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Remington HC365 Hair Clipper

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8 Reviews

Brand: Remington / Type: Trimmer

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    8 Reviews
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      11.11.2012 00:18
      Not Helpful



      Facial mane is an valuable figure of men and keeping it looking neat is solely as valuable.

      Remington is solitary of the leaders in grooming products, and this is rejection not the same. There are multiple skin tone to facilitate get to this stand for revealed amongst the place. With the shrill precision lean you receive you can be on your way to looking your sharpest in rejection clock!

      Equally a trimmer you partake of to look next to the not the same blades you will receive. Thanks to the similar heads, you will be able to sort out all facial beard styles! Trim your beard, mustache, and goatee all with this solitary merchandise. Just place the similar blade on the device depending on what did you say? You be after to elegance and you are immediate to get!

      The blades themselves are probably the then craze you must look next to. This merchandise comes with list blades used for a close, precision lean. The "T" blade installation close to your skin, broaden ensuring precise appearance.

      They typically moreover be as tall as with 2 reversible leader combs, a barber search and a styling search. These combs give out you 4 separate lengths! You can be place secure to facilitate you will be able to practice with even broaden precision credit to these combs.

      While certain are almost unworkable to clean, this brand is not. This is washable! You can set it under wet to cause all of the beard revealed of it. This helps to allow your merchandise to job longer as you can keep it clean easier.

      The Remington Beard Trimmer is an amazing merchandise to facilitate stands revealed amongst the place.


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      10.11.2012 04:58



      great product and am happy to carry on useing it.

      I have been using hair trimmers for 10 years now ever since I got married and had kids, my hair must have gone into shock and left my body as soon as I walked down the isle but I have come to terms with this now and have shaved my head ever since.
      The Remington Beard / Hair Trimmer has lots of attachments, it is cordless and holds a 40 minute charge on a single charge, the cordless trimmers are allot better I find due to being able to access the back of your head without getting a cord in the way. the Remington HC365 hair trimmer set comes with six attachment combs as well as a comb and scissors but I only ever use grade one as I like to keep my hair at tennis ball length but there are many other grades you can have, I use the longer hair attachment to do the back of my two year olds hair as you can just lightly push the trimmer through the fine hair and it catches the longer hair well.
      The beard trimmer is great for getting that George Michael 90s look and it makes it very easy to trim sideburns and gets the outline finish on a beard to a fine line.
      This combo pack comes with sectioning clips, ear guides, scissors, neck brush, cap, cape, cleaning brush and its all kept in a storage case with the hair clippers.
      It's a great deal when you look at the price range between £24-26 for the kit. I would recommend this product.
      Product Identifiers
      Brand Remington
      Model HC365

      Key Features
      Connectivity Cordless
      Gender Unisex
      Type Hair Trimmer

      Tech Details
      Rechargeable Rechargeable
      Cordless Operation Time 40 min
      Heads Type Foil Head


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      31.10.2012 00:23



      Brilliant shaver, can't go wrong!

      I simply love this Remington beard and hair trimmer! It's so easy to use and works like a dream!
      Before purchasing this item I had a cheap beard trimmer from Argos, which would cut my face, not cut anywhere near as well as this and was very, very loud! I knew I would get high quality from Remington from buying some of their products previously so had faith when buying this one and I haven't been disappointed! Also, it was so cheap in comparison to its rivals, I picked mine up for about £20! Can't go wrong!
      It trims my beard perfectly as it is easy to use and hold, it can shave to the skin or just take off any unwanted curly hairs by trimming the beard to make yourself look presentable but still hairy, all you have to do is adjust the small handle on the side to the setting you want. Simples!!
      Overall, I can't fault this shaver and I certainly will buy from Remington again if I ever need an upgrade or anything else to do with my beard!


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      29.10.2012 00:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An excellent value hair trimmer

      I only bought this trimmer a few days ago.I am a female and fortunately don't have excessive facial hair but bought this for my son as his hair has been growing very quickly and taking him to the hairdressers is proving quite expensive.

      This trimmer was reasonably priced (online) and looked rather lovely too-(yes I am a little shallow) and so I purchased it.

      I have never tried my hand at hairdressing.Maybe one occasion as a child when I ended up with a rather funny looking fringe but other than that I haven't.This was my first time experimenting on someone-and not just anyone,my son.I was really hoping the outcome would be good as my mum said she later wanted me to trim my brothers hair too... yikes!

      When the trimmer first arrived I was surprised at just how heavy it was.Some may be put off by this but for me this gives the feel of a more expensive,good quality product.

      It came with many attachments but I really didn't have a clue(despite an easy to read guide) which one to use and so settled for one of them that fell inbetween,I believe it was a 12 mm clip.

      I was surprised at just how easily it glided across his hair-word of advice-don't use in opposite side of hair growth,poor little man had a cry, as it was painful.Just glide the trimmer in the direct of growth and the hair will blend out perfectly with no pulling.

      I used the pen trimmer (a seperate thin trimmer) to remove excess hair around his neck and beside his ears which worked a treat and is an excellent bonus to the trimmer.

      It took me just over 25 minutes to do the whole job which was fantastic.Later on I used a smaller attachment for my brother as his hair was shorter.Although his hair was thicker the trimmer did the trick effortlessly.

      I'm pleasantly surprised by this product.Not only the price but the ease of use and the convenience.Although it hasn't been used for facial trimming I can only assume this will work just as good.

      Would make a great birthday or christmas gift too.Highly recommended!


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        02.10.2012 16:01
        Very helpful



        A very good purchase

        Why I bought this particular set:

        It is a fact that I would rather go to the dentists than the hairdressers - for a start I never know what to say when asked 'how do you want it cut?'. Even with hours of extensive plastic surgery first, I'm never going to come out looking like Brad Pitt, so generally my answer was 'just make me look smart for work'.

        Recently though, I have started swimming (regularly) to get rid of some mid 30's 'podge', so my new answer became 'I'll have a grade 1 all over'. In other words, just shave it all off as it makes it a lot easier (and less time consuming) to 'dry' my hair afterwards, when there isn't any to dry! It also means less drag in the pool.

        It then occurred to me - why pay a tenner a pop to get my hair cut (and thoroughly hate the experience) when I could just do it myself, at home (whilst watching the football) with a pair of clippers. So armed with a limited budget and not a lot of clue, I went for a pretty 'basic' option with these. I had heard of 'Remington' before so thought for £25 I couldn't really go wrong. Three sets of 'hair' cuts and I'd be up on the hairdressers fees anyway!

        General Observations & Maintenance:

        I should mention that I have very straight and baby soft hair (when not 'gelled'), which may give me slightly rose-tinted spectacles when reviewing this product. For me, these clippers just glide through my hair like a knife through butter, but I'm not sure how they would perform on very tightly packed or curly hair.

        The clippers design is curved, which makes them easy to hold, though they are very rigid, which make it harder to reach some parts of your head - always check with someone that you haven't missed a bit, before going out in public!

        The trimmers are also surprisingly heavy - I dropped them on my foot the other week and I think I still have the bruise - which doesn't make them easy to transport and definitely 'out' when thinking of trips abroad as they will increase your luggage weight quite significantly.

        They are easy enough to clean - I tend to run the blades under a tap (without them being plugged in of course) and attack them with the cleaning brush provided (not mentioned below) after each trim and it seems to work.


        Advanced Ceramic-coated blades infused with Silica for hardness and resilience - no idea what that means in real terms, but the blades have been strong enough to cut my hair on at least a dozen occasions now and show no sign of wear and tear - I've also run them under the tap a few times to clean them and again, they look as good as the ever did. The trimmers themselves have also been 'bounced' down the stairs on a couple of occasions, and again they show no sign of breaking. Solidly built - which is a really good thing!

        Taper level for cutter length adjustment - I think all trimmers tend to come with this - it's a lever at the base of the trimmer which allows the tapering of hair from the top. I think it makes the 'cut' more even and I've certainly had no problems with people telling me I have a 'wedge', which would happen if it didn't work.

        Cord / cordless for up to 40 minutes usage - If you are a bloke spending more than 40 minutes cutting your hair, then you have issues. Perfectly adequate. The cord is fairly long too (about 1.5 meters - though not measured), so you can relax on the sofa and watch TV whilst pruning.

        Six attachable combs - These are good and easy to fit onto/remove from the trimmer blade. Warning though - they are made of plastic and you shouldn't leave them on the floor as they don't survive being trodden on - I am missing a number 7 because of this. With the swimming - I tend to just leave it as a grade 1 or 2 - as I find anything over about 4 makes me look like a fuzzy microphone. There are grades 1-8 spanning 3-24 mm in length, so you have a decent choice.

        Detail trimmer - this is great for around the ears and for doing my 'goatie' and gives very straight lines, though it can be dangerous if not used correctly! I have managed to cut my chin on several occasions using it, so definitely an item to be wary of!

        Sectioning clips - never used them and I think have been lost due to being quite small.

        Ear guides - again, a bit pointless in my book - I find it a lot of hassle trying to line these up whilst trimming - I'd rather get it over a done with in one big swish!

        Scissors - I'm not sure if it was just the set that I got, but I've won sharper scissors from pulling Christmas crackers. These were seriously blunt - so much so that my 2 year old daughter uses them for cutting paper.

        Neck Brush, cap, and cape - for that authentic barber shop experience. I'd rather wash off the excess hair in the shower - so again these items have become painting accessories for my daughter!

        Combs - not sure why these are included either as I shave off the hair (and thus it no longer needs combing). I suppose if you never owned a comb before now, they could be useful as you don't really want to use these clippers on tangled hair.

        Storage case - this is an excellent idea, even if I don't use it (see what happened to my grade 7 attachable comb). Handy for keeping my wife happy too (she hates clutter).

        Mine also came with a two year guarantee, but I think it may already be out of that warranty period, or getting very close, and it shows no signs of any ware or tear, so I'm hoping I won't be needing it.

        Overall Summary:

        I have definitely made my money back (several times over) by not needing to go to the barbers and, despite my best efforts, are robust enough to last for several years.

        The only negative point about these clippers (and a shaved head) is the fact that my wife now thinks I look like a criminal. I keep telling her that hair loss is hereditary in my side of my family and that I am just getting ahead of the game, but it doesn't seem to be working. I fear that they are so good that I may come home one day to find they have been 'lost'!


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        22.01.2012 16:52
        Very helpful



        Simply the best.

        Never really been one for sitting in a hair dressers and used to go to a all male barbers once a month
        but it the current economic meltdown every penny is a prisoner,Ive has other clippers in the past ie braun and babyliss some wired and some with rechargeable batteries and they both have pro,s and cons over each other.

        So anyway i decided i wanted a new pair after a quick scout on amazon i seen these remington ones with lots of accessories and a neck shoulder cape to stop unwanted hair going where you dont want,i
        also had a £10 amazon voucher on my account which made it a low risk purchase as they were £19.99
        which for a well respected brand seemed reasonable.

        They arrived in 3 days with free delivery and right away i was impressed with the build quality and the range of accessories including a mini trimmer for those awkward bits although you need a double A battery for this but really no complaint,all of the pieces came in a handy case for easy storage.

        Well time to give them a road test so i charged them up for a couple of hours fixed on the 4 mm clipper guard and away i went,i have to say they were brilliant and far superior to anything else i have used outside of a professional barbers shop,i cut the hair to exactly what i wanted and it all took no longer than 10 minutes.

        A couple of points the info says one charge lasts 40 minutes i found this very optimistic and they started to slow a little after 10 minutes but maybe i didnt charge them for long enough,the other is they get clooged pretty easy so its prudent to give them a good clean before putting them away again.

        In summary yes you can buy clippers for £10 but in this case its false economy spend double that and you can get really stylish robust ones that do last,ive had them 7 months and they still look as good and work as well as the first day,one of my better purchases.

        ps i meant to also say they come with a standard 2 year warranty for peace of mind.


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        10.04.2011 17:58
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Good price... good clippers...

        As the years mount up... so the hairs decrease, ebbing away like the tide. Gone... but not forgotten, and as there is no cure for baldness, the balding man must take the appropriate steps to ensure that his hair is as respectable as it can be. Gone is the age where modest man uses 'comb overs' to hide the obvious, a pointless exercise, especially on a windy day where it would all dance to one side. My dad used to do this, but learnt his lesson years ago, and I used to work in a shop and remember quite vividly a man who came in with eight strands of hair gelled to his forehead in defiance. I also remember a man who came in with thick hair coming out of his ears, but I guess that might have been a dream, or that he was an alien or something. (Hey, I used to watch the X Files, you know).

        Some still use the 'brush back' method with gel, but this can only work for a certain length of time. One day it is time to admit defeat and try to keep as much as what is left as possible. I am talking going to the hairdressers and asking for... the Number Three. Then when it gets worse, the Number Two, onto the Number One... and finally... the 'Shave it off and make it look like you want it like that' look... Yet, it costs money for the hairdresser or barber to whizz clippers over your head, a job that takes less than five minutes. That's what I got to thinking anyway. I decided, why not get a set of clippers and do it myself? As things transpired, it was my dad who ended up getting them as a birthday present:

        #Remington Stylist HC365 25 piece hair clipper set#

        These currently cost £26.49 from Boots and are the first clippers I have used, so I have no others to compare with. There are a few bad reviews on the Boots website, but I have found them okay.

        #What do you get and what's in the box?#

         Safeguard- by using the ear guides when trimming around the ears
         Ceramic blade
         20 piece kit with 6 attachment combs (lengths 3 mm to 25 mm) 2 ear guides, Taper Lever and Lube for Life
         Up to 40 minutess cordless usage
         Cord / cordless with charging / recharge indicator lights
         Aluminium storage case, sectioning clips, hairdressers cape, comb, scissors and neck brush

        I first used them on my dad... not that he was a guinea pig or anything... ahem. A seventy something year old, he hadn't got lots of hair so I decided to do a Number One but the look was quite severe. I then discovered the Taper Lever which enables you to adjust the length in which you can cut hair. The clippers come with scissors so that you can trim around the ears as well. There is also a comb and a brush to clean the clippers after use. There is Lube for Life self oiling blades to keep the clippers in good shape. Dad was happy with his haircut, so I decided to use them on my own hair. Not having cut my own hair before it was quite an experience. I propped up two mirrors... one to my front and one behind, so that I could look in one mirror to see the back of my head.

        The feel of the blades as they cut were okay, I did not experience any hairs get torn out anyway. The clippers were pretty easy to use, and I ran my hand through my hair to check that the hair was on the same length. Shaving my neck was quite tricky and I did this my removing the blade 'comb.' I used this to trim around my ears too. All in all, the clippers worked fine for a self haircut, it was just tricky doing it myself. I have cut my Dad's hair three time now using the Remington HC 365 and my own four times. We have both saved money and time and had a decent enough cut. Obviously this is quite a lazy way to cut hair, but if you usually get a number three etc you can't go wrong with these clipper.


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          19.02.2011 17:12
          Very helpful



          Easy to use and brilliant quality

          After my bad experience with the babyliss "easycut" clipper I swore off home haircuts for awhile but the time and expense of having to visit the hairdresser every 4 weeks persuaded me to try again with a different brand and model of clipper.
          After doing some extensive research online I finally decided to buy the Remington groom professional hair clipper set as it had a lot of fairly decent reviews and the fact it was half price at only £15 on Amazon helped sway me to it.
          What's in the box
          It arrived in amazon's usual speedy time frame and I was excited to get into it and start using it.
          Upon opening the box I found a hard case sort of similar to a workmans tool box where everything was stored. I really like this as it not only keeps everything together but it also stops it from getting damaged and I was quite impressed Remington had included such a good storage case especially considering the price was so reasonable even at the full rrp.
          Inside the hard storage case was the actual clipper and again I was impressed, it felt heavy and solid and not just like a piece of plasic that would fall apart within a week. There was also a smaller clipper which is used for trimming the neck and sideburns etc and again this felt solid and good quality.

          Besides the two clippers there was also the charger and numerous different accessories numbering 25 in total which seemed a lot for a clipper. There was 8 different sized guards for the main clipper, brushes for cleaning it, a set of clips for pinning back longer hair if you want to cut your sides short but leave it long on top, a comb and a pair of scissors and even a ustache brush and a cape to keep the hair from getting on your clothes.
          I have to say that I was really impressed with the look and feel of everything that was included and think it seemed like great value for money.
          Using the clippers
          I was excited to use the clippers as it had been a few weeks since I had gone to the hair dressers and my hair was looking a little too Worzel Gummage for my liking. Unfortunately I couldn't use them straight away as it had to be charged for 15 hours before the first use. I charged it up overnight and waited until the morning to do it as I was meeting some friends so wanted it done before going into town.

          Setting it up to use the first time was a little daunting to begin with just due to the amount of different accessories but I soon found the guard length I wanted and found that the rest of the accessories weren't really needed so it was pretty simple and straight forward.
          The clipper itself is slightly curvy meaning that it fit perfectly in my hand and felt really comfortable and wasn't awkward in the slightest. I found that the solid feeling of it really helped me with accuracy as it meant I could twist my wrist around to the right position and the clipper never slid or moved.
          Using the clipper was so easy and such a relief after the disaster of the Babyliss easy cut which was painful and lefme with clumps of hair missing. It went smoothly through my hair and was really sharp so there was no pulling or tugging on my hair and the most important thing it gave me a super smooth cut with no track marks or patches missing.

          I like to shave my hair to one length all over but not too short and for this it does the job perfectly. The clipper had a lever on the side so that you can also taper the cut and do fancier things with it if you so choose.
          The little clipper for the more intricate areas is also fantastic and I manage to do my neck and sideburns perfectly with no help from anyone else and it really does take the unwanted hair away in seconds.
          The clippers are ceramic coated which is supposed to make them last longer and the blades are also self oiling which is good for me as this would be somethign that I know I would contantly be forgetting to do.
          Once it is fully charged it lasts for quite awhile and you should be able to get a few cuts out of it before it needs charged again but if you need to you can use it from mains but it does state that this will cause the battery to not be able to take as much of a charge in the future if you do it regularly.

          I can honestly say I recommend the Remington groom professional hair clipper 100%. It is absolutely amazing quality for the price and looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is.
          Remington have included everything that you should ever need for cutting your own hair and best of all it does it quickly and precisely and you don't need to shave your entire hair off to make it look even.
          I use it to keep a good inch of hair on my head and at the hairdressers she does this with scissors and charges me £20 for it and now with the Remington Groom I can do it whenever I want at home and do just as good a job as she does and save myself the £20 every month.
          It states on the box that this clipper set is the best selling set in the UK and I can definately see why it is even though I have never really seen any marketing for it the word of mouth must be enough.

          If you are looking for a clipper set then from personal experience of using a few I definately recomend this one as I really haven't got a single negative thing to say about it.


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