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Boots Gorgeous By Gok Gift Set

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Brand: Boots / Type: Gift Set / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Product line: Boots Gorgeous

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2010 18:11
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      Boots Gorgeous By Gok Gift Set

      I couldnt believe that no-one had already requested this as a product as few days ago when I decided to review it so I thought Id take a pop at reviewing it first. I havent been doing any reviews at all lately because I just cant seem to get into it but Im going to really try with this one and hopefully finish it today! My little brother bought this Gorgeous By Gok set for my mom for her birthday last December as she'd been not so subtley been dropping hints about it for weeks beforehand so she was dead chuffed that someone had actually listened to her! And I was dead chuffed because Id been wanting to try it out as well and I knew she would just leave all the products for both of us to use in the bathroom. I must be a mind reader because thats exactly what she did!

      Now I love Gok Wan I think he great and such a nice bloke. I met him once in a club in Broad Street and I wont tell you exactly what he said but it made me laugh a LOT! Something about bangers LOL. But to be honest I wasnt sure whether his "cosmetics" would be any good because as far as Im aware this is the first time he's put his name to something like this. But I was really looking forward to trying all of these products so I started using them straight away.

      The Box:
      Rather than just say Ohhh this whole set is amazing Im going to split it up into sections for each of the products starting with what all these amazing items are contained in and that of course is the "Gok Box" as my mom calls it. I really like this container because it is really girly and feminine and it would definately catch my eye if I was just browsing through Boots. The box is a lovely bright pink colour with a gold (magnetic) clasp on the front. Now although this box hasnt got really bright, funky designs all over it I think that actually works in your favour because rather than being upbeat and funky it's simple and classy which means even when you have used all of these Gok products you can store other cosmetics in it and its a good size for taking away on holiday with you because it will be able to fit in all your cosmetics.

      Overall I have to say the packaging for these products is great and Im still working on trying to get my mom to give me the box when she's finished with it! Dont think Ill be able to get my own way with this one though hehe.

      The Bubble Bath:
      (The Purple Bottle In The Image Above)
      Now normally I prefer a shower over having a bath any day of the week but sometimes when a product like this comes around I simply have to try it out. And I have to admit it was the design of this bottle that really made me want to try it out. This bottle is a deep purple in colour and has a proper funky (I reckon anyway, that makes me very sad!) lid in the shape of a big gold sphere and it is a proper nice design. Although dont drop that lid in your bath because it will make a mark that is impossible to get out!

      The results of this bubble bath are just as great as the design. The liquid inside this bottle is a really pearly colour and just feels so creamy and luxurious as soon as you get into the bath are swish the bubbles around a bit. I actually think that this has to be the best bubble bath Ive ever tried because it left my skin SOOO soft that I couldnt stop touching my legs because they just felt so smooth and soft. I cant pinpoint exactly what this smells like and the only way I can describe it is that it smells very fresh and the smell lingers on your skin for hours afterwards. The only bad thing I can say about this bubble bath is that it didnt last very long at all with me and my mom both using it and we were even raving to each other about how great it was. I would use this all the time if I could because it really does leave your skin feeling really silky smooth.

      5/5 for this bubble bath!

      Warming Hand & Foot Scrub:
      (One Of The Pink Tubes In The Image Above)
      Now I was quite concerned about trying this product because with these "warming" scrubs Ive had very varied results in the past. They have either not warmed up at all and left me very disappointed or they have warmed up way to much and left me with burnt skin so Im always wary about this type of product which is why I didnt even take the plunge in trying it until earlier this week. But Im very glad I did because I was very pleasantly surprised.
      In the winter my feet and hands decide to just go mad and dry skin seems to appear where there was no dry skin before and the heels of my feet seem to go really disgusting so Im always using these scrubs and body butters to try and heal them but I thought a warming scrub would manage to take away the damage that the cold has done even better than an ordinary scrub so I was proper hoping that this would work.

      This scrub is not a great colour its a light brown with little darker brown grains in it so its not the best appearance wise but who cares as long as it works well. And this one certainly does. But just be warned this does heat up pretty quickly within about 2 seconds but it doesnt heat up to extremes just a warm (not hot) temperature which doesnt burn or irritate your skin in the slightest. Then as soon as this begins to heat up you just scrub away at your feet and hands using circular motions.

      I think the reason this works so well (apart from the heat) has a lot to do with the grains because they are proper tiny, sort of like salt and my feet do feel so refreshed and smooth after Ive used this. Im not to sure about my hands as Ive not seen a dramatic difference but it has worked wonders on my tired feet and Ive only been using it for just under a week! Id say you definately get the best results when you apply body butter to your feet straight after even if it is just to cool them down a bit lol!

      4/5 Works well on feet but Im undecided about my hands!

      The Body Butter:
      (Big Pink Tub In The Image Above)
      Now when my mom first got this she said this body butter was the one product I wasnt allowed to use but when I ran out of body moisturiser she felt sorry for me and ended up giving me the whole tub to use for myself, so thanks Mom! :)
      Now when I first opened the tub I was quite disappointed because the cream looked proper runny and in my experience with body butters they are usually really thick and creamy but this is a classic case of you shouldnt judge by appearance because when you scoop some out of the tub it is actually really thick. Now because of the thickness I would say that a little goes a really long way with this product because otherwise I dont think it would work as well and you'd be left with really greasy skin because it wont sink in as quickly. Having said that though if you just apply a tiny amount this sinks in pretty much instantly and it leaves your skin SOOO smooth and soft and that feeling lasts for days afterwards without your skin being greasy or feeling clogged.

      I definately suggest that you keep this body butter in the fridge as I think it could go really runny if its just left out in the heat. Ive been using this tub for about two weeks now and Ive barely used any out of the tub at all and Ive been applying everyday so one tub of this will last you a very long time so it is a great investment. It works very well and its just as good as The Bodyshop Butters Ive tried so I reckon its another brilliant product from this set.

      4.5/5 for this body butter.

      The Hand Lotion:
      (The Other Pink Tube In The Image Above)
      Now I myself havent actually use this product (yet) so all the opinions in this section will come from my mom. My mom is a real cosmetic junkie so it takes a lot to impress her and this product actually did so it must work pretty well. For best results apply this before bed onto clean hands and put those moisturiser gloves over the top to keep all that goodness locked inside.

      Mom: This is another fantastic item from this set. In the winter I reckon everyones hands go through a change when they change for lovely and soft to dry and cracked and this cream has certainly helped with the feel and appearance of my hands. It left my hands feeling moisturised and soft for a good few days after I applied this they even looked better, well in my opinion anyway basically it does exactly what it says on the tin, well tube.

      I was always going to be comparing this to my usual hand cream (from the No7 range) and Im still 50/50 about which one works better Id say this one definately makes your hands feel better but the No7 cream works better on improving appearance so Im still not to sure which one I prefer. Having said that though this does work very well and Im certain it made my hands feel so much better so really it is quite a good product.

      4/5 for this hand cream.

      The Body Wash:
      (One Of The Large White Tubes In The Above Image)
      Another simply fantastic product. This body wash is exactly like the bubble bath but obviously in a shower gel form. It has the same pearly coloured appearance and it lathers up on a shower poof so well so you dont need that much every time you come to use it. This leaves your skin feeling (and smelling) so nice, really smooth and moisturised but best of all really clean and fresh which is obviously the most important thing when it comes to a shower gel. As soon as you squeeze some of this out onto your hands you can feel how creamy and luxurious this feels and it makes your skin feel exactly the same.

      Now the tube that this comes in is quite massive compared to the rest of the set and one tube has lasted me and my mom since early January and theres still quite a bit left so that goes to show how long one tube will last you because every time you use it you dont need a lot because it lathers up so well so its great value for money!

      5/5 for this body wash.

      The Body Scrub:
      (The Other Large White Tube In The Above Image)
      If you are reading all of this review I bet your sick about me praising all of these products so much by now but Im afraid thats not going to end in this section because this was another product I simply loved! I sound like a broken record but yet again this did wonders for my skin. Ive had an annoying little ingrown hair (it looked like a mole) at the top of my legs for months and nothing seemed to get rid of it but after a few days of using this it disappeared completely and no more have appeared since so this for me has to be one of this best scrubs Ive ever used.

      Not only is this great for stopping and removing those ingrown hairs but it really does leave your skin softer and smoother and when you use it before applying fake tan you will have no streaks believe me! Again I cant really describe what any of these products really smell like because its so subtle but all of them have the same fresh smell that lingers for days and it leaves my skin feeling fabulous so what more can I say about this scrub?

      5/5 for this scrub.

      & Lastly

      The In Shower Shimmer Lotion
      (The Blue Tube In The Above Image)
      Right I left this one till last because this is the one item I was less than impressed with. Ive used this a few times now hoping that the results would be different but Ive been disappointed every single time. I assumed that I would apply this in the shower (before a night out when I felt like shimmering) and the "shimmer" would remain on my legs after I got out of the shower but it didnt at all. Any shimmer that was left on my legs just washed of straight away and there wasnt a flake of glitter left on my skin afterwards so applying it just felt a bit pointless.

      Having said that though this does make your legs feel really smooth and silky but I could get that from a moisturiser so really this product doesnt add anything extra to the set or to my skin.

      2/5 for this "shimmer" lotion

      Overall Opinion:
      Overall this set is fantastic and it is amazing value for money, only one product lets in down. All the rest of the products do absolute wonders for your skin in both appearance and feel aspects. The only thing is that annoys me is that this set is a limited edition and only available around Christmas time but this would be a great present for any women of any age because it is an amazing first try by Gok. This review has taken me so long that I really cannot be bothered to write any more but I highly recommend this set to everyone men and women of all ages because its simply fantastic and great value for money!

      The whole set I think was about £35 which may sound like a lot but the quality of the products and the amount of time they will last you make that great value for money!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x

      *Sorry About Any Spelling Mistakes My Spell Checker Wont Work*


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