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Braun LS5100 Lady Shaver Legs & Body

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2 Reviews

Brand: Braun / Type: Trimmer/Clipper

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    2 Reviews
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      20.10.2012 15:53
      Very helpful



      Good for a rainy day...or when you run out of razors!

      Shaving, Waxing, epilating...hair removal is no simple business. Everyone's body is individual and every skin type reacts differently to whatever form of torture it has been subjected to. I have found it a tiring feat to find the right type of hair removal for me! I have sensitive skin so epilating and waxing are a no-no for my body. So I have been using Venus Razors for years before I decided to venture out into the mysterious realm of electric shavers and trimmers.

      I didn't shop around at all. This was an absolute impulse purchase during one of my outings to Asda. They had it on offer for £20 and I figured that was pretty reasonable for an electric shaver. I also chose it because it's pink. Sad? Probably, but they made it pink for a reason and that's to draw suckers like me in who choose products based on their looks.

      This is a no-fuss, no wires, or fiddly bits lady trimmer and shaver. It works on two AA batteries (which last forever! I still haven't replaced the batteries after a year of use!) It fits comfortably in your hand and tucks away easily in a cosmetic bag for overnight stays. Because there is no need for a power lead, it makes the shaver easy to use and transport. It's pretty light weight and the attachments are easy to clip on and off.

      The Shave is not as close as I would like. After only a few hours I already feel a little prickly, this might be a common side effect of using an electric razor and I may be spoilt by my vast experience of that close wet shave you get from the Venus Embrace. But what I do like about this razor is that it trims very well and a shave with this beauty leaves my skin feeling kissed rather than snagged. No unsightly red bumps on my legs.

      I still rely on my Venus Embrace razor, but I always keep this handy contraption to hand. As far as electric razors go, I think this one is marvellous. Just a pity that it fails to give a super close shave.


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      22.06.2012 13:38
      Very helpful



      I would recommend this to anyone!

      A couple of weeks ago I decided that I needed to shave my underarms before showering but, when I came to do just that, there was no charge in my Ladyshave. I put it on charge for 24 hours and tried again the following morning only to find that it was still as dead as a dodo! Blast!

      At the moment I really couldn't afford to replace it but I had no option - you never know we might get some nice weather and my armpits might need to come out from under my sweat shirt for a change!

      I started to search the Internet to see what options were available at reasonable prices and I found the Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver LS5100 on EBay at £14.99 plus £1.99 postage from an Argos Outlet so I went via Quidco (of course) and ordered it. OK I only got 21p cashback but it all adds up! Incidentally I have just looked at the Argos website and, if I had bought it direct it would have cost me £29.99 admittedly with free postage but it is still almost twice the price!

      The shaver comes in a smart black cardboard box with the name of the product and a picture of the shaver and a pair of smooth legs on the front. Around the edges and on the back of the box there is information about the shaver and the basics of how it works. If you saw this on a shelf in a retail shop you would be able to read enough information on the outside of the box to decide whether this was the shaver for you.

      Inside the box there is the shaver unit, two AA batteries, two attachments, a little soft cleaning brush for the shaver foil and a set of instructions in 15 different languages! Luckily the shaver is pretty easy to use so there aren't many instructions needed or you would end up with a book the size of War and Peace!

      The shaver itself is a nice shade of pink, as you can see from the photograph at the top of this review, and it is curved so that it fits comfortably into my hand making it really easy for me to hold and use.

      The first thing that you need to do is insert the batteries and to do this you need to pull off the bottom part of the shaver. It is very stiff so I was a bit worried about this as I had to use a fair bit of force but it was fine and I didn't do any damage. I suppose it is better that it is a good fit so that it doesn't come off when the shaver is in use. Anyway the batteries need to be inserted in the direction shown by the + and - on the inside of the unit. Then the bottom of the unit needs to be replaced before use - obviously!

      The shaver unit has a sliding switch at the top which needs to be slid to the left for a bikini trim and the right for underarms. There is a round sliding button on the front which just slides upwards to start the motor.

      There are two pink plastic attachments to fit over the top of the shaver before use. One gives the shaver a flat edge which helps to give good contact with the contours of the skin when shaving. The other one is a kind of comb effect for use on the longer bikini hairs.

      So to get started and shave my hairy pits all I had to do was insert the batteries, slide the control to underarms, put the flat edge attachment on the top and switch on - simple.

      I stood in front of the bathroom mirror over the sink and began to shave. My first reaction was to think - oh no this isn't working - as I couldn't feel a thing, but when I looked in the mirror I could see lovely smooth hair free underarms! I can only assume that my old one was so well used that the foil was in need of replacement as it used to pull at my skin although I wasn't really aware of the fact until I tried this little beauty and felt the difference.

      The foil flexes when in use so that it follows the contours of the skin and removes every hair - long or short - so I get a really close and smooth shave.

      So both armpits smooth and hair free in record time with no scratching or pulling and neat pile of removed hair on the edge of the sink beneath me - brilliant!

      To clean the shaver I removed the pink attachment and then pulled off the top part of the unit for washing under the tap. I blew into the top of the shaver to get rid of any loose hairs and then gave it a quick brush to make sure that it was clean before replacing the top that had been washed and dried.

      I use mine standing by the sink in the bathroom but it can also be used in the shower if that is your preference. I don't know about you but I find the idea of using something vaguely electrical in the shower feels all wrong but maybe that's just me!

      As I never shave my bikini area I am afraid that I cannot comment on whether this shaver is good for that although, given the impressive way it shaves my underarms I have no reason to suppose it would be anything other than great.

      I usually use an epilator on my legs as the regrowth from that is very soft but I have tried this shaver on my legs and it does the job perfectly.

      The whole thing comes with a two year manufacturer's guarantee so in the event of any problems it would be repaired or replaced.

      In conclusion I am very impressed with my purchase especially as I had to go for a cheaper model than I may have normally purchased. I would recommend this without any hesitation and would be quite happy to purchase another one in the future!


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