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Babyliss 7056BU 6 in 1 All Over Grooming Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss / Type: Trimmer/Clipper

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    2 Reviews
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      12.07.2012 19:38



      good product for a good price

      This product has so many function to it and works so well with all of them there was very little that i was disappointed with ...

      The power is good however i would want it to hold charge for a little bit longer than it does but it does have a stand which enables you to recharge it back up.

      Stubble control
      If you want a stubble then this item isnt necessarily the best as it doesnt have very specific setting for you control it only comes with guards. I would rather spend more money and get a proper babylis i stubble as that product works amazing for this.

      Other functions
      I dont have any problems with any of the other functions and am completely happy with everything else it has to offer. i could list them all but it could take a while and wouldn't be that helpful as they all work well and do as it says on the tin.

      The stand/charger itself i thought looked a little bit tacky which was my only disappointment but yet for the great price of it i cant really complain as your getting so much for your money.

      I would recommend this to everyone and i hope i have covered everything in this brief review but i would just find myself repeating in several paragraphs so i didn't want to bore you.

      Thank you


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      29.06.2012 18:25
      Very helpful



      A great shaver/trimmer for unwanted body hair... Including the nostrils!!

      Quick introduction:

      I recently purchased this as my old trimmer packed up. I was instantly drawn to this because of its 6 different trimming options. I had never used a product from babyyliss before but though it was worth a try. I also got it for half price in tesco when it was on promotion so I got a very good deal for it. I have been using it for 3 or 4 months now so I thought it was time to write a review on it! I will now go into more detail on the product.


      I paid only £12 for this and it usually is around £25. I think it is worth it as many products on the market are more expensive than this. It has a few good functions and I believe it could retail at a more expensive price, I'm not complaining though and seriously consider this a bargain. Plus you get a very handy platform to stand it on and charge it on so it is practical and can fit very easily on the side in the bathroom or bedroom. What is included for the price is a beard trimmer, nostril hair trimmer, body trimmer and then some attachments for your hair. You also get a small comb and some oil. Overall it's excellent value because buying a decent nasal hair trimmer can cost you over £10.

      Does it work:

      The best bit for me is the beard trimmer, it is very easy to use and you can trim it how you like. I have sensitive skin and I don't feel like it hurts me in any way when using it. The nasal hair trimmer is very easy to use and is useful, I have never used one before! I also like the body hair trimmer, it does the chest and parts of the beard very well. I feel I am in control of body hair now. The whole kit looks rather stylish and although it may not feel very expensive when holding it, it looks very expensive and much better than the price may suggest. It's not very heavy and holds it charge for ages which is good. I recently took just the shaver on holiday with me and it didn't take up much room and weight in the baggage! I am really happy with this, I can also say that it is very easy to clean. All you need to do Is run it under water and it cleans most hairs out. It's also very easy to change the different heads needed for different options. You also get very handy instructions which tell you what to do. I will definately be buying babyyliss products in the future as I have had a very good experience with this. It is also very durable and hasn't changed in quality over the 4 months I have owned it.


      I would recommend this to any man who wants a product that can sort out unwanted hairs all over the body, but can also tidy up the face area. I feel much more confident after using this product and would advise you try it. It's stylish and practical. There are others on the market, but for this price I think it is worth the gamble! I will be giving this product a 5 star rating as I can't find any faults that are worth mentioning. Give it s try if you see it in a store. I have seen it in boots, SuperDrug and tesco so far! Shop around to get a good price like I did :)

      Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helped you out!!


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