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Weight Watchers Precision Body Analyser Scale

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2 Reviews

Brand: Weight Watchers / Type: Bathroom Scales

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    2 Reviews
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      29.06.2012 10:01
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      I started on a diet about 8 weeks ago and wanted some scales so I could keep an eye on my weight and check how much I have lost. I had some Amazon vouchers so had a look on there and found this set by Weightwatchers. I thought I would give them a try as they do not just measure your weight but also measure your bmi and body fat as well.

      I have never had electronic scales before, in fact I have not had bathroom scales for years and the last ones we had were very heavy where you step on and the top goes down so I was really surprised when the box was delivered and it was so light in weight. I took the scales out and saw that they were quite thin and really light to pick up, I could not imagine how on earth they worked.

      The first thing you have to do is to remove a tab from behind the battery underneath the scales so that the battery can connect and start working. When I pulled the tab out the battery fell out and it wouldn't go back in again, it just kept pinging out even when I put the cover back on and I couldn't get the scales to work at all so I ended up ringing the company up who sent them and they sent me out some more. The next set was much better and the tab came out and the battery stayed put.

      When you first use the scales you can put in your age, sex, height and it can then keep your details so when you go on you can get the scales to check your fat and bmi. There are some shiny silver circles on the scales that you need to place your bare feet on for them to work. I set this up but have not used it again yet, probably because I have such a lot of weight to lose I can see for myself that my BMI is no where near where it should be yet. When you use the scales if you want to check any of these bits you can press the buttons with your toes to switch over from one thing to the other and you can put in the details for quite a few different people, I think it is ten from memory.

      You can set the scales by flicking a switch underneath as to whether you want it to come up in stones/pounds, just pounds, or in kilos.

      The numbers on the scales are quite large and easy to read when I am standing up straight, the only thing is they have the quarter pounds which come up at the side and they are not in such a dark font (is it called a font on electronic scales?) and I can't read them when I am standing up so I am just going by the large dark numbers.

      To switch on the scales is also a bit of a problem, it has a sticker on the scales at the bottom in the middle which says press here to switch on, but if you press there nothing happens. In the instruction booklet it says press in the centre of the scales which is not where the sticker is but pressing there doesn't turn them on either. I have found the only way I can get them to come on is when they are on the floor I tread slightly on the back of them and they tip up slightly and when they bang down on the floor again they come on. I have not had any trouble with them coming on by doing this and wonder if this is what they mean by pressing here as there doesn't seem to be anything to actually press.

      Apart from those two problems I have found the scales really easy to use and I can keep a steady watch on my weight. I bought the scales on Amazon and they cost me £20 to buy but I have just had a look and they have gone up to nearly £30 on there now from the same seller ( Southern Electric). You can get them from Argos for a lot cheaper than this.


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        23.01.2012 11:50



        Really helpful!

        I bought these scales in an Argos sale, for a small price of £11.99.

        I find them really good, because not only do they weigh you down to the quarter pound, they also give you a "body analysis", telling you your BMI (body mass indicator) level, percentage of fat, percentage of muscle and percentage of water.

        This can really help when trying to lose weight, get fitter and bring your BMI down. It also indicates whether you are in the healthy catagory or not, displaying your BMI in red if you are too heavy, green if you are in the healthy boundaries, and yellow if you are under weight.

        When you first use the body analysis feature you program in your age, height and sex. This helps them to determine the correct results.

        They scales work by you stepping onto the scales, ensuring you are bare foot, and your feet are touching the two silver circles. The scales then send electrical impules through your body to obtain the readings. This works because electricity passes more quickly through fat than it does muscle, and so it can work out an approximate percentage from that.

        I love this feature because even if you are dieting and exercising and do not lose weight, you can still see results as you see your fat percentage going down, even if your overall weight does not, which is really encouraging.


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