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Babyliss 7235U 10-in-1 Grooming System

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2 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss

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    2 Reviews
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      13.08.2013 13:03
      Very helpful



      A great all rounder at a good price with a three year guarantee

      I recently received this as a gift, which I was very pleased with. My last trimmer seemed to be missing a vital attachment to assist in shaving body hair, so I have gladly stored that one away and am now enjoying using this shaver. Babyliss make many grooming products and having seen them around for a while, I knew they should be good. This kit includes 10 tools to help you tackle hair on your body everywhere from all different angles so that you can trim yourself to your liking.


      The product comes in a box full of all the attachments and equipment individually wrapped in small plastic packets. The shaver has some charge in it to begin with, and I was surprised to see it switch on as I released a bit of plastic from the shaver. There is also a handy holder that comes with the shaver so all the little attachments and tools can be stored neatly alongside the shaver when not in use.

      The shaver itself looked quite small at first, but it packs a load of power! It has an on/off button near the shaver end with another button to increase the shaver power. This is used to get through thicker or tougher hair. There is a light near the bottom which came on when I first charged the shaver, although it never seemed to go off! Therefore I'm not sure that it tells you when it is fully charged.

      The shaver comes with many handy attachments including: precision trimmer head, body groomer head, two five position combs (3-15mm) for each of these heads, a detailed trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, a foil shaver, three jaw-line blending combs. These are used for all kinds of shaving, which I have detailed below. Also included is a small comb for a beard along with shaving oil for the blades.

      The shaver is light and easy to hold yet is very powerful, which is great. The tool holder is a great adjunct to the product and enables you to neatly store the shaver in the middle hole with all the attachments around the outside. It has been designed in keeping with the trimmer heads so that the attachments smoothly and neatly fit in the holder without looking messy.

      *What Can it Shave?*

      This shaver can tackle hair on all body parts from different angles. Here are some examples with the tools provided:

      Precision trimmer - you can use this more narrow trimmer on your face to shave hair. You can then add the five position comb to shave accurately in a 3mm to 15mm range for longer beards. You can also attach a jawline blending comb to finish off the jaw line well. I find this precision trimmer to work great on the face thanks to the titanium blade within.

      Body groomer head - this is a slightly wider and less precise head used to shave hair all over the body. This may include chest hair, arms, legs and back (if needed)! You can attach the other five position comb to this to select your shaving length.

      Nose and ear trimmer - this circular attachment is used in the nose and ear openings by inserting it slightly and slowly moving the shaver in a circular motion as the blades within the attachment cut up the hair inside. I was a bit nervous about using this at first, but I did not feel a thing and it got all the hairs just inside my nose very well!

      Detailed trimmer - this very narrow blade attachment can be used for cutting out detail on the face. I do not personally use it but it is a useful tool for those wanting to perfect hard to reach areas, which cannot be done with larger tools.

      Foil shaver - I was a bit disappointed with this attachment at first, but then realised how is best to use it. It gives you a clean and smooth shave removing all hair. It is best to use on very short hair or stubble. I feel it does the job very slowly however (it's faster to shave), and you often have to go over an area many times to get all the hair. I feel this attachment is too small/weak to do a good job.

      *Using The Trimmer*

      The trimmer is very easy to use with a simple on/off button that must be held to switch it on. Once you let go, it will automatically stop. On the back of the shaver itself is a taper control, which can be used to adjust the blades on the trimmers to between 0.5mm and 1.5mm with a 1mm option too. This is great for reaching the ideal length you want, and it can be used in conjunction with the five position comb guides to trim just how you want.

      Another difficulty I had with the product (besides the foil shaver above) was that attaching the heads can be quite difficult. You are supposed to align a metal part centrally within the head of the shaver before simply pushing on the attachment. I have now got the gist of this but it was quite difficult at first. Once on, the attachments are fairly sturdy. However I did have one trimming attachment fall off during use once as I was pressing a little hard against the direction of its attachment (they attach at a diagonal angle) so that it fell off.

      The button used to increase the shaver's speed and power seemed useful at first, but through using it I did not see much difference. However I am sure it uses up a lot more battery! There was no problem with the ordinary trimmers anyway meaning that I HAD to use this boost. However when using it with the foil shaver, it failed to improve its effectiveness.

      The trimmer comes with a standard UK plug charger, which is plugged in to a socket and the bottom of the shaver. The red light displays when charging but never seems to go off, so you need to just guess when it's fully charged.

      Lastly, all the attachments are safe to be washed under water, which is useful for clearing out small bits of hair. Once left to dry they can be attached back to the shaver and used again. I find that you need to wash the attachments from now to then - especially the foil shaver as small hairs get trapped inside, which further worsens its effectiveness.

      *Three Year Guarantee*

      This is a great addition to the product! With a three year guarantee, you can trust in the product more and not be afraid of it breaking. If it does, you would be able to get your money back!

      *Cost & Availability*

      This trimmer has a retail price of £30, which I thought was not bad at all when I first looked. Then I realised that you can buy it for under £20 online from the likes of Amazon. You can find it offline in stores such as Argos and Boots. I would certainly recommend buying it online from a reputable site (so you don't get a fake) if you can get it for under £20 as that's a bargain for what you get and it has a three year guarantee!


      This is an excellent hair trimmer for tackling hair all over the body to trim it to perfection. The taper controls on the shaver itself in conjunction with the 5 position combs mean you can achieve a length of hair to suit your preference with ease - whether it be on your face, arms, legs or chest! The attachments are very useful - especially for shaving nose/ear hair! The disappointments come from the foil shaver, which lacks effectiveness and speed in giving a smooth clean shave, and the initial difficulties with attaching heads. If the foil shaver was better, it would achieve a five star rating from me. However, as I see this as an important attachment for those wishing to get a clean shave (including myself), I have to drop the rating to four stars.


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      11.06.2013 15:30



      Great little accessory set that performs a number of functions

      Babyliss produce a number of different grooming sets for men. This one in particular with all the different attachments is great.
      There is nothing more annoying and irritating when you have unwanted hair especially on the back of the neck. I have found that this great little kit enables a hair cutting novice like myself to get rid of unwanted neck hair and also enables me to trim the edges of my hair as well. It also comes with a full set of accessories which enables you to do an all over cutting job if so required. I must admit I have not had the courage to do that yet. But with the increasing price rises of things like haircuts I can see it being very useful in the near future. With the variable combs it comes with it's just a case of finding the right one for you.
      The main cutter is also very useful if you want to get rid of hair from other parts of your body. Maybe your chest or back. In this case, it can also be used for that. Far cheaper and less painful than a wax!!
      This kit also comes with a very handy nose and ear trimmer. Again it is very annoying when you get unsightly hair growing from your nose and ears so this little accessory solves that problem very well.
      In conclusion, I think this Babyliss set is a very useful accessory for the modern man and is good value for the money.


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  • Product Details

    The BaByliss for Men 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming System is a professional-grade rechargeable trimmer with titanium blade technology and five interchangeable cutting heads for all over trimming and grooming. Two 5-position comb guides offer a variety of cutting lengths (3-15mm) and the taper control provides super fine cut adjustment (0.5-1.5mm) while the turbo boost offers increased power at the touch of a button. Underneath it all there's a foil shaver for a clean smooth finish. The grooming system comes

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