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Brand: Babyliss

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    3 Reviews
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      18.12.2011 14:06
      Very helpful



      Keep yourself in good nick with this.

      I've bought two of these little grooming kits from Babyliss over the years. They are something affordable with detachable multi-heads for various purposes of hair removal. My facial hair tends to be of the thick wirey variety. Something like Desperate Dan from the Dandy would have.

      It's only chargeable, so no double A batteries. If you don't take the plug with you as well as the trimmer when travelling then no power. I tend to leave it over night to charge then un-plug it, use it for a couple of days, then place it back on charge. It comes with several different heads for different shaves. The regular trimmer for average everyday use comes with several mini plastic attachments/cutting guides which give you a shaving closeness of from a couple of centimetres to just a few millimetres. These clip on to the top ready for use. The blades cut rapidly from side to side creating the cutting motion. You will want to keep your trimmer well charged is possible to avoid it grinding to a halt and snagging your facial hair when shaving.

      The other head attachments can be used to create different results.There is a mini-trimmer head only a centimetre in length which targets less easy to reach areas. In addition to this there is a nose trimmer head which is quite effective.

      There is a beard comb that comes with the kit, a cleaning brush and some lubricating oil to keep the head in good condition. The docking base is rather heaving with the items you receive in the kit and seems slightly overloaded. The charging lead can be threaded up through the base so you can constantly place your trimmer on charge when not in use.

      As a kit on the whole I would recommend this. You've got everything you need to keep in trim inside the box. When it comes to quality it's not the best, but worth the cost of payment for it.


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      10.04.2009 11:22
      Very helpful



      A great littl cutter which performs very well

      The Babyliss 7052U is more frequently called the 10 in 1 groomer. It's currently available on Amazon for £15 with free super saver delivery. At £15 quid t is an excellent buy for those like me who like to keep their beard or indeed any facial hair in trim. I used to just let my beard live a life of its own with the odd tidy up now and then. Equipment to keep it smart and looking pretty good always seemed to be way overpriced usually I the £50 -£60 quid bracket, so the odd scissor trim was all it got.

      I've had this Babyliss model for around 2 months now, and in all honesty I love the little beauty. It's easy to use and clean; it performs its tasks with ease and gives excellent results. I'm really pleased with my purchase.

      The unit arrives in an attractive box, which has several descriptions of the contents, and several pictures dispersed upon it surface. The groomer and accessories are stored in a plastic tray, which has mouldings of each item if you choose to use this for storing in future. Once unpacked the whole system can be left on display in the recharging station, and in doing so you are left with an attractive display and easy access to each and every component of the system. The only slight problem I had was that there were no actual instructions or pictures which clearly defined the positions of each item, and it did take a shot while to figure this out, even so I'm still not convinced I have each accessory in it's correct position, but it looks fine so that's all that counts.

      The complete kit comprises of

      1. A charging base which holds all the pieces of the kit for easy access
      2. 1 main rechargeable hand unit which requires the fitting of one of the cutters for use
      3. A 1.25" cutting head with ceramic cutter
      4. A 1.5" cutting head with ceramic cutter
      5. 1 .25" cutting head
      6. 2 cutting guides for the 1.5" 1 being 3/8" and the other .5"
      7. 2 cutting guides for the 1.5" cutter. One basic 3mm cutter with no adjustment and 1 sliding guide with 6 settings
      8. 1 cleaning brush
      9. 1 small beard comb
      10. 1 small bottle of oil to keep the heads in pristine condition
      11. 1 charger, which connects direct to the mains.

      The charging base is sort of oval shaped and is perhaps 4.5 inches across and 3 inches wide. At its centre front point is the location for the main unit. There is a small hole in the base of this portion. The charger connector is fitted under this hole and secured using a small plastic clamp. The clamp is a simple swivel type so no tools are required for the fitting of the charger.

      This is the heart of the system and is rechargeable through the base unit. It simple is pushed firmly into its position at the front of the base, whereby it will locate with the charger. A red light will indicate success. The first thing you might notice about the main unit is the weight. It feels quite heavy and solid, and in my experience this usually means a quality product. The unit has an adjustable switch on its underside, which has three positions. These are used as an addition control over the length of cut. On the front of the unit there are two switches well actually one switch and one button. The switch is simple the on on switch whilst the button is a Turbo button. The Turbo button can be used on stubborn hair and doubles the speed at which the cutters cut.

      The 1.25" cutting head is the one, which I have come to use most. It, as do the other cutting heads are simply push fitted on the main unit. Removal is by a firm backward pull on the head from the cutting edge area. A fair bit of effort is required here and you will be forgiven for thinking you might break the unit, but it is a very strong unit so you are quite safe. Using the adjustable switch on the main unit you will see the ceramic blade move backward and forward. I use the 3mm cutting guide here and with a little care and attention every hair on my beard is 3mm long. There is as mentioned in the supplied list another guide. This simply clicks onto the cutting head and from here is slide adjustable to select the desire length of cut. This guide would be most advantageous to those who prefer their beard slightly longer, but still uniform in length. A small comb is supplied to aid it getting that perfect cut, but as of yet I haven't really required to use it since the unit works very well and efficiently without the use of the comb. Using the head without any guides and reducing the size of cut with the adjustable rear switch you will achieve the shortest cut possible with the unit. This option is best used for neck shaves, where those odd straggling hairs suddenly appear from nowhere, or grow at a prolific rate much faster than the other hair.

      The 1.5" cutting head is identical top the previously described head apart obviously from its width, which is 1.5". The same process of adjustment can be used here, as can the supplied guides, which simple click fit onto the cutting head. This cutter is extremely useful for those with short hair. It can be used to maintain a certain length of cut, and again with a little care excellent results WILL be achieved.

      For those with really short hair and the desire to be unique the last cutting unit might be their favourite. It is the .25" cutter. This as the others can be adjusted using the rear switch to get a shorter cut than the one used for the main cut. The reason for the shorter cut is to add those increasingly popular designer patterns on you hair. The design and the creation of it are complete up to the individual, I had thought of engraving a large D on the back of my head, but then thought your 55 not 5. Anyway the option is there for those so inclined.


      The last two pieces of the kit are two cleaning utensils. The brush is small and gets into all the small places to remove pieces of short hair that might clog up the system. A quick brash after each use should to suffice, just ensure all the hair is removed. After the removal of such hair a few drops of the oil on the cutting head an a quick switch on and off is all that is required to keep the unit in perfect working condition.

      I have had loads of fun using my Babyliss, and to be honest I really don't know why. Cutting and trimming your beard really ought not to be the most exhilarating experience, but using this unit has made me a little more aware of how much it can do and how well it does it. More so I find myself using it perhaps more often than is required, there is a certain satisfaction in doing something well, and when one sees there beard uniform and smart, there is indeed a sense of achievement. Thanks you Babyliss.


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        21.01.2008 12:13
        Very helpful



        Babyliss Guide re-chargeable kit

        **BABYLISS: 7052**

        -Now heres something about Babyliss-

        Most of us have heard of Babyliss products, especially if your over 35 years of age. They were established in the early 1960's in Paris and quickly embarked on the fashion and style scene; it was the time for change and 'new beginnings' in the iconic and fashion sense. When the sixties got swinging so did Babyliss. Everyone was into vanity, their own vanity and with that comes fashion accessories, within product ranges and importantly corporate branding.

        In the 1980's Babyliss re-invented themselves with yet more hair products that enveloped their already impressive brand image and huge client base regards to their own mass production of products.

        The URL's are:


        -The Babyliss 7052 package-

        The product is a standard hair clipper package with accessories including the re-charger kit - measuring length tools - razorhead protectors - comb and scissors - cleaning kit - manual - The mandatory 1 year guarantee - adjustable leverage option.

        *The information*

        All Babyliss hair clippers are made of titanium chrome, that is flexible and moves with the hair follicle The clippers themselves are delicate and should not be re-assembled for those of you who like to see how the clippers are attached, unless your a professional and have the correct knowledge and tools. The rotational movement of the clippers are essential for being effective at high speed. The titanium clippers are 0.45 inches along; which are again standard. There are no dragging with this product range, if you find they are, it is faulty and therefore should be taken back.

        Babyliss give you the guide to do the adjustments. This model has 8 adjustable clipper slots. No problems with the clippers being in different positions, regard to speed and performance. By being just 0.05 mm out can make a big difference to the performance and more importantly your finished cut. The more the clippers vibrate the slower the blade rotations. If, you hear a whirring noise rotation, it requires the clipper to be adjusted.

        - Babyliss's soft smooth handling -

        Yes it is as smooth as it gets.. A lot quieter than other brands and in return you feel more at ease while the 7052 is plowing into your hair. It really makes a difference. The narrowing of the handle allows a better grip, though during long clip sessions the hand is prone to slipping, so be aware of that when using this product.

        Babyliss like many other manufacturers have this adjustable lever to just the left of the clippers. It is standard to have the 5 adjustable points/positions that gives that more professional finish to your hair cut.

        -*High Quality* Comb and scissors -

        You have a 5 combs these are very easy to clip on to your clippers. Their is a knack to the click on, slid the clipper to the titanium teeth first before clipping the back. The comb range is 3mm - 25mm in length. The lengths determine the length and choice you want to your hair finish. For those who rather have no length; no clippers are required and the clippers cut down to your scalp, leaving about 1 mm, on average depending how many times you move the clippers around your head. I recommend about two times just in case any stray hairs get missed. The scissors are the professional kind and that is vital. The sharper they are the better. Scissors are Babyliss branding also.

        -Cleaning brush-

        This item in the package is probably the most important. Yep, it is amazing by just cleaning the left over hair from the clippers can make a huge difference to clipper performance. The brush needs to clean out the clippers after every use, otherwise over a period of time the hair will damage the titanium/chrome mechanism. It is also to note that any products that are on your hair at the time will also be a problem to the clippers mechanism (Chrome) It does make good sense to wash your hair before use of this product. Dry your hair fully, untill bone dry so no products are obvious on your hair. I usually have wax styled on my hair so this is quite important to remember.

        - The re-chargeble kit -

        This is the same thing. What I have found is that the mains lead can be a problem when cutting hair as it does tend to drape unwantingly around your neck. What is welcoming is to leave the mains on attached to the Babyliss itself and wait for 30 minutes before any cutting takes place. This allows enough time for the Babyliss to re-charge and you then can work around your head cordless and without strangling yourself. For beginners who are not too confident. It is best that you use the mains cord attached to the Babyliss, otherwise the battery life will run out and the clipper rotation will slow up and therefore won't be such a good cut. The average battery life is about 35 minutes before the clippers noticeably slow-up.

        -Razor/blade head protectors-

        Razor/blade head protectors work as a glove to the head of the Babyliss. They should fit snuggly on the head, this is to protect the clipper mechanism. The teeth are prone to getting caught up and can twist and get damaged easily. Be aware of where you store your hair clippers. Do not leave in direct sunlight or in any unusually hot places. One last thing to know is that by using the mains for too long the Babyliss will overheat, so don't leave it without supervision.

        *My experience*

        I've had many Babyliss clipping brands, and it helps that my cousin is a hairdresser; but this brand is cheaper and in my opinion has the best all round for weight and performance. You know what they say, if you feel good, you look good. It is great for confidence, and worth spending that little more time over yourself.


        I give this product 9.5/10 for value for money. You can purchase it online at www.amazon.co.uk -- All products have a 1 year guarantee, tagged on.
        -Price £22.99--

        -Overal verdict- 9/10.

        Thank you for reading this review.

        I'm happy to help with any questions.

        copyright: 1st2thebar 2008


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      • Product Details

        Standard width trimmer with 5-position comb attachment for clean, precise trimming to length. Body trimmer with 4 comb guides for even trimming of body areas. Tramliner for accurate lines and detail styling. Shaver for an ultra smooth finish. Hygienic rotary trimmer for fast, easy removal of unwanted nose and ear hair.

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