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Babyliss 7920U i clip Hairclippers

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Brand: Babyliss / Type: Hair Trimmer

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2010 03:03
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      I have not got enough hair to warrant a trip to the hairdressers so i have used hair clippers for a few years now,i i usually run the clippers over my hair for 5-10 mins then ask my partner to check/straighten the back for me, my last ones which were Wahl were still going strong but the plastic comb attachment broke when i dropped the clippers, i noticed these Babyliss clippers in a sale and as it was a well known brand at a good price i snapped them up at a bargain £11.

      The packaging
      I Clip come in a really futuristic looking blister pack with a clear plastic window showing the clippers on the stand, at the sides you have the Babyliss for men logo and some bullet point features and small pictures, it's all designed to look like a modern computerised high tec system.

      The Contents
      Inside the box you get the clippers which are a bit slimmer and lighter then my last Wahl one was, these are black with a silver look front containing the on/off button and a row of power indicator lights going from red to green, and a charging light near the base, you get 2 comb guides which lock into the sides of the clippers then slide back and forth to adjust the cutting length which covers all the usual sizes you get with the bigger sets.
      The stand/charger is a rather feeble looking small plastic tripod which is also black and silver, the clippers sit onto it to dock into the charging plug, however the plug/mains lead part can be removed from the stand so you can use the clippers while plugged into a mains socket.
      You also get a comb but as i haven't got much hair left i didn't get to test this! a pair of scissors and a cleaning brush, and a instruction leaflet which is pretty straight forward and covers everything you need to know.

      In use
      After struggling to get into the plastic blister pack i plugged the stand in and docked the clippers to charge overnight, the next day i put the shortest comb guide on and had a go at trimming my hair with the clippers plugged in to the mains, the motor seemed to struggle then speed up/slow down a lot but as i had read this is how it works by delivering more power when it needs it and sort of idling when it's not struggling/cutting, i only needed a couple of mm of my hair but didn't seem to be getting much at all so i took the comb guide off and set the trimmer/designer stubble guide to max length, this seemed to be about the right length (equivalent to a No2 on my old Wahl clippers) it usually took me about 5-10 mins to cut my hair with my other clippers, after about 20mins of trying to cut a had a look in the mirror, considering how little hair i have i still looked like i had been attacked with a set of hedge shears! by this time the small trimmer/designer stubble guide had slid in to it's maximum cut setting, after another 10 mins and some help from my partner we had got it looking tidy enough but not perfect, a couple of weeks later i attempted to use the clippers cordless while away from home, i didn't have the mains lead with me but thought it would be ok as i only need a quick trim, it was flat within 5-10 mins but luckily it had taken that little amount off you couldn't even tell it had been used on my head.

      My Opinion
      The plastic bubble packaging is just the first problem with this item, it looks very modern and high tec but feels very light plasticy and cheap, the motor struggles when trimming a couple of millimetres of hair and the rechargeable battery is very poor only lasting 5-10 mins, the stubble trimmer adjuster moves itself when you put the slightest pressure on it, and you have to clean all the hair out after every run through your head if you want to cut anything at all off, i have given up on this flash looking piece of rubbish and bought a basic Wahl set for £7.99, don't be fooled by the flash looks as these clippers just don't do the job.

      Some Spec Info
      Intelligent motor management automatically delivers more cutting power to the blades when needed, for fast smooth cutting.
      LED gauge indicates power usage.
      Electro chemical blade technology with titanium for exceptional precision and sharpness.
      Auto-lube system means blades never need oiling.
      Telescopic comb guides with rotary control lock into 18 cutting lengths (3mm - 30mm).
      Precision comb guide for fine cut adjustment for 1 - 3mm - ideal for designer stubble.
      Integrated thinning system for layering and a professional textured finish
      Can be used cord or cordless for total convenience.


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    • Product Details

      Brand: Babyliss / Type: Electric hair clippers

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