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Wahl First Cut Clipper Kit for Children

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Brand: Wahl / Type: Hair Trimmer

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2009 13:31
      Very helpful



      Buzz that fuzz away

      My baby boy didn't come into the world with much hair, and it took quite a while until he had a full head of hair. Once he was able to move his head from side to side in his cot he started to lose some hair as most newborns do. This left him with bald patches in places so when his hair started to grow again it was all different lengths. I have always cut the tips of my daughter's hair to keep it healthy and to prevent split ends so I have always had a good set of hair dressing scissors. So when my son's hair started to look untidy I carefully trimmed the tips of his hair. This was quite difficult to do as baby hair is very soft so it would easily slip through my fingers. Also it was never easy to do as he has always been quite active. Once he had become mobile it was even harder to get him to sit still for long enough for me to trim his hair. He just wanted to be away exploring.

      It is quite normal for a baby to lose hair and it can become thin however after the first six months of a baby's life they shouldn't lose any more hair. It is down to personal choice when you decide to get your baby's hair cut. Some choose to go to the salon and others will trim their baby's hair themselves. Quite a few parents choose to get their baby's hair cut around 12 - 18 months of age. After the first hair cut it is recommended that hair should be trimmed every 6 - 8 weeks to keep it in healthy condition. Some people believe that shaving a baby's hair will make it healthier, obviously cutting or shaving hair will stimulate hair growth.

      If you decide to take your baby to the salon to get a haircut it is a good idea to take them with you a couple of times to let them get used to it. Personally I wanted to cut my own son's hair in the comfort of my own home, and had decided to wait until he is a little bit older before taking him to the hairdressers.

      Even though I was trimming his hair I could never get enough time to do a good job of it. I then wondered if I could get a hair clipper that would be suitable to use on my 18 month old. After having a browse on Amazon I was delighted to see the 'First Clipper Kit' manufactured by WAHL, they are a fairly well known and respected company that have been producing hair shaving/cutting/trimming products for many years. They are generally cheaper than other brands, I have used their products in the past and have had no problem with them. Seeing as this was the only choice available and it looked pretty good and I couldn't grumble at the low price of £14.50. I added it to my wish list as I was still a little bit apprehensive about shaving off my baby boy's hair, a couple of weeks later I finally decided to order it.

      When the hair clipper arrived I was quite excited. On the front of the box is a picture of a lady with a baby with healthy looking hair, so that was reassuring. There is no age specified anywhere on the box or in the instruction pamphlet. The pamphlet provided gives you information on how to care for and maintain the unit and it comes with a 24 month guarantee.

      Everything was snugly packed inside the box; the hair clipper is bright yellow which comes with a black safety clip attachment comb that fits over the blade. The unit is plastic and fits comfortably in my hand there is a large button which slides up and down to turn it on and off. Also within the box you get a plastic baby animal book, a bright yellow cape that has two frogs on the front, and a yellow storage case with a picture of the frog on the front to use for the clippers the plug and a bottle of oil and a brush to clean the blade. It all looks very child friendly and is of great quality I was really pleased with what I got for the money paid.

      The clipper can be used plugged in, or you can charge the unit which will make it easier to use. The comb attachment has soft smooth rounded edges and can be adjusted by sliding it up or down on the unit to three different lengths which are: 3mm, 9mm or 15mm and you can take off the clipper attachment to give a much closer shave; the safety blade has rounded edges so it won't scratch baby's head. WAHL also claim that this clipper is ultra quiet.

      My baby boy's hair was a good 4 inches long in places, and I did love his funky messy hair but I knew it was time for a good cut to prevent split ends. I was a little apprehensive and excited all at the same time about giving him his first real hair cut.

      I sat my boy into his highchair so he wouldn't be able to move as much and so he was at a good height for me to reach him. I put the cape on him and gave him the book that came with the kit which didn't hold his attention for long as he likes his story books. I knew that if I put toys on his tray they would soon be on the floor so I decided to let him watch the TV just while I was cutting his hair as I knew he would sit still.

      Before I started I showed my son the hair clipper and told him that he was going to have a hair cut in a positive happy voice. Then I turned the unit on for a couple of seconds and copied the buzzing noise and laughed, my son looked at me as if I was insane okay he just looked a bit unsure so I did this a couple more times until he had got used to the buzzing noise which is a fairly quiet low buzzing noise. I then combed the clipper through his hair a couple of times without it being turned on to get him used to the feeling whilst telling him how nice it was. Okay we were ready...so I shaved a small section of his hair and checked to see if he was okay with it before proceeding. I continued to shave his hair whilst praising him and telling him that he was going to have lovely new hair! He sat quietly and after a while he was moving his head forward as I was gliding the shaver over his head so I think he was quite enjoying having his hair shaved. Of course daddy had to have a go and he looked quite happy while shaving his son's hair. It was a bit of a shock to see his long hair being cut off. I scooped up all of my baby's lovely soft hair and put it into a bag.

      The clipper glided through his hair with ease, and is quite lightweight and doesn't vibrate when it is on like regular clippers do. It took about 20 minutes to shave all of his hair off, and once we had finished I was pleased with the result. It gave a good neat cut with minimal effort. I cut the hair around his ears to give it a perfect finish although this wasn't important, as baby hair is quite fine.

      My baby boy looked so different with his neat and tidy hair, his spiky messy hair suited his personality but with his new short shaved look he still looks cheeky. Since shaving it I have been running my hand over his head and it feels lovely and soft he has also been rubbing his hands back on forth on his head when I ask him where his hair is and as he gives a cheeky giggle. Although I do miss his long hair it will grow back and he still looks just as cute. I am really proud of my baby boy, he was very well behaved.

      This is a brilliant kit, and it is all very good quality at an affordable price. It would be even better if it came with some safety scissors to tidy up around the ears. I am really impressed with it, and I am pleased with the results. I'm sure this will get plenty of use during the summer months and will save me money too.

      WAHL website:



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    • Product Details

      Rechargeable clippers. Rounder tips for safe and easy use. Hair cape for itch free cutting.

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