of correctly.

          The Weight Watchers Precision Scales run on one lithium battery (3V - CR2032) and can be changed by locating the battery compartment on the rear of the scales. A single battery is provided with the scales, and from my understanding of others who have purchased this product the battery lasts well over a year.

          The scales are guaranteed for 10 years (excluding the battery) so please remember to register your scales at the time of purchase.


          Well I know now that my BMI is telling me I'm marginally overweight, my body fat percentage is borderline moderate, and my body water hydration level is below the recommended level, according to the World Health Organisation, and aren't I pleased I spent £35 on a product to tell me that!

          I do think this product is a very good purchase, as although your weight is a good measurement of health, combined with BMI, body fat and body water calculations you are now in possession of several tools to use as part of your healthy lifestyle.

          Rather than focusing on that one goal of losing so many pounds, I now realise I need to control my BMI and body fat also, as this can lead to other serious health complications in life, and for a mere £35 for a product that is guaranteed for 10 years I will be using it to help with my new regime in finding the fitter, healthier me.

          (note: - with purchases from Argos you can enjoy 50% of the Weight Watchers magazine when you take out an annual subscription)

          Recommended purchase


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        • Product Details

          Silver painted platform. Easy read large 38mm LCD display. Measures weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat, and body water.

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