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Remington NE3350 Angled Hygienic Trimmer

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Brand: Remington / Type: Trimmer

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    1 Review
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      23.07.2011 14:11
      Very helpful



      Great little gadget to get rid of unwanted hair. Cheap and it works, can't ask for more.

      A few years ago my girlfriend of the time bought me a nose hair trimmer. However it was a cheap bit of tat which served better as an instrument of torture than as a gadget to improve one's personal hygiene. In hindsight, perhaps it was a none too subtle hint from the ex that the relationship wasn't going swimmingly. On the rare occasions I did rustle up the courage to use it, it would snag on the hairs, hurting lots. As Pavlovian conditioning goes, it worked wonders as I wouldn't even consider using or buying another nasal hair trimmer for years.
      However as the years progressed I realised my nose was producing more hair then a quick, haphazard trim once every so often could cope with. For too long I had battled with the nail scissors. No longer did I want to run the gauntlet of potentially impaling my delicate nostrils upon them; so I looked through the options on a well known online site and found this, the Remington NE3350 Angled Hygienic Trimmer.
      The price was right, very right. I was actually rather surprised how cheap it was. Just £8.17 will get you this little wonder - plus it comes with batteries! And with free delivery (currently), it becomes an even better buy.
      Ok so the price is good, but it's only good if the thing actually works. And I'm happy to report that it does! Very well indeed - certainly for £8. But let's start from the top.
      It comes in a box a bit less than A5 size so you think you're getting something substantial - but fear not, it's not some unwieldy monster. Dismantle the interior cardboard packaging and what you have is the machine itself, some batteries and a few accessories. These accessories are for those of us who are more afflicted by unwanted facial hair than others. Got hairy ears or eyebrows Denis Healy would have been proud of? Then these 'add-ons' are for you.
      Anyway, the machine itself is a simple, sleek design with a nicely sturdy feel which is comforting for something that cost the thin end of £8. The business end takes the form of a rotary cutter and the aforementioned accessories slot onto the top of it. I have to admit to not using the eyebrow tamers but I have clicked them into place onto the machine and in that way I see no issues with them. The photo of the product shows it with the accessories attached, the 'angled' part is removed for nasal operation.
      Operating the machine couldn't be easier. The body is in two parts and twists both ways. Twist the bottom to the left and it pulls apart revealing the battery compartment. Fill it with the (included) batteries and you're good to go. You can now twist the base to the right to get it buzzing! And that's how simple it is. On/off/open. Great. The only minor gripe about this is that you can easily turn the base the wrong way without thinking. However this is little more than me trying to find issue, as this really doesn't result in anything other than you immediately turning it the correct way. Costing you all of about 1 second in wasted time.
      Operationally it's great. Put the thing into your offending (offensive?) nostrils and you'll hear the reassuring noise of it cutting something. You may need to delve and poke in order to get the trickier hairs but again, is that really too much to do? The results are wonderful for the time spent and risk avoided. A quick 30 second blitz will clear everything you needed to be cleared and you will no longer upset people with your nasal abomination.
      Want more? Sure you do. This thing can apparently be used in the shower! I have to say I haven't done this yet so can't report back. But I have rinsed it under the tap a few times after usage and I have had no ill effects whatsoever. A point linked to that is that I have heard reports of the cutting end getting jammed if not cleaned. A decent rule of thumb seems to be to avoid it getting gunked up with general nasal junk, rinse after each use. It's what I've done and I've experienced neither clogging nor electrocution.
      Battery usage seems to be absolutely fine. I bought mine 5 months ago and I'm still using the batteries Remington supplied. It's the sort of gadget you don't use for hours at a time. So unless you're afflicted with incredibly fast growing nasal hair, you can expect the battery life to be very good.
      Would I recommend to others? Damn right I would. Cheap, easy to work, does the job, reliable - what's not to like?


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