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Babyliss 692BU Total Grooming Kit for Men

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Hair Trimmer

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    3 Reviews
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      22.08.2013 12:03
      Very helpful



      Super clippers apart from the battery!

      ~x~x~x~ Absolutely, Positively Not A Man ~x~x~x~

      Let me begin this review by stating that I'm a woman here reviewing an item meant for men, but as my partner has cut his own hair using our (or rather, his) clippers just once I think I'm more than qualified to review them - especially as I've been using them to cut his hair on at least a monthly basis for the past four years! I even bought them to replace his previous set (also Babyliss) which had started cutting more scalp than hair, I spotted them on sale in Tesco and decided to treat him as part of his Christmas present that year.

      ~x~x~x~ Fifteen Pieces To Help Keep Mark's Hair Looking Good ~x~x~x~

      Well, to be completely honest Mark keeps his hair in a crew cut for two reasons - a) it's better for work and b) he's had greys start to appear and he's in denial! The multitude of cutting guides included in this set have largely gone ignored by us, although we still have them, with just the odd couple being used when I've decided to tidy up our two year old son's hair up myself instead of taking him to the hairdressers. Before I continue I'd better tell you what's included in the set to give you an idea of whether it's the type of thing you're after or not - don't be pulled in by the '15 piece' claim too much as although indeed you DO get fifteen items in your set, eight of those are different sized hair cutting guides and another seems to be the instruction booklet.

      The main unit is obviously the main thing you'll want to see in your set, this is the actual thing that does the business of hair cutting and can be used with or without a guide attached to the top. It comes with a power cable for charging and also so it can be used when plugged into the mains if you forget to give it a charge before you notice your hair needs tidying up - luckily the cable doesn't class as another item, Babyliss missed a trick there!

      In a plastic bag you'll find your black plastic hair guides, most of ours are still in the bag as I've picked out the two or three I'll use most often and popped them loose into the box so I can readily put my hand on them instead of having to dig around in a ripped bag, especially as I never seem to pull out the one I want and usually end up going through all of them before locating the correct guide!

      An additional item is a small battery operated beard/moustache trimmer - which promptly broke after Mark had used it on his (not terribly impressive) facial hair no more than three times. We tried to get it fixed as it was apparently quite a useful little gizmo (I had no dealings with this aspect of the Babyliss set) but Babyliss and Argos both dug their heels in and demanded we return the full set in order to get the trimmer replaced, something we had no intention of doing as we wouldn't be able to get the same impressive set as a replacement due to the fact they weren't being sold in Argos at this point.

      The final five items are a 'barbers quality' hair comb, a single sectioning clip (lost within days), a tiny brush to clean the small hairs from around the blades of the clippers, a larger brush so you can look impressively professional as you brush the hairs off your clothes after shaving and a pair of barbers scissors. Oh sorry, having looked at the set I can see the instruction booklet isn't in fact counted in the fifteen items - but then again I don't personally think all eight guides should have been counted separately either considering the average home shaver will make use of just a couple of them.

      ~x~x~x~ A Close Shave ~x~x~x~

      Using these clippers is really easy as they're responsive and move across the hair and scalp extremely smoothly. You can cut to four short lengths before fitting a guide (which is how I tend to use them as Mark likes his hair as short as possible), with the lengths being selected with an easily accessible button which sticks out so you can use your thumb to change between the different lengths. On the other side of the clipper unit is a 'turbo' button which (very slightly) speeds up the snipping motion of the clippers and in theory will help save you time when cutting yours, or your partners, hair. The problem I have with the Turbo button is the fact that it has to be held in while in use and the location makes this awkward to do when trying to follow the contours of Mark's head, it's rare I even bother to press it even when I'm rushed for time as invariably I'll loose it go at an inopportune moment and then that adds even more time as a 'crease' (for want of a better word) appears in the hair the moment Turbo stops and then I'll have to go over it again in non-turbo mode! Uber-irritating.

      Mark doesn't ever let his hair grow past around 1cm so the bare metal clippers are fine for this, however on the odd occasion that I've cut my son's hair I've added one of the plastic guides as his is a much longer length. This allows me to follow the shaping as cut in by the hairdresser without putting myself through the hell that is 'taking David to get his hair cut'. I love the perfect shaping of the clippers at this time as David is most definitely a 'wriggler' so I can keep a secure grip on the unit while trying to keep his head still all at the same time, he likes to 'help' me slide the guides into place and this encourages him to behave while the actual cutting process is taking place - although I still have to be very careful not to let him see his locks falling as once he realises actual hair is being cut he'll start saying 'owwwww' and sounds for all the world like I'm torturing him!

      The metal cutting section of the clippers is just the right size that I can whizz them over Mark's head without having to apply too much pressure, obviously with this type of thing practice makes perfect but thinking back to when they were new I immediately found them much easier to use than his bulkier previous set. I use the second setting for his main head of hair and shape around his ears and the back of his neck using the shortest possible setting - this suits the easily-managed style favoured by Mark and makes light work for me when it comes to shaving time. I'd recommend applying a couple of drops of the oil to the blades after each use to keep them moving smoothly, when your initial tube runs out you can buy a similar product from most places that has a good range of clippers (Boots, Superdrug etc...) or a hairdresser friend reliably informs me that a couple of drops of olive oil will do the same thing.

      ~x~x~x~ A Problem! ~x~x~x~

      We'd only had the clippers for around twelve months when we realised there was a problem with them, not a major issue for us but something which could potentially sway your decision whether to buy them or not. The problem is that they don't hold their charge, and for the past three years I've had to position Mark near a plug socket to cut his hair as even if the clippers are left on charge for the recommended sixteen hours the most you'll get out of them after being unplugged is five minutes. This is extremely annoying at times, not least in the summer when I'd like to be able to take the clippers into the garden to save clumps of (greying - haha!) hair being dumped on the kitchen or dining room floor. We have magpies nearby so any clumps of hair left in the garden are quickly gathered up for nesting, it's a win-win situation - or would be if the bloody battery worked properly! They work perfectly well when plugged in, but this problem certainly gives lie to the 'continuous power when not plugged into the mains' claim made by Babyliss!

      ~x~x~x~ Am I Happy With My Purchase? ~x~x~x~

      Well, yes I am happy with it overall - the battery problem is something I've learned to live with as these clippers make such light work of cutting Mark's hair, and I just tend to ignore the (far too many) cutting guides which were included in the set. Obviously if your hair has more of a style than Mark's then these will come in useful for you, from a personal point of view however they have just never been needed by me and when I bought the set I wasn't expecting them to make up the bulk of the fifteen pieces which were advertised.

      One thing I've always been impressed by (and this may sound irrelevant to you, but I like it) is the box which was provided to keep all your Babyliss bits and pieces in. This has stood the test of time even though it has been stored pretty much continually in a bathroom which gets hot and steamy at least twice a day, the box being made of a slightly rubberised plastic (not the one in the photograph) which simply needs a wipe over with a damp cloth here and there to remove any bits of dust that may have been attracted to the sometimes-damp surface. The lid is tightly fitting, yet easily removable, and this works to protect the electrical items inside from being damaged in the damp environment - it's a roomy storage box which has also held a small pair of hair crimpers and even odds and sods of make-up at times which can't, for whatever reason, be stored with the rest of my haul. Whenever we've been away Mark uses the box to transport not only his clippers but also the rest of his (admittedly tiny) collection of toiletries that need to come with us - I've never actually seen the sense in him bringing his clippers on a weekend break and have never cut his hair in a hotel, but mine is obviously not to reason why!

      I paid around £14 for this set and considering the amount of use they've had I'd say that's pretty good value, the full price of £25 isn't too bad but knowing about the battery issue makes me unsure whether I'd recommend them for that price - they work perfectly but should hold a charge for far longer than they do, and in all honesty this battery complaint shouldn't have occurred so quickly either. They've lasted us well however and also provide excellent results despite me having very little hairdressing knowledge so I'll recommend them with the proviso that you may have to return them if yours too develops the same fault.


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        21.04.2010 12:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        You can save a pile of money with this kit. Thumbs up from me.

        Haircuts at out local barber shop are around the average price of £6 for a cut. Luckily, my youngest son, has extremely slow growing hair and doesn't need it cutting too often. My older son, by contrast has hair like Samson, that grows really quickly and always needs to be kept under control. My hubby is pretty much bald, so he tries to keep what he can, though he does need regular trims, too. This all adds up to a pretty penny, so I decided to invest in the Babyliss total grooming kit for men.

        The kit costs £19.99 from Amazon, which I feel is a reasonable price, considering what you get for the money, and also the fact that it is from a good leading brand. I was lucky to have enough vouchers to pay for the kit in full, so it didn't actually cost me anything. Bonus!

        The kit comes in a silver, industrial looking storage tin. this is really handy,because it enables you to keep all your kit togather in one handy location. The tin is just the right size too, so can be easily stored away without taking up too much space.

        So what does the kit contain? Well, you get a clipper with 8 comb guides, a rechargeable trimmer with comb guide, a comb, a cleaning brush, scissors, oil, a blade guard and the storage tin.

        Most hairclipping kits on the market only come with the 4 basic comb guides, and this is no good for us, as my son likes a longer cut. Very short hait doesn't really suit him. So I am really glad that I can go up to a grade 8 with this kit. When he has had this grade at the barbers, he has needed another haircut within a week or so, but when I'm cutting at home, I can do it as often as I like, without it costing me anything.

        The clipper is very easy to use. You just plug it into the mains, and turn the power screw until the buzzing noise stops, so you get the correct voltage level. You simply slot on the comb guide that you need, from 3mm to 25mm length. You hold the clipper against the head and work the clipper upwards through the hair slowly. After this, you can remove the comb guide and outline the hair at the back of the head and sideburns to get a really straight finish. Even a complete beginner like me, can get through a haircut in about 10 minutes. It is really easy.

        The clipper is easy to maintain, by brushing away excess hair with the cleaning brush and oiling them occasionaly. The blades are removable for more thorough cleaning.

        The kit also comes with a rechargeable trimmer. It needs to be charged for 16 hours before use. A full charge will allow 30 minutes clipping time. It is supplied with a comb guide that allows you to select one of 5 settings. Again, use is straightforward, and the product is easy to clean and maintain.

        The kit comes with a 3 year guarantee and the blades of the clipper are high precision diamond sharpened blades.

        I am more than happy with this kit. If My husband and 2 sons went to the barbers, it would cost £18 for all of them to have a trim. For £20 you can buy this kit and do it yourself. No brainer. I do not hesitate to give this product 5 Dooyoo stars. If I can cut hair, trust me, anyone can!


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          09.11.2009 12:38
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth the money!

          My twin boys who are 2 the end of this month cost me a fortune as you can imagine, sometimes through necessary things and of course alot of the time through unnecessary things too. One necessary thing though is a haircut in my opinion but I begrudged paying the £15 price tag that came with their hair cuts every two, maybe three weeks. Their hair grows like wildfire so they do need it cut quite often to stop them looking like total scruffs lol! It was the other week I decided to purchase a set of clippers that way I can shave their hair off to a certain length and spike bits up with gel to give them a sort of trendy hairstyle. I had an amazon voucher and decided not to waste it on rubbish and browsed their mens hair clippers. The first one to catch my eye had a display picture of all it's goodies but the main winner for me was the silver tin pictured so I looked at the brief description.

          Amazon informed me of the basics that I needed to know but it was the picture that won me over initially. On Amazon it tells me that the clippers are mains operated with stainless steel blade technology. There are 8 comb guides for cutting grades 1-8 and taper control for fine cut adjustment. There is a cord/cordless trimmer with a 5 position comb guide which is ideal for neckline and sideburns. The set also includes scissors, barbers comb and cleaning brush as well as being presented in a stylish storage tin.

          Some of this was vital info for me, I needed storage for it so the tin was ideal. It has combs to clip hair from numbers 1-8 which I knew would be fine for me as it was a number 3 my boys had last time and my dad and brother would no doubt want me to test it on their heads giving them a good old number 1. The cord/cordless trimmer I knew would come in handy for the tidying up around the edges of their hair and neckline as the description says. I only needed something basic really but for just £20 I really couldn't go wrong with this so if I did want to really groom my boys, or dad etc then this set would hopefully allow me to do this.

          My box came and I eagerly unwrapped it to be met by a black cardboard box with a picture of the set on the front. Opening the box I was greeted by a silver tin, that has a flip up lid. Flipping the lid up I was met by the whole 18 piece set organised and tidy in it's very own black plastic tray, each piece having it's own compartment so I knew where everything was.

          The clippers themselves are black in colour, with a silver part near the blades themselves, they are very sleek and stylish yet nothing too fancy. First thing I noticed was how weighty they were, not too heavy that they were uncomfortable to use but compared to my mums which are light as a feather they were quite heavy, the weight only portrayed quality to me though so was nothing to worry about. It felt solid, sturdy and strong, rather than cheap, plasticy and crap really. The wire attrached to plug it into the mains is a little short but long enough to reach where it needs to just be aware you can't go wandering around your room whilst clipping your hair lol! To use them they do begin quite noisy, but the noise soon died down into a gentle hum and buzz. Using them was a breeze, they glided through my boys hair with ease and didn't tug or pull at strands once which my mums often done which I'm sure is an uncomfortable feeling. The small cleaning brush within the storage tin just sweeped along the blades when need be removing the loose strands of hair left. Very easy to clean, so hopefully leading to a long lasting set of clippers. No matter what comb I used I felt it enabled a close shave to the scalp ensuring that all hair was the same length, tidy and polished afterwards rather than leaving a messy look.

          The trimmer is alot thinner than the clippers and are all black in colour. It's a narrow trimmer with smaller blades at the top, you can set the number on the top simply by pushing up the 'button' provided to the number you want which are indicated either side of the slot. This is very light and compact to use making it perfect for just the 'trimming' of messy bits that the bulky clippers can't quite reach to perfect the look. The size of the trimmer is just right to ensure perfection when styling and to produce a tidy, clean finish to your look. The trimmer can be recharged with the plug provided and used without the wires too making it extremely convenient, maybe you might only need a quick trim and tidy rather than a full on shave of the hair.

          The scissors are quite sharp, small and store well in the tin, again another decent convenience for when styling your hair.

          I absolutely love the tin it comes in, not only is it ideal for me just so I have storage space for it but it could also make a lovely gift for somebody without you having to worry about extra storage space.

          Overall I'm very pleased with the product, it gives you alot of choices, you can either give yourself a quick shave, or really take your time with your look and actually 'grooming' yourself, perfecting your style thanks to all the nik naks provided in the stylish tin. I think everything in this tin will have it's uses in time so far what I have used has been brilliant and done the job I needed it to.


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        • Product Details

          Brand: Babyliss / Type: Hair cutting and trimming set / Includes: electric shaver and hair trimmer

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