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Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Gift Set

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2 Reviews
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Fairly good staying power.
  • Some perfumes are slightly similar to it.
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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2014 16:35
      Very helpful


      • "Looks v.good in or out of box."
      • "Suitable for all ages."
      • "Fairly good staying power."
      • "A gorgeous summer scent."


      • "Some perfumes are slightly similar to it."

      Light Blue is a lasting summer perfume suitable for all lifestyles, particularly near the Mediterranean!

      No, I wasn't watching David Gandy & Bianca Balti in their white boat near the Blue Grotti in Capri [ as in the advert]; I was drooling over the speedboats in Dorset; while wearing Light Blue! I wasn't even dressed in white speedos or a 50's style white bikini; it was normcore for me in a blue striped shirt & white cutoffs at Durlston Castle. That's one of the best thing about this perfume I think; it goes with many summer styles, suitable for different ages & skin types.

      I find the blue rectangular top quite intriguing, as it remind me of one of those buttons that you press on the way to something exciting eg.an airline seatbelt releaser. The scent suddenly explodes out when you use it like a sudden wave splash.

      Light Blue lasts for quite a while & the body lotion gives it some extra oomph so good value for money there! It seems to have a far reaching ambiance. The fragrance blend is refreshing with a blend of: Sicilian lemon, apple, bluebell, jasmine & bamboo. After around four hours it simmers down to a base of cedarwood, musk & amber & lasts around another three hours. Unlike with some perfumes that just seem to stay the same all the time that you wear them; I could trace the change in scent. It might be useful for people to know that I found the strength of Light Blue ranked between L'Eau D'Issey [weaker] & Donna Karen's Women [stronger] ; all citrussey perfumes!

      My gift set cost around £40.


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      12.07.2012 23:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An easy to wear fragrance

      ~ Reach for the sky with a D&G Light Blue Gift Set!~

      D&G 'Light Blue' is a fragrance that took me by surprise when I first sampled it, as I really wasn't expecting very much from the fragrance at all, yet once spritzed lightly on to my skin the resulting effect was wonderfully fragrant and fresh feeling. The lovely fresh and light fragrance that hit my senses had a zingy and fresh floral feel that worked so well on my skin, that this particular D&G fragrance has become one of my all time favorites. I would say that whilst the fragrance itself is strong enough to wear as a stand alone product, once layered by using the body lotion you get in one of the gift sets, both depth of fragrance and longevity in wear are increased in my opinion. The body lotion can also be worn on its own if wanted as it offers a much lighter hint of fragrance that lingers softly on the skin rather well.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      The first thing that I noticed about the presentation of the Light Blue gift box was that the sky blue box lid makes use of an interesting touchy feely, soft velvet/ suede type material, that I feel has been used on the box lid to good effect. The sky blue velveteen/ suede effect material of the lid contrasts with the simple silver metallic gift box base making the product stand out well in my opinion. I feel that the use of simple and sleek looking silver toned text on the top of the product box enhances the look of the gift box and the overall presentation makes this a set that you could very easily buy to give as a gift if wanted.

      The fragrance bottle that comes in the gift box is very simply made, having a minimal look to it that is in no way fussy or over styled. In many ways the look of the fragrance bottle could lend itself to being used as a unisex fragrance bottle in my opinion, as the soft frosted finish used on the straight sided rectangular glass bottle would appeal to anyone male or female. There is nothing flouncy or fussy about the fragrance bottle and the only 'bling' of any note that has been used is a simple silver band that has been placed so as to highlight the sky blue bottle lid. Whilst the fragrance bottle is not overly feminine I feel it is neat, smart, sleek and functional. I have found that the lid stays on well enough if the fragrance bottle is placed in a handbag (for top up sprays when out and about) and the spray applicator delivers a nice even amount of fragrance to the skin without clogging up over time.

      The squeezy plastic body lotion container has a simple finish that is meant to tone in well with the fragrance bottle, although my feeling is that it looks rather plain. The frosted finish the body lotion tube has, is not enough to make it look all that special, although the nicely scented contents of the tube more than make up for that in my opinion. The simple silver toned plastic lid works well enough as it can easily be twisted on and off as required and I feel that it manages to keep the body lotion sealed, fresh and ready for use at all times. My overall opinion of the gift set presentation is that it is attractive in its own way and would appeal to those who like a sleek modern look that is not overly girly.

      ~The fragrance~

      I really like D&G Light Blue as I feel it works so very well on my skin giving me a nice fresh boosted feel whenever I wear it. I find that the zingy citrusy feel of this fragrance works well on a warm summers day or evening, yet Light Blue can be worn on colder days too, as it reminds me of warmer weather and manages to lift my mood on duller days. The idea of the fragrance is that it uses a blend of fragrance notes which 'capture the heart of the mediterranean making you think of sun drenched days and dazzling nights', which may sound rather over the top, although I find that this fragrance really does have a floral and citrusy hint of warm mediterranean sun about it.

      In my opinion Light Blue is both citrusy and lightly floral (think springtime and flower filled bluebell woods), having a softer more exotic layer that flows through for the first half an hour when I wear the fragrance. The effect is zingy and fresh yet very approachable and inviting. The first spray of Light Blue feels slightly sharp and sweet at the same time, with a tangy and zingy floral freshness that is very nice indeed. The citrusy boost that I get when first spraying on a little of this fragrance does soften and mellow over time as the fragrance reacts with the oils in my skin allowing other elements to come to the fore a little more. The stages that Light Blue goes through are subtle in my opinion, as the fragrance slowly becomes less tangy and slightly more woody over time, yet the fresh citrusy floral feeling essence of the fragrance remains throughout wear in a much softer form.

      ~Staying power~

      Longevity on the skin is good in my opinion as I can spray on a little of the fragrance and still detect it some hours after the first initial spray. I find that Light Blue fragrance blend manages to linger softly on the skin for a good length of time even when only wearing the body lotion and when layered with the fragrance the long lasting effect is extended. I like the way that I can detect a hint of the fragrance even after having worn it for a good part of the day, although the initial citrus toned kick softens quite a lot as the day passes, without changing too dramatically. When I wear Light Blue I often receive positive comments about the fragrance and I would say that it seems to appeal to a wide range of age groups.

      ~Product rating/ price~

      I feel that D&G Light Blue is an easy to wear citrusy feeling lightly floral blend. The fragrance pairs jasmine and soft white roses together with a top note of springtime bluebells and an apple toned citrusy kick that is further complimented with aromatic cedar wood, amber and musk, to help increase wear time on the skin. The fragrance softens nicely on the skin and remains active for a good number of hours, working throughout the day with only minor top up sprays required. I rate this fragrance as being one of my top 10 of this type as I find Light Blue lifts the spirits and is a pleasure to wear all day long. The cost of a Light Blue gift set can vary with prices from around £20 in the sales to £35 plus at full price. I feel the gift sets are very good value as the cost of the fragrance on its own can very often be almost as much as the price of a gift set bought pre sales time. As the fragrance lasts well on the skin it should also last well in the bottle, as top up sprays are often not required and additional use of the body lotion extends wear time on the skin even further. My rating for this product is 5 stars.


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    • Product Details

      Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Gift Set contains: / / 25ml Eau de Toilette Spray, , / 50ml Body Cream. , / Light Blue: The joy of living the Light Blue Mediterraneanlife / Rediscover the original celebration of sensual Mediterraneanstyle: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue / Capturing sun- drenched summer days and sazzling nights, thiscolourful, fresh, floral- fruity scent reflects the sexiness of theMediterranean lifestyle / Astonishing: Combines lively Sicilian cedar with the freshnessof the Granny Smith apple and the floral allure and spontaneity ofthe bluebell, the top note captures the essence of a sunny Siciliansummer / Femminine and risolute: The freshness of bamboo softened withthe intensity of jasmine and the bottom of white rose / Profound and true: Fuses citron wood with sensual amber and thedelicate caress of musk / A timeless design inspired by the classic Dolce & Gabbana parfum, Light Blue shape is yet confident but always very feminine / Its light blue cap evokes the clear skies of theMediterranean / The bottle itself is strong, reflecting today's modern woman.

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