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Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes Gift Set

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Brand: Eylure / Type: Aesthetics

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2010 23:05
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      Eylure Girls Aloud Lashes Gift Set

      Just to warn you this may be a pretty long review!
      Anyway I have almost finished (pending a dooyoo product suggestion to be accepted) all of my false eyelash reviews so I thought Id review the whole set that I got for Christmas.
      This review is going to basically be a mish-mash of all my previous Girls Aloud eyelash reviews with a bit of new information just jammed in there (this review include the Nadine eyelash review.)

      I got this set for Christmas from my mom (so it looks like all those ever so subtle hints paid off!) basically because she knows about my false lash obsession and knew that I had been dying to try all the GA lashes for quite some time as the only ones I had previously tried where the Cheryl Cole pair. I think she got this set from Boots (because that's the only place I have seen it sold) and it cost around £25. It does say on the front of this box that the set is limited edition but I have being seeing it sold in shops for around 6 months now so it cant be that limited.

      Eylure & Girls Aloud:
      The Eylure brand has been around for a number of years now and is regarded by many people as the top brand for fake eyelashes. Their lashes always vary in style & colour and some are pretty outrageous. The Girls Aloud eyelashes haven't actually been available for that long, they probably came out earlier this year but from people's reactions and the reputation the girls lashes seem to be very popular. Every girl from the band is said to have designed their lashes themselves (although I don't believe they really did) and they are based on the lashes of that girl. For this review though I will be reviewing all the lashes from this collection.

      Appearance & Packaging:
      I think the box that these lashes come in is actually very classy. It is a black colour with Girls Aloud and the Eylure name in big bold lettering on the front. There is an image of all the band members at the bottom. The box is decorated with japanese style flowers, butterflies and hearts which gives the box a very girly yet still classy feel.

      On the side of the packaging is all the information you could possibly need to know: what parts of the box can be recycled, the contents of the box, the ingredients in the glue and a few cautions eg. keep away from children. It mentions that these lashes are contact lens friendly which I know a lot of people will like (me included.) and that you can re-use the lashes as many times as you like.

      The inside is pretty plain compared to the outside. To open it you simply pull the little magnetic flap upwards (Ive already broke mine, to heavy handed I think.) and the inside is red and black. Inside there are a few directions for use and some warnings for the use of the eyelash glue but nothing major.

      What Does This Set Contain:
      5 Pairs Of False Eyelashes In Separate Boxes.

      1 Make-Up Bag. This is a nice black quilted bag but it is proper tiny so I just store the glue in there because it isn't really big enough for anything else. Inside the bag is bright pink and has Girls Aloud written all over it. Quite pretty overall.

      3 Glues. I don't know why they put in three glues for 5 sets of lashes because I assumed there would one be one glue for each pair but hey the glue does last a very long time so I cant really complain.

      The Eyelashes:

      What Attracted Me To These Lashes:
      I already had a good idea of what Kimberly's lashes looked like when they were applied onto eyes before I actually tried them for myself. I saw a friend wearing them on a night out and they looked really good. They look totally different on than they do in the packet in my opinion they looked a lot longer than I expected and really did give her eye's a lot more definition. So they looked perfect for a night out and she also mentioned that they were really comfortable so it was hard to see where they were going wrong! I had to give them a shot after that didnt I?!

      What Do They Look Like?:
      As I mentioned I think these lashes look totally different when your are wearing them to what they look like in the packet. In the packet they look quite demure and girly while still looking quite long. However when you apply them they look a LOT longer which surprised me and they are a lot fuller and thicker than I thought they would. I assumed that these would be perfect for day wear but after trying them on they are definitely more suited to night out because they are an instant "eye-catching" look for your eyes.

      Kimberly describes these lashes as "full of great length & texture" & "they give a great boost to my eyes". I have to say I agree with her on that one and even though I didnt think much of these when I saw them in the packet I have been converted!

      What Attracted Me To These Lashes?:
      Sarah's eyelashes are a 50/50 pair they have lots of volume and length but still look as if they could be achieved naturally with a good mascara. Like the Cheryl one's a friend suggested I try these ages ago because she thought they would really suit me and would be a nice statement to make on a night out when your looking for a bit of extra glamour. So which that glowing reference I went into trying these lashes with very high hopes.

      What Do They Look Like?:
      Sarah's lashes are a lot like Cheryl's design but I think a little less over the top and a tiny bit smaller. They have the same spiked look all the way round but unlike the Cheryl ones they don't really flick out at the end. They are very black, full of volume and I would say mid length, all in all a great look for a night out on the town!

      Sarah Harding describes these eyelashes as "ones I love and wear all the time" & "a full spiky style that elongates my eyes." And I would say I have to agree I like the spiky style of these lashes and I think they do make my eyes look wider and my lashes a lot more full and thick.

      What Attracted Me To These Lashes:
      As I just mentioned Nicola's eyelashes looked a lot more simple and natural compared to the rest of the set. They look a lot like my natural lashes do after I have applied my usual mascara and didnt look like they would need a lot of blending to make them look like my normal eyelashes. I cant wear make up to work and that annoys the hell out of me because I don't think I look awake or even alive without mascara so I thought this would be a nice handy alternative for my usual make-up that would hopefully yield the same results.

      What Do They Look Like?:
      As Ive mentioned in my opinion Nicola's lashes look a lot more natural and not a showy compared to the rest of the set. She has designed the lashes to still have length and thickness but not to be to over the top so they are perfect for day wear.

      Nicola herself describes these eyelashes as "Really Full But Still Demure" & "A Natural Beauty Effect With All The Length & Thickness We Need."

      I agree with her on the length because I think she has designed that just right they look exactly like our normal lashes do when we apply mascara just longer. All the lashes look very separated and start to fan out towards the end edge of your eye. I think these add a nice bit of class and are a little twist on the norm and definitely completely different to the rest of this GA set.

      What Attracted Me To These Lashes?:
      I had heard nothing but the most wonderful things about "Cheryl's New Lashes" from a friend who often wore them on nights out and she said they were perfect for simple day wear as well. So after hearing such a glowing reference I skipped of to New Look & Bought myself a pair of Cheryl's Eyelashes.

      What Do They Look Like?:
      Cheryl Cole herself describes these eyelashes as " Dark & Glossy" & "A Must Have For A Girls Night Out & Ultra Glamorous." And I have to say I agree they are just the right type of lashes that I wear when I'm going on a night out and I want my eyes to make a statement.

      The lashes are very black and quite thick. They have quite a spiky style which starts off quite small and then fan out towards the end edge of your eye. Id say out of the whole set of these Cheryl's are certainly the biggest and the blackest which makes them perfect for teaming up with dark smokey eyes when your getting ready for a night on the town.

      My friend had described them to me as suitable for both day and night wear, however I think these are a little to much for day wear as they are very dramatic and dark!

      What Attracted Me To These Lashes?
      Basically a recommendation attracted me to these lashes. My friends are all like me and are big false lash addicts so when a few of them starting talking about this particular pair I knew they must be good to warrant all the great things people were saying about them.
      When I saw the lashes I knew I wanted to try them because they looked so nice in the packaging and looked like they would really suit my eyes and look good on a night out.

      What Do They Look Like?:
      These lashes again are a lot like the Cheryl lashes in design and they have the same spiky edged style and the thickness and volume that I was looking for. They start off small and spiky at the corner of your eye and then fan out into quite a big spike at the end. The look quite long in the box but I don't think they look quite so long when you actually apply them, but in my opinion that is a good thing. They look really dark and black so full of volume which is perfect for a smokey eyed look on a night out.

      Nadine describes these lashes as "Full & Layered With A Really Natural Feel" & "Fun & Flirty." I don't think any lashes really feel natural but I do agree with the rest of the statement they do look really full and they have loads of volume, perfect for me.

      Are They Comfortable:
      I'm not going to do a separate section for each of the lashes because that would just be rambling on but I will say that I have found all of these to be very comfortable. I often forget I'm wearing false eyelashes when I put any of these on so I recommend all of them for comfort level alone.

      I know a lot of people who are put off wearing false lashes because they think they are hard to apply, but all you need is practice. I was hopeless at applying them at first but the beauty of these is you can apply them over and over again whilst you practice and they wont look worn.

      A lot of people like to this part using tweezers but I just use my thumb and forefinger.

      1. These particular falsies are clearly marked up Left & Right so even a silly beggar like me knows which one is which.

      2. If the lash is wider than your eye, trim one side of it lash by lash. I find with these lashes they are actually too small for my eyes but it may be different for you.

      3. Squeeze eyelash glue onto the back of your hand and run the eyelash along it.
      Not the whole of the eyelash just the part that will be stuck to your eye :)

      4. Pick the lashes up with your thumb and forefinger (or tweezers) and bring it as close to your natural lash line as possible.

      5. Press from end to end and hold until the glue dries. I find this usually doesnt take more than 30 seconds.

      6. Apply mascara while pressing your finger behind the fake lashes. This helps to blend your natural lashes and also the false ones so you achieve a more natural look overall.

      7.Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with eyeliner.

      This does sound quite difficult but honestly in this case practice does make perfect so stick with it.

      PROBLEM: I did have a slight problem with one pair of these lashes and that is the Nadine pair. When I tried to take the lashes out of the pack they bent out of shape slightly, but I am pretty heavy handed so that may have been my fault. But I will say take care when your taking them out of the box because they are very easily bent out of shape.

      My Favourite:
      For night wear: Cheryl's. I think they are the best ones for night wear because they have such a unique style and are perfectly suited for a night out. They go great with smokey eye make-up and are full of volume and length. Basically they are just fabulous

      For Everyday Wear: Nicola's. These look so demure and girly but they still ahve a lot of length. They look so close to natural lashes and really make my eyes look more awake for going to work so they are a big hit with me.

      Overall Opinion:
      I highly recommend that everyone tries out this set or even just all of the pairs separately because they are all brilliant in different ways. There's something for everyone's style and a pair for every time of the day so Im sure you will find at least one pair that is perfect for you. I'm very happy with this set and these lashes will last me for ages so overall it is great value for money. I think this set would be perfect for young girls right up to well whatever age which just shows how versatile they are. Go out and buy some.

      Highly Recommended By Me.

      Thanks For Reading

      x-0 Salz 0-x


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