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Babyliss Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

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Brand: Babyliss

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    3 Reviews
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      27.07.2013 21:13
      Very helpful



      A great little grooming tool

      I bought this for my husband when he started 'sprouting'. It wasn't so much nose hair that was a problem as this is something that you can see every time you look into a mirror and he probably got rid of this himself. It was the ear hair that I noticed starting to appear which was actually growing far more in his left ear than his right! Not sure if this is something to do with having a dominant side or just one of those things?

      I actually bought this off Ebay and before you think how can you use something that has been up someone elses nose it was actually brand new but the box was a bit battered. I think it was classed as a second but I won it for £4.50 which was great. I have looked on the internet and you can get them from online companies for £7.99 but the postage can vary.

      It is silver in colour and is the size of a small shaver. It is cordless and uses one AA battery. I always use Duracel batteries or similar as I have bought cheap ones in the past and they really haven't lasted long at all, so I pick up a few packs when they are on offer when I am out and about. I have only changed the battery once since buying the trimmer but to be fair it is only on for a couple of minutes at the most.

      It has a circular cutting system and has a wet and dry setting so is safe to use in the shower or bath. It feels quite light to the touch and is easy to hold and use.

      My husband tried to use it himself and got on okay with his nose hair but found he was twisting his neck around whilst trying to look in two mirrors and just couldn't do it on his own, although I am sure that a lot of men manage this. So about once a month I trim his ears, usually at the same time that I cut his hair with a number 2 all over with hair trimmers.

      I do think that ear and nose hair especially in men is not pleasant, although saying that I have started to notice a few stray hairs myself which I put down to my age, so I use it myself occasionally (but don't tell him!) I have tried plucking but find this far too painful so I thought I would try this for myself. I can say from personal experience that it doesn't hurt one bit. I would describe the feeling as a sort of tickling but nothing else.

      It does seem quite a sturdy item and is showing no signs of wear and tear. You can unscrew the top to clean the blade but I find that a gentle tap is sufficient enough to get rid of any hairs. If this trimmer ever did break I would definitely replace it with the same, unless I could find one of the same quality at a cheaper price.


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        07.11.2012 16:18
        Very helpful



        Works a Treat

        At 26 year old I have found myself getting a severe case of what every man hates to see....nose hair. Being of the timid sort I am not one for plucking and gone are the days when I can ignore the small bush starting to emanate from my nostrils. so a few months ago I invested in the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer which has since helped me ease those little signs that I am kicking on!

        I paid £13.99 for the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010. This is much more expensive than rival products but my buying philosophy is "buy cheap, buy again" so I tend to stick to the upper end of the market, not for being a snob, but because I would rather buy a quality item than 5 bad ones. The Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 is certainly quality.

        The Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 comes in a tasty little design and is certainly eye catching. It is chrome and washes easily. One of the first things you may notice is how light this feels, even with a battery in this feels very light and this makes it easy to use and portable. Although is is light it certainly does not feel cheap in anyway so the solid construction shows and I have even dropped the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 onto a hard bathroom floor three of four times and it is still working fine. A tough little cookie!

        How does the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 perform then? Well the first thing to note is that this is cordless so there are no wires in the way. It requires just one AA battery and uses very little power so the battery I put in 4 months ago is still going strong. (Again that is using a top end battery). That is not to say it has little effect though and this will give you a powerful "trim".

        I am commenting here on the performance of the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 as a nose hair trimmer as I have yet to develop ear hair so I have no idea how well it would work on that front. However suffice to say this device gives a close, pain free trim that has signalled the end of my nose hair days.

        I have used a similar product which was very rough on the nose and left it itchy and sore but the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 is nice and smooth with a good powerful motion but not one that harms the nose. Of course it tickles a little but that is only to be expected but all round the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 is a smooth comfortable trim.

        There is only one speed which is not a problem as that speed suffices for all and the wet/dry setting means you can add extra comfort and not worry about getting the device wet.

        Overall the Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010 is something I would recommend very strongly indeed. It does a great job, gives a nice close trim at a comfortable level of trimming and kisses goodbye to those peskey nose hairs.

        Also on CIAO


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        08.08.2007 03:13
        Very helpful



        Quick and easy appliance for pesky hairs!

        My boss asked me when I was ever going to trim my nose hairs. They were only viewable whenever I smiled and even more so if I thought something was hilarious and the hairs peeked out of my nostrils at the same time to say hello.

        I have been in the market for an ear and nose trimmer for some time. I haven’t been able to find anything that looks like a quality product other than a Remington model coming in between £15 and £20-00

        A friend suggested then that I should try out a shop called Sally Beauty Supplies. This shop usually sells all kinds of professional hair shampoos as well as acrylic nail kits and varnishes etc that you can buy at half the cost that most nail bars charge for the artistry and time needed. You can even get a trade card if you are eligible at the till.

        ** Rivals **

        Armed with this information I found a local outlet in Greenock’s shopping mall, the Oak Mall. There were cheaper alternatives on display plus a manual scissor that you can buy if you really want to be daring. Personally ever since I was three years old and had a pencil shoved up my nose by mistake which made it bleed, I haven’t really put anything other than a tissue near or inside my nose!! Of the rivals that do exist, two makers such as Remington and JMB sell “hygienic trimmers,” which are of the small shaver bar types. Both currently come in under £10-00 but these models are DRY only which means that they can’t be washed under a tap to ensure that all the hair has completely gone. The next model upwards from Remington that can be used “wet/dry” comes in at £15-99

        This model is priced at £11-99 including VAT.

        ** Babyliss Nose & Ear Trimmer Model 7010**

        Most products like these have a small toothed shaver arrangement similar to a beard trimmer but I don’t like the idea of putting something like that near my nose. The fact that this little product came in a box which had a big green sign on it displaying “Convenient & Safe,” quelled my fears almost immediately.

        It doesn’t look like a small beard trimmer but it does have a small dome shape which is suitable for even the biggest of nostrils. The product comes with a safety acrylic lid which could be lost after some time unless you put it down in a safe place and put it back once you have used the machine.

        This high tech silver gadget could almost look like an adult toy! A shame really as if it was black in colour, it could almost look quite classy and understated. Hand grips are already built into the design so that it cannot slip out of the hand when using it and there is a picture of a man on this blue and green box supporting the idea that it can be used on the nose and ears.

        **Using the Product**

        The Babyliss doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary but the fact that it only uses an AA battery to supply its power ensures that this item is not at all bulky. The Remington rivals currently on sale at Index are bulky to hold and to store away but in terms of size, this is rather like a small travel shaver, or in terms of height about 7 inches. What I do like about the fact that it has the wet/dry feature means that this product can be washed under a running water tap. I also like the fact that the shaver can be held like using a pen. I also use this for getting rid of ear hair too as well as trimming my eyebrows – anywhere that has overgrown or unwanted hair, this little gadget is good at getting rid of.

        Battery life depends on how often you use the shaver but in general since owning this for the last three months I have only used one Duracell AA battery type. Please note that the shaver does not come with a battery included.

        ** Cleaning The Machine **

        To get into the blade area, simply twist the head until it comes off revealing the blade. This blade is very light to touch and since it is permanently fixed and uses a spring to ensure that each hair gets a cut, you cannot hope to cut your finger. I have noticed that there has been no decrease in cutting time even when the blade area is full of hair. I have only ever washed the blade since I bought it since I just usually blow away any unwanted hair that’s trapped in the blade canal.

        ** How Does It Feel?**

        Closer inspection reveals that this blade spins when you put the head back on and that the head cover (the part that goes into the nostril) itself is serrated which, when put into the nose, the hairs grab onto the blade and are cut down. I didn’t feel as if my hairs were being pulled at all when this machine was used. It does feel safe thanks to its circular cutting system and thanks to its size it does feel convenient. Less than a minute for both nostrils and all the hair is gone.

        There is no sensation that I can feel when this is cutting nose hair, no picking and importantly no pulling. The machine just has a little buzz to it when you put it into your nose or ear. I’ve found that it’s excellent for unwanted overgrown eyebrow hair – which this machine isn’t really for but thanks to its pen like shape you can hold it against the eyebrow without any fear that it will shave away all the hair. You simply point the machine to the affected area and it gets rid of the hair.

        ** The Manual **

        The manual is a small booklet and has 13 different languages including English. Other languages such as Norwegian, Greek and Russian indicate that this machine is probably sold worldwide. 3 diagrams on the front cover in black and white show the shaver unit, the first diagram showing how to put the battery in, the second diagram showing how to lock the head in place and the last diagram showing how to clean the blade (by putting the blade under a running tap) It’s a very simple process.

        The manual does warn not to take the whole unit into the bathroom and never to immerse the whole unit into water.

        ** Any Downsides? **

        The only thing I don’t like about this machine is its black plastic silver casing. Frankly it looks like a dildo! Around the flip up/down slide switch for power on and off, you can see that the silver body is black plastic but for the price I am not complaining. Babyliss are a well respected maker of personal care products and this is one to add to the list.

        ** Conclusion **

        If like me you are worried about putting machines up your nose and into your ears to get rid of hair, then this could be the gadget for you. I love the fact that it’s thin and portable as it means that I can take it on holiday with me. The circular cutting system ensures that hair is cut and without worry. All in all, I’m glad that I made this purchase. I have kept my receipt as well as the product comes with a 1 year guarantee. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2007.

        Babyliss Paris
        Conair Service Centre
        P.O Box 260
        WA5 1FW

        www.babyliss.co.uk (please note that this product is not viewable on the Mens Grooming Link)


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      • Product Details

        Cordless battery operated nose & ear hair trimmer. Sleek chrome design.

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