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Wahl 79900 800 Clip n Trim 2

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2 Reviews

Brand: Wahl / Type: Trimmer/Clipper

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 19:15
      Very helpful



      A fantastic clipper set from Wahl.

      A couple of years ago I decided that I would take on the task of cutting my husband's hair for him. This would mean that when he needed a trim we wouldn't have to pay £12.00 or sometimes even more to have his hair cut and therefore within just a few months I figured we would make back the money we spent on some hair clippers, and I was right!

      We bought our clippers back in 2010, possibly early 2011 and if I remember correctly we paid somewhere in the region of £35.00 from Amazon.co.uk. These are currently available for around £29.99 including free delivery although this price does fluctuate somewhat of course like all products on Amazon. I may be slightly inaccurate in the price as it was a long time ago and on an Amazon account I can no longer access. Anyway, our clippers, the ones pictured came with a variety of items and I will tell you more about those before detailing usage of the clippers, the quality etc.


      1 x Clip N Trim Clipper
      10 Attachment Combs
      1 x Barber Comb
      1 x Flat Top Comb
      1 x Hairdressing Cape
      1 x Scissors
      1 x Clipper Oil
      1 x Cleaning Brush
      1 x Storage Case
      1 x Instructions

      Storage Case: This is a black case with a zip covering 3 of the 4 sides. The zip still works well despite regularly use and the case is in good condition too despite living under one of my end tables when not in use. There is a Wahl logo on the front too in white stitching and in all this storage case is very simple. Upon opening the case there is an elasticated pocket on the section that opens up and this has three pockets within it too allowing me to store items, however I don't actually use this and can't remember the last time I did. This case holds the hairdressing cape, the clippers, the attachments, scissors and all the other little items that came with my purchase although the instructions have long since been discarded after I spilt clipper oil on them and didn't want them getting all mucky and messing up the inside of the case. The case has a plastic inside meaning it can be wiped over with a sponge or cloth when I need to and I've only had to do this once or twice so far as I clean everything before I put it back inside the case (or my husband does). In all this case is fantastic. I just throw everything in and stuff the cape on top scrunched up and it always closes and the zip never gets stuck or fails on me.

      Instructions: Obviously I cannot recall everything that the instructions said now but basically they talked you through using the clippers, adding attachments, using the ear tapers (2 of the 10 attachments you receive), how to use the built-in beard trimmer and everything you could need to know. I only looked this over once or twice the first few times I used it just to make sure that I had fitted the attachments properly and after that I never used it, hence being so willing to discard it once I had spilt clipper oil all over it.

      Cleaning Brush: This is just a simple long, thin black plastic handled brush. The bristles are firm and they're only just starting to show signs of bending and wear despite me using this every time before and after I cut my husband's hair, also during sometimes. This is a handy little brush that removes all the hair that is caught up between the blades.

      Clipper Oil: This is a plastic bottle of clipper oil with a black screw top. It doesn't say how many ml you have received on the bottle but I would estimate it is about 5ml and this has lasted us quite a while only recently running low (but never being discarded as a constant reminder to me that I need to a) buy some more and b) find something to use on the clippers such as WD40 which I resorted to on one occasion recently!

      Scissors: These are just quick to use straight forward scissors. The blades have been sharpened once since we received these clippers all that time ago and they're still nice and sharp now. They have quite reasonably sized hand holes and generally they are good for use if I have let my husband's hair get very long and want to remove some of the excess being clipping it back down to a number 1 or a number 2.

      Hairdressing Cape: This is quite a basic hairdressing cape. It is a shiny plastic material that can be washed easily and the hair falls down the cape and on to the floor. This means that when my husband is having his hair cut that we can keep the hair hopefully off his clothes and his neck but the Velcro on this has begun to be of no use now so we have a routine where we clip hair in the buff and then just hoover everywhere and jump in the shower to wash all the excess hair off. It is amazing just how much hair comes off my husband's head when he only needs a trim and it can be quite frustrating when it goes everywhere so this has been a good compromise for us!

      Attachment Combs: There are combs numbered 1-8 with lengths from 3mm to 25mm. These combs are very simple to fit on to the end of the clippers and they are strong and sturdy despite being made of what feels like a strong plastic (although could be rubber). There are also two attaches, one for tapering the left ear and one for tapering the right ear. These are also simple to fit and in all I would say that the differences between the numbered attachment combs are easy to spot when it comes to length of the hair and I can usually see at a glance what is the comb that I need, however they are numbered in a little circle on one side too which really is essential just in case you pick the wrong one.

      Barber Comb/Flat Top Comb: Now I only have ONE comb in my case. I'm not sure which comb this would be categorised as. This is a standard comb with two lengths of bristles within it. This comb is simple but I don't often use this. I brush my husband's hair with a normal hairbrush, one of mine, and because he doesn't have knotty hair I am able to use the attachment comb I require and just get to work brushing it through the hair to cut the hair and ensure that it is done neatly and tidy. There likely was another comb that my husband used at some point and misplaced it somewhere. He doesn't know what happened to it when I've asked him though but I'm happy to presume it was within the packaging as I would have checked when I first received the item.

      Clippers: Now the clippers are the most important tool when it comes to cutting hair. These particular clippers are black and white with Wahl and an arrow on the 'detail trimmer'. The detail trimmer is very simple to use just pull on the cut out area to remove the detail trimmer and then fold it over the head of the clippers. You can then use this for detailing and to trim beards and the like. I tend to use this for my husband's sideburns and for trimming around his area because while the tapered attachments work very well I just feel I have more control of the finest hairs when trimming with the detail trimmer around his ears. This detail trimmer just clicks back in to place afterwards with its tiny blades and it is easy to put back away too, also despite feeling flimsy this trimmer really isn't as I've put it back without clipping the blade end in first about twenty times now and I'm quite forceful usually before I realise what I am doing wrong and it hasn't become bent or damaged at all. The clippers have a weird button lever that you click upwards to start using them and click back down to turn them off. There is also the lever that you press up or down to move the blades up or down. When it comes to attaching a comb attachment you want this to be in the upright extended position rather than downwards or you will be puzzled as to why the attachments will not go on and stay in place. The clippers are very straight forward and despite being used regularly for around two years, maybe slightly less, the blades still cut hair fantastically and work just as good on my husband's thick hair now as they did when they were new.

      In all I will say that these clippers are absolutely fantastic. They can drag through the hair slightly if they have not been oiled but I have come to expect this of all clippers in the past. We ensure that we keep ours well lubricated and always apply some before we cut hair by applying some along the blades and then turning them on to ensure that the oil is worked throughout the blades and the mechanism to move the blades up and down. The attachments work fantastically well for cutting my husband's hair and they are simple for me to fit. He has no complaints when I am cutting his hair and it doesn't drag through as long as we've oiled it properly (as I've said). I feel that this is quite comfortable and it is quite powerful when in use. I can feel this moving through the hair with ease and despite vibrating quite a lot it isn't uncomfortable for me to hold at all. The noise isn't offensive when using this but it does allow me to know that it is still on and working if I am working through a patch of overgrown hair that often forms at the crown of my husband's head. These clippers really are a pleasure to use and I can completely cut his hair and trim around his ears and sideburns in just 20 minutes or so. This is fantastic and is around the same amount of time it would take at a barber's shop, without all the costs.

      While these clippers are used on my husband's hair I am the person who purchased them, who does the maintenance on them (generally) and the person who actually uses them to cut hair too. I've asked my husband on his perspective but he is just pleased that he can have his hair cut and styled whenever he wants to without having to keep paying out for the barbers every 3 or 4 weeks. I am going to rate these 5/5 and hope that my review has covered everything you could want to know about a review of hair clippers.


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        21.08.2012 04:18
        Very helpful



        you will have a good hairstyle while you save some cash

        I gave this trimmer to my boyfriend and ever since that day he has loved it, saving so much money on haircuts and salons and in the times of the recession every little helps! Not going to the hairdresser has been a blessing. Sometimes I am the one trimming his hair and I can vouch for the great functionality it has. Including 4 different lengths to cut your hair will make it very easy to quickly have a home haircut. He has a 2 on the sides and a 4 on top and it looks really good. He really liked the smooth shape of the trimmer with its sexy lines and black and white/grey colour. The wire which plugs in to the wall is pretty long too which is always useful.

        The price is not bad, it cost me only 35 pounds and if you add up how much it costs to go to the hairdresser, say, every 6 weeks, you will realise what a good investment it is. Another good use you can give it is as a beard trimmer if you want to save also in razors. Obviously there are better beard trimmers but why to spend twice in a product that you already own which does pretty much the same thing.

        The downside I would say is that it might get a little too hot when you turn it on for a while. So you would have to turn it off for some minutes before continuing. However it is still worth it and I think it is indeed a great money saving and time saving tool.


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