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Brand: Philips / Type: Hair Trimmer

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    2 Reviews
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      13.08.2013 15:15
      Very helpful



      Great reliable clippers for a decent price

      Philips QC 5070 Super Hair Clippers


      When it comes to hair clippers I confess to being quite a choosy Homo Sapien. When I was younger and into my late thirties, I had curly hair and all my Mother's friends or normally old women at the hairdressers my mother frequented would wax lyrical about my curly locks. 'Ooh look at his hair' and 'I wish I had your hair'. I would always get depressed about this and when my mother asked me why I would tell her that they were going to jinx me with their comments and I would end up with no hair in my forties.

      This almost came true but not because of any jinx.

      About seven years ago (I was almost thirty-nine) I did a charity type thing for children in need and had my hair dyed almost white. The problem was that the dye severely burned my head and left me in terrible pain. I had to shave all my hair off and after that; there were patches that it would not grow back in or at least only in minimal amounts. So basically, my hair would grow back longish in places and not so long in others. This left me with one choice, which was to always have my head shaved to a grade 1 or 2 level to keep the still-growing, parts level with the parts that didn't grow so well anymore.

      I have owned quite a few pairs of clippers; some good and some not so good. My girlfriend trims my hair for me and I can genuinely tell if the clippers are good or not by her reaction to them as the one who is using them.

      I normally start off myself and then she will finish me off (steady).

      I find the Philips QC 5070 Super Hair Clippers to be one of the best I have used in the sense that they are no nonsense and do exactly what they say on the tin (or box in this case).

      There are no fiddley plastic bits to place over the teeth to choose a size or cutting length, so I don't hear screams of frustration from my girlfriend when said plastic pieces keep falling off. These clippers have fifteen built in length settings from 1 to 41mm, which make them quite handy for trimming down further if you feel you need to remove more hair after the first attempt.

      Another good feature is the fact that you don't have to use the electric cable with them. These clippers can be charged and used cordless. This is a great feature and one my girlfriend loves because it means no pesky cord getting in the way or wrapping around the chair I'm sitting on or her legs. It also means not having to get an extension lead out to negate the aforementioned tangled mess.

      I always find it best to charge it up over- night as it takes about twelve hours to charge.
      The machine itself is quite sleek and not too heavy and the guard on the head of the clippers makes it easy and smooth to follow the contours of the head. This is known as the contour following comb and it really does make it easy to use. There is also a length indicator to show you exactly how much hair you will have left with the chosen cutting length.

      It also comes with a little grooming kit that is quite useful, containing scissors, combs and lubricating oil for the teeth of the machine.

      My girlfriend finds the scissors useful to get at the pesky hairs that can sometimes be hard to reach behind my ears; although that said the clippers do get rid of ninety-odd per cent of the unwanted hair. The scissors do come in handy though.

      I have a goatee beard so I use the clippers for this too and I can get quite a good shave with them. I wouldn't recommend a close shave with them though as the teeth on the blades are quite sharp and I did foolishly cut myself on my neck once (lesson learned). The good thing about them when cutting hair though is the fact that there is very little or no chance of cutting yourself due to the smooth way you are able to adapt them to the curvature of your head.

      The only inconvenient thing is cleaning the hair up afterwards, but my hair doesn't take that long to cut and there is not that much mess to be honest. I think clippers with hair catchers are more cumbersome and usually don't perform as well.

      The whole package, the clippers, charger, lead and accessories comes in a really smart and rather cute attaché case that I like to walk around The Hague with pretending that I'm important or look like a contract killer on a hit (Ok I made that bit up, but it would be fun).

      I got my clippers from Amazon for the bargain price of 19.99 and seven pounds postage. They retail at 59.95 in the shops and on eBay. You can pick them up from anywhere between twenty and sixty pounds, though why anyone would pay sixty when you can get them for twenty is anyone's guess.

      I give these clippers five out of five stars for performance, ease of use and convenience.

      ©Lee Billingham


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        23.08.2011 22:40
        Very helpful



        Philips Clippers

        I am the chief hair cutter in our house. My husband doesn't have much hair anymore and so a trip to the hairdressers is not really required so I cut his hair with these Philips hair clippers.

        The tool is nice as it sits in your hand quite nicely and can be used cordless so you don't have to worry about a cord getting in the way. To recharge the clippers you simply attach a lead into the bottom of the clippers and plug it in. So, for example if you have run out of charge and still need to cut your hair you can do it with these clippers plugged in. They do take a while to charge fully, about 10 hours or so but once you have charged them they last for about 50 minutes which is an eternity when you have as much hair as my husband because his whole head takes about 2 minutes.

        As he likes a really close cut we take the guard off and just use the exposed blades. We have never had any problem with this, ie no cut head or anything like that although the blades are extremely razor sharp and cut the hair very close and finely. This is what I really like about these clippers. When I am going around the ear I can get a really close cut and get all those pesky stray little hairs by just using a corner of the clippers to get to the short hairs. The blades are self sharpening so you never need to do them yourself and we've had these for a couple of years now and they are still just as good as when we bought them.

        There is a simple on/off button which you just move upwards to turn on and downwards to turn off so if you do have any slips you can easily turn these off. I've been impressed with the results we achieve with these clippers. My husband has quite a bumpy head but these blades really do follow the contours of the head and get everything just so and even.

        There are 15 length settings (1-41mm) so if you do have longer hair you can use these as well, it's not just for almost bald people! There is an indicator on the front of the clippers which shows you which length you have set it to so you know that you are going to achieve the length you want, no more cutting off a big strip in the wrong length!

        There is no hair catcher with these unfortunately so when you do use them you will have to sweep up the hair afterwards which is not really a big pain for us as I do it over a piece of paper and then just scoop it up and put it straight in the bin.

        As I can't remember what we paid for them I had a quick search on line and they seem to be in the region of £25 to £30 which I think is reasonable for a pair of clippers such as these. I know they also came with a case and some hair tools such as a comb and little scissors but I don't really use these so can't comment on the value of those. All in all a nice close clip!


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    • Product Details

      Cordless Hair Clipper. Electric shaver and hair trimmer. 15 length settings. 2D contour tracking system.

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