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Babyliss 7436CU for Men

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5 Reviews
  • Lots of extra stuff
  • free carry case
  • Cable a bit short
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    5 Reviews
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      27.05.2015 23:21
      Very helpful


      • "free carry case"
      • "Lots of extra stuff"


      • "Cable a bit short"

      If you put your hands up is it a Mexican Shave?

      I decided that my father was starting to look a bit like a hobo, and half expected him to pick up a bindle and start riding the rails. As I needed to go into Boots anyway to get myself an electric shaver, I thought I'd get him a new pair of clippers and make him look a bit presentable. I got him the Babyliss For Men 22 Piece Clipper Kit which is exclusive to Boots stores and their website www.boots.com. It features the model 7436CU and costs £15.29 (or 1,529 Boots Advantage points).

      Contents of the kit

      Mains operated clipper for continuous high power during use
      Diamond sharpened stainless steel blades for a precision cut
      12 clipper cutting guides; grades 1-10 for a variety of lengths and left & right ear taper guides
      5-position taper lever for fine cut adjustment
      Barbers comb
      Neck brush
      Sectioning clips
      Cleaning brush
      Storage pouch

      You certainly get a lot for your £15.29, although I do love the "cape" which is a cut up bin bag if we are being honest.

      3 Year UK Guarantee

      All Boots electrical appliances have a 3 year guarantee to cover defects found due to faulty workmanship or material. Proof of purchase is required to validate the guarantee.
      Use of the kit

      Having plugged in the appliance to the mains socket, I then attached the #3 cutting guide. This, according to the manual, has a cutting length of 9.5 millimetres. I thought that they went up in 3 mm intervals but apparently it's not quite as exact as that. Shaving against the 'grain' it took only a few minutes to give him a neat haircut, then I used the shaver without a guide to tidy up the back and the comb/scissors to trim his eyebrows. The neck brush and "cape" were handy additions to the kit as it made cleaning up a lot easier.


      Unfortunately the power cable is less than 6 feet in length which was a tad disappointing as my previous set had a considerably longer cable!
      Would I recommend the Babyliss 7436CU?"

      Yes, for the price that I paid it was a good purchase. The shave was of a good standard and it is fairly sturdy and will hopefully last a good length of time. At £15 I felt, with all the additional parts, that I got a bargain. It does lose a star though due to the relatively short cable length.

      *Can also be found on Ciao*


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      21.01.2013 07:29
      Very helpful
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      Can not fault these clippers

      My first review in a while, i was looking around my room thinking what i should review next, and right in front of me i saw my babyliss hair clippers, i checked the model number and surely enough it was right here on dooyoo, so i thought i'd write a review.

      I bought these Hair Clippers in 2009/2010 from Argos, i remember they were very cheap at the time, around £15, so i got them - I cut my own hair regularly, mainly because i'm very cheap, but also because i'm quite talented at cutting hair, so firstly i'll say what you get in the box.

      Babyliss Mens Hair Clippers with a cable which i would day is around 130cm.
      10 Basic Guards (1-10) Number 1 cuts at 3mm, with number 10 cutting at 32mm.
      Left and Right Taper Guards
      Some cheap scissors which can barely cut paper, 3 hair clips and a brush, i'm pretty sure you get a little pot of oil too, but don't quote me on that.

      The Cut - These Clippers cut hair really well, extremely reliable, i usually go over the area's i am clipping twice to pick up any hairs which i may have missed, this gives excellent results, i very rarely experience any hair being pulled from my head, when i do it's usually because i am rushing so i blame myself for that, not the clippers, if you use a steady speed these clippers glide through hair with ease, i myself have thin hair, but i have used these on both my Uncle and my cousins' very Thick hair, and the cut was faultless.

      The sound - This is an important factor when purchasing hair clippers, my old set, which i had from 2006-2009 (not babyliss) were too loud, these clippers however are relatively quiet, you can talk with someone as you are using them, i'd say the volume is about the same as when you hear a plane in the far distance, you know it's there but it's not too intrusive.

      Comfort/Feeling - These Clippers are very comfortable to hold, they have a very smooth design, with a rubbery grip layer on the underside, and a shiny plastic covering on the top, they're just so comfortable to hold in your hand, this would probably be my favorite thing about these clippers, the design is so simple and comfortable, again faultless. Also, i should add, that these clippers don't get overly hot, of course this depends on usage, i would say the longest i've used these for is 40 minutes non stop, and after that amount of time they were beginning to get warmish, but not hot to the extent that they were becoming unusable, so i can't complain about the hotness.

      This review makes me sound like some kind of Babyliss fanboy, i'm really not, i just can not fault these clippers in anyway whatsoever, you even get a nifty little carry case, what more could you want for £15? these get 5 out of 5 from me.

      Thank you for reading my review


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        22.04.2012 22:30
        Very helpful
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        Performance clippers at a low price

        When my old clippers got to the stage where hair felt like it was being ripped out rather than cut, it was undoubtedly time to buy a new set! My criteria was simple, the clipper had to be cheap but also have a number of positive reviews online. My research led me to to the Babyliss 7436U which has a current retail price of just over £20 from amazon. When I bought the clippers, the price was a little lower - I paid in the region of £16 from Argos.

        Design & Appearance
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        The clipper is mains operated, but has a 160cm cable which means you don't have to be crammed in next to the plug socket whilst you're using it. In terms of accessories, the trimmer comes with ten attachments ranging from 32mm, all the way down to a grade one equivalent. Said plastic attachments are easy to clip on and subsequently remove from the front of the device. Although it's primarily constructed from plastic, the Babylis feels solid in the hand and is comfortable to hold. As new the clippers come with some (cheap) scissors, two brushes (one for removing hair from the trimmer, and one for the back of your neck), a comb, and some oil for maintenance of the blades.

        - - - - - - - - -
        In operation the 7436cu is fairly loud - but then the majority of clippers are, and it's actually a little quieter than my previous model which was made by Nicky Clarke. In my experience i've found that hair is cut easily and without any tugging - as long as you move the device across your head at at a sensible pace. Although I go over the hair a number of times in different directions to ensure a thorough cut, there's really no need to as the Babylis seems to get most of the hair off first time. When the job is complete the clippers are easy to clean by giving the cutting blades a quick once over with the smaller of the two brushes provided.

        Final Word
        - - - - - - - -
        Overall I would certainly recommend the Babylis 7436cu hair clippers which have exceeded my expectations for the price. To be honest, i'm not looking for the advanced features that some of the more expensive models provide - i.e cordless technology - the 7436 simply does the basics and does them well.


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          18.01.2012 09:36
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A good cheap product

          Recently I have been complaining about the price for haircuts and it was a problem because I have very fine and yet short hair and sometimes a visit can cost a fortune.

          For Christmas a present was this Babyliss grooming set for men which is a 22 piece set designed to help men have a haircut in other words without costing a fortune.

          Inside there is plenty of things I got a pair of scissors, comb, brush, cape, storage bag and 10 different sized guards to attach to the clippers to cut the hair.

          If you know the size you have your hair cut then this would work very well if you don't then it is a bit of trial and error.

          The shaver is good because it looks professional and looks expensive so together you expect quality results and I did get them.

          My first chance at using this I actually cut my own hair which sounds mad but I actually did a good job. I usually have a number 3 on the sides and all the little guards have the numbers in the corner and they obviously vary in size as well.

          So I attached the number 3 guard to the clipper and I plugged it into the mains and I was ready to begin. I found I had to go in a set formation otherwise it would look a mess. I started of slowly as you do because you worry you might mess it up, and in my case it would happen due to my past attempts.

          I glided my way upwards and actually found the hair was coming off gradually and after a few strides it cut the hair evenly and it did a good job. There was a nice relaxing sound from the vibrations which might sound odd but you get used to that noise at a hairdressers anyways so hearing it with this set is not going to frighten you.

          Now the power for this item is not that bad it is not going to rip the hair of the head at all it takes its time and seems to do the job gradually and without any problems. Obviously if someone is messing around they are going to cut a big chunk of hair off the head and it would look foolish.

          If you take your time the results can be pretty good and I have found it took me 45 minutes to cut my hair due to nerves the first time but since it has taken just 10 minutes.

          The various sizes are easy to identify with the numbers on the back but the biggest problem I found was attaching the guards or attachments to the clippers. You have to push them down and then at the sides is two overlapping pieces of plastic which enables them to be securely fastened.

          However, it can take a while to get them into place because they are plastic and your pushing against metal clippers and it does make you worry you might break something by the force you sometimes have to use.

          Second problem is the length of the cord unfortunately it is pretty weak and unless you're sitting near the plug socket you're going to struggle to cut someone's hair so that is a big downside as well. This lead could perhaps be one that extends out from the clippers and you put a stop lever down when it has reached a good distance for when you are using it.

          When it comes to clipping hairs and people are not happy that the results are perhaps not short enough on the side of the clippers themselves you can angle the blades so they perform different sizes and personally I have never touched them as do not want to make an error. I think this is where the tapered effect comes in but unsure.

          The comb is small as you can imagine and you do get a storage bag to keep this in just in case you lose anything. The brush is that extra piece you have which finishes of the set nicely which feels quite comfortable and is good for removing hairs from the back of the neck which are always the ones which cause the itchy sensation.

          There is a three year guarantee with this clipper set and to be fair I can see this lasting longer than that without a problem because the guards that are used are easy to clean due to them being plastic and they are easy to store.

          I would say these are not expensive seen the set for around £20 and if you work out a haircut can cost where I live a minimum of £9.75 then a few haircuts with these they have paid for themselves.

          These are a good investment but watch out for the pro and cons as they can be a big factor as to whether these would suit you or not.


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            28.02.2011 22:37
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good value set of clippers and accessories

            Amongst my many talents as a wife and mother is the occasional spot of hairdressing. I don't attempt to tackle the boys' hair, but my husband likes to keep his hair very short (usually a 'number one' all over) so we use a set of clippers at home rather than continually pay for trips to the barbers.

            Our most recent set of clippers is this Babyliss for Men 'Professional Clipper Kit' which claims to be a 22 piece set. This was a fairly cheap little set, costing just £15 from Wilkinson and still available for a similar price from other stockists including Argos and Amazon. This seemed quite a good price considering the number of accessories and attachments included. The clippers also came with the reassurance of a three year guarantee which does suggest that the product should be fairly reliable and durable.

            ===What's Included===

            The 22 pieces comprise of the clippers themselves and ten differently sized guards as well as two left and right ear taper guides. In all honesty, I've never used the taper guides which are designed to create a 'clean line' around the ear and my husband usually uses just the one sized guard but it is always handy to have a selection of different sizes, I suppose! I generally use the clippers without a guard and, carefully, tidy around the sides and back without needing to use a guide. The guards are very straightforward to attach and remove, as they simply click securely into position without any worry that they are going to slip out of place once attached.

            The set also includes a number of accessories to make the process easier. I particularly like the soft black zip-up pouch to store the clippers in after use. Unfortunately, it's not big enough to store the guards in as well, so we do still need to keep hold of the original box too. My other favourite addition is the little nylon brush which I use to sweep away all of the little hairs at the back of the head with a little flourish! The other bits and pieces are two sectioning clips (not needed for my husband's short hair) small scissors, a barber's comb and a tiny little cleaning brush, which never gets used as I find a good blow clears the hairs away from the clippers better than any brush, as well as a tiny little pot of oil. This is a little confusing as the box clearly indicates that this model doesn't need oiling but the manual does explain that, whilst that is the case with regular usage, the blades may require treating with the oil supplied if the clippers are left unused for any length of time. The final item is supposedly a cape which I've never seen and isn't in the box. (I can only assume that my husband has thrown it away!) Overall, I do think the accessories offer good value for money for the price paid, even though we don't personally need to use many of the items included.

            ===Design, Durability and Comfort===

            My first impressions of these clippers were very positive as the plastic handle has a silvery grey metallic cover which looks quite smart. The handle is also quite slim and very comfortable to hold as it is tapered slightly as well as being incredibly lightweight, certainly compared to my husband's previous set of clumpy Philipps clippers. In use, however, I do find the light handle a little off putting as I can really feel the buzzing vibrations. This does feel a little flimsy, thanks to the buzzing sensation, particularly as I generally use this without a guard and would prefer something a bit more substantial feeling during use. Fortunately, the handle is not as slippy to hold as the metallic coating might suggest and the slim design helps me to keep a tight and secure grip, in spite of the vibrations.

            Despite the lightweight design, the clippers do seem surprisingly robust considering their low price tag and the set does have the manufacturer's three year guarantee to fall back on, should these fail to live up to expectations. We've owned these for around six months now and they have been used on a regular basis, usually weekly, without any issues.

            ===Cutting Performance and Power===

            No amount of added extras or style are going to be of any use if the product itself can't cut the mustard or, in this instance, the hair. Fortunately, we have both found these clippers to be effective at gliding through his short hair and producing a smooth and, crucially, even cut. My husband is able to cut the majority of his hair himself using these, needing my assistance just for the harder to reach sections at the back and sides. These do need a couple of 'goes' to thoroughly clip the slightly thicker hair at the top but the overall results are very good. The blades are supposedly 'diamond sharpened' and certainly make a satisfying little 'zzzp' as they blast through any missed strands! The blades glide across smoothly without pulling or juddering at all. I'm in charge of quality control and can confirm that my other half has not left the house looking like a badger yet!

            These clippers are corded rather than a cordless model, so there is no messing around having to charge these up before the first or subsequent uses. It obviously boils down to personal preference whether to go for a cordless model or a main operated set like this which requires plugging in during use. My husband has owned and used both types but prefers this style, as they tend to cut consistently rather than slowing down as the battery loses charge. He also finds them more powerful overall and, consequently, quicker to use than a cordless style. Personally, I quite like the flexibility that a cordless set offers as this set, obviously, has to be used next to a plug socket (rather than mess around with an extension lead) which can be a little restrictive, particularly if I did decide to brave the kids' hair! The lead on this model is particularly short so it doesn't offer a great deal of room to manoeuvre. Ideally, it would benefit from being a few inches longer which would make cutting the back of my husband's hair a little easier, rather than having the lead stretched to its full length.

            These certainly seem powerful enough to master my husband's fairly thick head of hair. Despite the strong vibrations, this is not a particularly noisy model - certainly compared to others we've used in the past. I would imagine these are quiet enough to be used on all but the tiniest (or extremely sensitive) of youngsters as well as adults.


            Having owned this set for six months, it has certainly proved to be a worthwhile and reliable purchase for us. Admittedly, we don't make full use of all of the accessories and attachments but the different sized guards may come in handy if we ever decided to tighten the purse strings even further and risk cutting the boys' hair at home too!

            For the current selling price of around £15 and bearing in mind the three year guarantee, I would say these are a good value product and certainly save a fortune compared to the cost of regular trips to the barbers.


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