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Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Gift Set

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3 Reviews

Brand: Baylis and Harding / Type: Gift set / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      10.01.2014 14:21
      Not Helpful



      lovely set

      I was given this as a present from my best friend at Christmas, she knows I love Baylis and Harding as a brand, so that is the main reason why she bought it for me. The Spa set has a gorgeous scent, not too strong. The body lotion is extremely moisturising and is non sticky which is great as a lot are. The products in my set were not full size- they were miniatures which is really useful and handy to take on holiday with me! I have always found Baylis and Harding products to be of good quality and they have never disappointed me.

      Also included in the set is hand cream and foot cream, I carry the foot cream in my bag with me wherever I go, it is a handy size!

      The price is quite reasonable, you can buy them from the main retailers such as Boots, Superdrug or Bodycare.


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      12.02.2013 11:55
      Very helpful



      a nice gift

      I must be quite easy to buy for at Christmas time as I love all sorts of beauty bits. Last Christmas I received this Baylis and Harding gift set as a small token gift from my brother in law and his soon to be wife. I have used this brand before and have mixed opinions of it but was very appreciative of my gift.

      *~Skin Spa 4pc Pamper Set~*

      There are lots of Baylis and Harding gift sets available but I will be discussing the 4pc pamper set which is presented in a white and red box featuring a picturesque black tree with red leaves. My gift set has products from the 'Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli' collection.

      The various products in this set are neatly presented inside this front opening box. They are all secured into a polystyrene base and the set looks lovely. Included in this set is :

      *Cream Wash 100ml
      *Body Cleanser 100ml
      *Body Cream 50ml
      *Face cloth

      *~Price and Availability~*

      In the run up to Christmas, this range is available in stores such as Bhs and Debenhams. This particular 4pc gift set can currently be purchased from www.baylisandharding.com priced at £10.00. Also check out eBay for cheap deals on unwanted gifts.

      *~My Thoughts~*

      I assume my future sister in law chose this for me as she knows I like to have a wide range of bath and shower products to use. I feel this set is a little expensive at full price as the products are only travel sized. They are ideal for taking on nights away or on holiday but I have been using mine in my bathroom. I have removed all the products from the box but have re-used the box for something else.

      Whilst the rose, ylang ylang and patchouli scent wouldn't have been my first choice, I actually quite like it now. The same scent is evident across the cream wash, body cleanser and the body cream. The initial scent is a highly fragranced floral aroma which isn't quite to my taste but the scent settles to reveal a softer, sweeter rose aroma which reminds me of Turkish delight. I can't say that the ylang ylang or patchouli stands out much in any of the products. The rose is definitely the dominant scent and comes through beautifully feminine.

      The cream wash and body cleanser serve the same purpose and I always use one or the other rather than both in the shower. They are both presented in little white bottles made of squeezy plastic and you need to have good eyesight to tell them apart. The cream wash has a thick, gloopy consistency and is more luxurious than the standard body cleanser. A small blob on my shower puff creates a lovely creamy lather which is soft and kind to my sensitive skin. I find that the scent is quite strong when using this cream wash and as well as leaving my skin cleansed and soft, a delicate rose scent lingers for a short while after using it.

      The body cleanser is pleasant to use as well but doesn't have the same special, luxurious feel of the cream wash. It is a much thinner consistency and I need a little more of this to create a nice, soapy lather. It does leave my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed but not as soft, smooth or as scented as the cream wash. Regardless of which product I choose to use, my skin isn't left in any way irritated or dried out further. Any lather created is rinsed off without leaving any residue behind.

      The body cream is lovely use after drying off to moisturise my skin and enhance the rose aroma that lingers. Presented in a little black tube with a screw top lid, I find it very convenient to use. The body cream isn't very thick or luxurious. It isn't my favourite to use but it does leave my skin soft and smooth for a short while. It is a lightweight cream which spreads well and sinks in effortlessly leaving no tacky feeling. It simply doesn't provide enough moisture for my overly dry skin but does leave it smelling like sweet rose oil.

      The final part of this set is the face cloth. I prefer to use a shower puff for cleansing my skin in the shower but use a face cloth to clean off my cleanser in the shower. The face cloth is made of 100% cotton and is quite small but practical to use. It feels nice and soft against my skin and can be washed on a 40c wash. It is nice to receive this as an extra item in the set as opposed to a shower puff - something different.


      I would say that this set would make a lovely gift. It is well presented and there products are pleasant to use. I don't consider it worth the full price as there are better products on the market but the products are a treat to use and the little bottles/tube last surprisingly well with regular use. Just don't be put off by the initial floral smell as it does change quite quickly which is something that I personally appreciate.

      4 stars

      Thanks for reading :)


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        09.08.2012 18:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Attractive packaging but contents not so good for me.


        Baylis and Harding is a UK based company known for the manufacture of luxurious line of fragranced toiletry products which are very ideal for gift sets.

        =Product Description=

        The kit looks really posh; a lot of effort was put into the design. This is what the manufacturer says, "An exquisitely presented Skin Spa gift box wrapped in scarlet ribbon. A Baylis & Harding gift box is something to be treasured - a pampering treat containing all the ingredients to make anyone feel special! This wonderful gift has been filled with three Skin Spa classics, each sweetly scented with rose, ylang ylang and patchouli."

        The contents:
        * Steam shower body cleanser (500 ml)
        * Bath Milk (500 ml)
        * Body Cream (200 ml)

        These are unisex products, suitable for both men and women.

        This review is based on my personal experience with two of the products:Steam shower body cleanser and Bath milk.

        =Packaging and Visibility=

        The gift box is predominantly white with black and red floral designs all around. It is really eye catching and you can't miss it. It has an attached overlap lid which fits nicely over the top and there is a deep red wide ribbon with the Baylis and Harding print on it in contrasting cream colour text. The ribbon runs across the full length of the box. The manufacturer's name is printed on the box in gold text. The box is made of cardboard and is strong enough to hold the contents. The down side is that there is no window, so you cannot see the contents until you open the box.

        The shower body cleanser and Bath milk each comes in a simple white rounded plastic bottle with a black screw on lid and the bottle opening is quite wide.

        The bottle has plant design and the manufacturer's name in gold text on one side and black text with instruction for use in English and other languages on the other side. The design and overall shape of the bottle is really good and well balanced so the bottle does not tip over. The bottle is also made of good quality plastic which is soft to squeeze out the contents and also crack free. T

        Environment wise, I would say there is too much packaging but the gift box can be reused as a storage box or recycled if not needed. The bottle is also made of recyclable plastic.

        =Availability and Price=

        The kit manufactured by Baylis & Harding is just one of the product ranges they manufacture. The kit is mostly available through online stores such as from Amazon. It is not as readily available in most high street supermarkets and pharmacies which sell toiletry as I expected but some Baylis & Harding products (not this one) are occasionally available supermarkets and in departmental stores such as Debenhams.
        At the time of writing the review, the price in the UK ranges from £7.99 to £15.50 depending on where you buy it. I got mine as a gift so I cannot give the exact price.

        =Composition and Application=


        The body cleanser has a rather thick consistence and comes as gel which is off-white in colour. It is rather difficult to pour out of the bottle due to the thickness and often comes out in blobs. This means you cannot control the amount which comes out, which can lead to wastage. Once mixed with a bit of water, it lathers well and is a bit easy to apply all over the body during showering. I don't use it on my face, though. Needless to say, it needs to be rinsed off the body.

        According to the manufacturer, "....the Steam Shower Body Cleanser stimulates the senses inside and out." --> Not sure about this?

        2. BATH MILK

        The bath milk does not pour out easily like some bath milks. It has a rather thick consistence and comes as gel which is off-white in colour. Due to its thickness, the bath milk often comes out in blobs. This means you cannot control the amount which comes out, which can lead to wastage. Because of its thickness, it also takes a while to dissolve in the water and often requires a bit of mixing with your hands. Once mixed with water, it lathers well, not too overwhelming.

        **In my opinion it should be called bath gel and not bath milk.
        According to the manufacturer, "....the creamy Bath Milk will leave your body feeling nurtured and smooth......." Not sure about this? I assume this comes with continuous use over time.


        This was the most challenging bit for me. I found the smell rather strong and a bit off putting. The scent is definitely not for me and I would not feel comfortable going out during the day with that scent still lingering on my body.

        In trying to pin point the source of this scent, I did a bit of research. According to the manufacturer, the shower cleanser is sweet scented with rose, ylang ylang and patchouli and these are all plant products. My findings and by elimination:

        *I know roses and I have no problem with the scent of roses so off the hook.
        *The smell of Ylang Ylang oil is intense sweet, flowery, exotic and somewhat fruity so off the hook.
        *Patchouli is one of the more aromatic essential oils, with a heavy and strong scent. The oil from the patchouli plant is described as having a pungent, powerful, mossy, and musty aroma and is one that is either loved or hated.

        **My verdict: Judging by the information I found, I suspect it is the Patchouli which spoilt the contents and surely I am one of those who hate the pungent, powerful, mossy, and musty aroma scent. Off course this is my perception there might be other ingredients used which also add onto this undesirable scent.

        =Safety Warning=

        The cleanser is meant for external use only. May not be suitable for all, it can cause irritation to eyes so avoid contact with the eyes, if product gets in the eyes rinse immediately with clean warm water. It can cause skin irritation for some people, if this occurs discontinue use. If irritation persists consult your doctor.

        I have not experienced any eye or skin irritation with this cleanser.


        Would I use this product again--> No not for me.

        Would I recommend it to friends and family --> really no, but they can give it a try if they are brave enough. Even the young ladies in my house do not like it either.

        I persevered and used it occasionally until finished as this was a gift from a family member.


        Thank you for reading and rating.

        ©hildah11 August 2012


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