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Panasonic ER-GN30 Hygenic Nose/Ear Silver Hair Clipper

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Brand: Panasonic / Type: Trimmer

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    2 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 12:04
      Very helpful



      Highly recommended.

      I have a very queer theory around a man's body hair. It sprouts up at the right anatomical places as you mature from a child to a young person. Then it starts sprouting up at the wrong anatomical places as you start growing older. And finally when you are really old it deserts your right anatomical places and resides firmly at all the wrong anatomical places.
      I got a revisit of this theory when on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to go to the barber. He did a fairly nice job for the haircut though I relaized that he had done it rather quickly in less than 20 mins in what used to be rather a cool 45 min job. I asked my barber and he replied 'sir, lot less to trim'. Then he quickly said that he needs a few more minutes to attend to hair growing out of my nose and ears. I did a mental check on my age and yes my theory round the hair made sense. I was getting old. But what he did next was the trigger for me to go for this product Panasonic Trimmer the very next day. My barber dipped a tong with a bushy end in some alcohol and lit it with a lighter. Then he started reaching my ear in an attempt to burn the hair sprouting out like tiny tentacles. I almost let go an yell but he continued reminding me that he is removing the ugliness around my ear and I shall look young again. Before he could do the same to my nose, I had waked out of his shop in a hush, walked across to Tesco and started looking for a hair trimmer.

      I finally settled for Panasonic ERGN30 Battery Nose Face Hair Trimmer though waht I really use it for now is to trim the hair on my ear though it does a fairly good job for the nose and face as well.
      Though the product feature must be pretty standard across other similar products but what I really like is the pen-like grip that is easy to handle and an angular tip that leads at the base of those nasty hair follicles giving a smooth cut. Obviously it does have a rather technical name to this act - 'Sharp 60 degree inner blade that does not pull on the hair', but then the end result is that what counts.

      It also has an improved dual edge blade that can cut the nose hairs or ear hairs. I have even been successfull with my eyebrows that resembles a squirrel's tail when not trimmed anymore. It however prescribes the blades not to be used for hair below 0.5mm but then those sizes would be visible only to the eagles eye.
      It is very easy to clean also. All you need to soak it in water and then switch it on. The water is sucked in like a cockscrew and out comes the hair trimmings. It also comes with a protective cap for the tip and a cleaning brush, which I have had no requirement of.

      It requires a single AA battery and considering the price of under £10 that it costs, replacement costs for battery shold not be problemetic. It has not been long enough with me to know how far the battery lasts.
      It is a good grooming equipment to posess for a middle aged man. It keeps your face neat and you don't risk an unworthy barber attempting to burn you down

      Highly recommended.

      Appears in Ciao Uk under same name


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      08.08.2013 18:37
      Very helpful



      Makes an already unpleasant task even more unpleasant.

      Shaving is one of those perpetual nuisances in my life. I am generally a lazy person but there are some things that just need to be done with regular monotony. Some people suit a beard. I don't. Therefore I maintain a clean-shaven appearance 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whilst a beard may be a grey area in terms of appeal, nasal hair is not. Nobody suits nasal hair. If you think you do, then you've been lied to. Probably by yourself.

      So, to keep myself on the correct side of social decorum I use a nasal hair trimmer to keep such hairs at bay. Many years ago I would just use a pair of tweezers and pluck such hairs from existence, but this method is both tedious and eye-wateringly painful, not to mention time-consuming. It would also raise serious questions concerning my activities in the bathroom, from which intermittent cries of pain and bad language could be heard around the house.

      When my previous trimmer finally conked out after over 5 years of trusty service I saw the Panasonic trimmer on amazon and thought that it would be a good replacement. My only requirement was that the device cuts hairs without pulling them, so with this exact claim in the product description backed up by dozens of approving customers, I was happy to put forward £10 of my money.

      === Set-Up and Design ===

      In the box you get the trimmer; an AA battery (no need to pilfer one from the TV remote); a protective plastic cap for the trimmer head; a small cleaning brush and a miniature textbook of instructions - but the English section is thankfully thin and brief. The bottom half of the trimmer removes with an effortless twist to hold the supplied single AA battery. That's the extent of the set-up. It's pretty much ready to use straight from the box, although I would advise a quick rinse of the trimmer head under the cold tap first.

      Once extricated from the packaging, the first thing that struck me was the weight of the device, or lack thereof. It is very light but thanks to the stylish and smooth design it doesn't feel cheaply made at all. Once the battery is inserted it does have a more reassuring weight to it, which makes it very feel comfortable to hold and operate.

      The slightly curved design of the trimmer fits easily in my hand and is comfortable to hold and direct whilst operating. The size is also ideal to maintain a firm, controlled grip on the device when in use. The large on/off switch on the front of the device is also easy to use and something I really like - more so that my previous trimmer, which required a calculated and fiddly twist of the trimmer's body to power it on.

      Another plus point is that the trimmer will happily stand up on any flat surface without fear of it falling over, with the wide base allowing it to stand firmly balanced. This is ideal for any potentially narrow bathroom surfaces such as a shaving cabinet or the edge of a sink.

      === So far, so good. How about its effectiveness? ===

      Unfortunately, the trimmer falls at the final and most important hurdle. The idea is to gently insert the head of the trimmer into you nostril (not too far in!) and gently move the trimmer head around your nose in slow circular movements as it cuts the hairs.

      I'm not sure what apparently makes me different from the many satisfied customers on amazon - perhaps I have a different type of nose hair - but rather than gently cutting my nasal hairs free, the trimmer will pull hairs from my nose with an uncaring ruthlessness. It's almost as though I'm the last 'patient' of the day, and the trimmer has to get home for its tea. It does cut some hairs as designed, without uprooting them first, but every few seconds one gets caught in the trimmer and is pulled viscously with a clunky jarring sound to accommodate it. This is not just a one off, but a regular part of the trimming routine, rendering an already unpleasant experience even more unpleasant.

      The trimmer head houses a sharp double-edged blade which spins around at great speed and cuts hairs as they are swept into the notches of the head. I'm not a great fan of this design because I think it's ineffective and slow. By its own admission, the Panasonic trimmer is not suitable for cutting hairs below 0.5mm, ergo it will not cut hairs all the way down, instead leaving you with a stubble effect inside your nostril. My former trimmer had a trimming head similar to a (head) hair trimmer - the type used to straighten out sideburns - which I found left me with a much closer shave.

      The other downside to the spinning blade design of the Panasonic is that it takes a lot longer to clear my nose of unwanted hair, because it relies on hairs entering the head of the trimmer for them to be cut. After several minutes, the job is still not complete and there is always a rogue hair or two that have somehow evaded the psychotic trimming blade despite it doing 50 laps of my nostril. My old trimmer would only take about 30 seconds per nostril to do a good job, and it would have attacked every hair without fail - and without pulling a single one.

      The device is reasonably quiet though when turned on; certainly not as loud as, say, an electric toothbrush. However, with the blade spinning round very fast, the gentle whirring noise takes on an ominous tone and adds to the terror as you wait for the next hair to be violently whipped from your nasal cavity.

      Not just a one trick pony, the Panasonic trimmer can also be used on eyebrows and 'beard shaping', although I haven't used either of these functions. I would again draw attention to the fact that it cannot cut hairs below 0.5mm so it won't be as effective as a wet shave razor blade at removing the odd unwanted hair from your face.

      === Cleaning ===

      Cleaning the trimmer is thankfully a simple affair and the design of the Panasonic is to be applauded here. With it being fully waterproof, you simply immerse the head in water (under the tap, or in a sink if you are so inclined) and switch it on. Remember to twist the grooved blue band open just below the trimmer's head first, to ensure that the water from the tap can flow around the inside of the trimmer head and remove any bits of hair as it flows. Alternatively, you can use the small brush included in the box to flick the hair from the blade. I would advise the water method though. It's far more thorough and just as quick.

      === Summing Up ===

      Overall, I am very disappointed with the trimmer because it didn't deliver what it had promised. Not only does it make the already tedious routine of nasal hair excavation a painful experience, but it also takes a long time to do an effective job due to the flawed trimming design. I persisted with it for over a month until I finally threw it to the back of the cupboard in disgust and reordered another trimmer - an identical replacement of my former Philips NT9110, which I now appreciate much more.

      The Panasonic trimmer is currently priced at £12.99 on amazon and available for free delivery. Whilst the price isn't painful, the trimmer most certainly is and therefore this is not a product that I can recommend. Except, maybe, to someone I don't like.

      Thanks for reading :)


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