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Philips TT2022 Silver Bodygroom

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    3 Reviews
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      02.07.2012 00:48



      Very handy tool that sees use every date night, B+

      I've always been a very hairy man. Legs, chest, arms. And other places that I wont mention on a family friendly website. It used to annoy me a lot - particularly in hot weather.

      If you have the same problem I had, and aren't quite ready for a full on shave, then the phillips body groom is a great option for the modern man.

      It has two sides - a shaver and a trimmer. The shaver is good for areas you want completely devoid of hair. It cuts very close, is pain free and after months of use I am still yet to experience itching or irritation.

      The trimmer is useful for areas that you want to control, but don't want completely bare. The body groom comes with an attached adjustable guard, allowing you to choose which length you want the hair. The guard has three settings, but it would have been nice to have a shorter one - for me sometimes no guard is too short and the shortest setting is too long. But that is my only complaint.

      Otherwise, the body groom is a joy to use. It can be used dry or wet. Using it in the shower is very convenient - all the errant hair is washed away down the drain, never to be seen again! However, the body groom does cut hair quite a bit more efficiently when used dry. The only downside is it creates mess, but it does give you an excuse to hoover up!

      The battery lasts for an hour which is more than enough for most trim jobs. It needs to be charged for 8 hours to have a full charge. This seemed excessive to me at the beginning, but I just started leaving it on the supplied charging dock overnight and it hasn't been a problem.


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      30.12.2011 20:38
      Very helpful



      Great all over body razor

      Now I am not sure who started the fashion or maybe it is because I have been out of touch for so long but body hair on a man is now not really the done thing. Well this is what I have been told anyway. I don't have a lot of hair, a very small area on my back but I do like to keep myself cleaner and tidy in other more sensitive areas.

      I have tried my facial razor before and this can work perfectly fine but if you are using it on your body then you always run the risk of making a nick in the skin and this can be quite painful. I also have a decent amount of chest hair and once I shaved it off with the Phillips I was given many more compliments especially when I was away on holiday. Again it is difficult to shave the chest area with developing some sort of rash through over use and then you always develop an ingrowing hair.

      Having looked around many stores and sought a decent product online I came across this shaver and have not looked back since. I have been really happy with it and its is extremely effective. There are various blades to use depending upon the thickness of the hair or the area in which the hair is located. It is specifically designed for use on the body, chest, nose and groin areas and although I was a little apprehensive at first mainly due the electric whirling sound it made there was no need to worry as was perfectly comfortable and safe.

      It gives a close enough shave to be efficient and you may need to go over areas a few times which can lead to a small rash but nothing at all to the like I was getting before. I am very happy with it and will not be going back to a normal razor.

      The price you should be paying can vary dramatically depending upon where you look. The best advice would be to look at the deals on the internet rather than going through a store and you may even find since I brought the price has come down further than from what I paid.


      Phillips are a good name in this industry and they have not let anybody down with this product. I am happy to be using it and I know my girlfriend is too. It is defiantly worth a purchase in the January sales.


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      14.01.2008 13:07
      Very helpful



      A fantastic product for hair removal for the male.

      Women, renowned for complaining about their appearance, yet when a man complains he is instantly dismissed.

      When I met my partner he had a complex about his excess body hair to his chest and back area, it has never been a problem for me but since an early age he has had negative comments about him and this puts him off going swimming or taking his top off in public.
      When it comes to going swimming he took to using his facial electric shaver to thin the hair out to make it less visible and when a big holiday was planned he took the step to go and get it waxed but he found the embarrassment of getting it done more painful than the treatment.

      As we both planned to get fit this year ready for our wedding I realised that this problem was not going to disappear and we needed a fix once and for all and as waxing was not really a long term option and hair removing cream left his back rough to tough I started searching for alternatives and found this little gadget.


      The bodygroom TT2020 is described as an all-in-one system that shaves all bodyhair safely and easily for me which sounded ideal for him.
      The bodygroom claimed to remove hair from chest and abs, legs, underarms, the groin area, back and shoulders.

      *~*Using the product*~*

      As the problem area for my partner is his back, it is actually me that gets to test this product for him.

      I bought this for him from Amazon for the bargain price of £19.99 a significant saving on the RRP price of £39.97.
      The bodygroom is stored in an octagonal shaped box and housed in the plastic casing that we have all come to loathe at Christmas time.
      Once removed the item itself was fairly compact and the user instructions pretty self explanatory.
      Also in the box was a small brush to clean the head and a hanging cord for use in the shower.

      For first use we were required to charge for 10 hours and this would then provide a full hour of cordless use. The charging base is sturdy and a power adaptor is provided that fits into a standard plug.

      The shaver itself is very ergonomic allowing you to use it easily at any angle offering a close shave without nicking the skin.

      At the time that we first used this product the hair was not too long so we were able to use the shave function which provided a smooth shave only when I had gone over the area in both directions, this would have been a nice tip to have in the instructions as if you were to use this in the way that it is described in the instructions you could be disappointed with the stubbly sensation left behind from the hair removal.

      I do have to say that this has been a very worthwhile investment as it really is designed with the man in mind offering a grooming tool that gives a man the look that he desires.

      The tool is fairly noisy and the vibration is quite strong when using it and this may take a little while to get used to if you have never used an electric shaver before.

      A simple push button on or off operates this small gadget and allows you to get straight to the job in hand.

      *~*Product Features*~*

      Ergonomic Design
      The bodygroom is so comfortable to use, the rubber grips to the side of the shaver prevent it from slipping out of your hand when using it in the shower.

      Shave and Trim
      A dual function that allows total control over how much hair is removed, the trimming part is the most difficult part as you have to get an even result and this can be tricky and you can take off more hair that you originally desired.
      The Shave function however offers a smooth shave.

      Fully Waterproof for use in the shower and easy to clean.

      Hypoallergenic Foil
      Protects the skin from nicks, cuts or irritation. Ideal for sensitive skin which is why it works so well on the bodygroom.

      Stainless steel blades
      Offer the close, clean shave ensuring long lasting results.

      8 hours charging time for 50 minutes cordless use.

      Charging stand and hanging cord.

      *~*Is it worth buying?*~*

      My honest opinion has to be yes, there are not all that many products out there designed specifically for this purpose and this is a very useful compact gadget that can be used on holiday and at home.

      The shaver comes with a removeable plastic guard so it is safe to put in a washbag or loose in yur suitcase.

      Although I think the operating instructions are brief and definately lacking tips for certain body parts it is easy to get the best results yourself with some practice.

      Overall a well designed product which is effective and easy to use. Fantastic and well worth the money.


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