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GHD Limited Edition Precious Gift Set

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6 Reviews

Brand: GHD / Type: Hair Straighteners / Relaxers

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    6 Reviews
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      04.08.2013 20:10
      Very helpful



      Use carefully.

      About eight years ago it seemed like the world was being taken over by people wanting straight hair and no other brand but Ghd was good enough! I had a cheaper alternative to these straighteners but would find that when I used my friends' Ghds that it had a much better effect and so I remember saving up until I could afford some and then when I bought them I was delighted to see I could get them in pink! Now, I don't use them very often but at the time I was using them on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day despite the fact it actually began to damage my hair.


      Ghd stands for 'good hair days' and when they first came out it was seen as fashionable between my friends to have them. Gone were the days of what trainers you had it was all about the brand which you used to straighten your hair. It was almost like a competition between my friends about who had the hair with the least volume! I already had straight hair but suddenly compared to my friend's poker straight hair it looked frizzy and I found myself conforming to this trend and using straighteners myself. The other brands that I used just didn't seem to do the trick as well or they would take a long time to warm up so I saved up until I could buy these. They cost me £110 at the time which I was quite happy to pay to help my hair look as flat as possible! It came in a really nice fancy looking box and had a heat proof mat with it and a little pouch to keep it in. These were limited edition so it made me feel really special that I had them and I remember my friends being jealous at the time!

      ...............It's getting hot in here!.............

      These straighten your hair by using hot plates on the tongs. Usually with the other straightners it takes a few minutes for these to heat up enough to be effective but the beauty of Ghds was that it would only take a matter of seconds before they would be hot enough to use so this meant it would take less time than usual which was always a good thing when we all hated having to get out of bed for school anyway so this meant more time in bed! They plug into the mains with a plug which doesn't have a very long cord at all, there were many times that I would curse it for not being longer so I could sit on my bed and do my hair, this was a bit frustrating. Once plugged in you need to turn it on and as soon as you turn it on a little LED light shows, this is really important so you can tell just by a quick glance if you have left them on or not. As soon as it's ready to be used the LED begins to flicker. It takes about 60 seconds to heat up to optimum temperature and trust me this is hot, hot hot! My friend stood on hers once and ended up with a huge burn down her foot and there have been many times that I have touched the plates by mistake and they really do burn! It is extremely hot which is just one reason why I don't use them very much any more as I'm so worried that Millie will touch them and burn herself. Also, because they're so hot you have to be really careful where you put them. Just leaving them on my make up bag once for a minute made the bag heat up loads and part of the plastic on it began to melt- this was whilst it was cooling down too so you have to be so careful. I always make sure I leave these on the heat proof mat. You must always make sure you turn them off ttoo as there is no doubt that these would cause a fire!

      ................Sizzle that hair!..................

      Every single day I would fry my hair with these. To use them they're really easy as they're quite narrow you can get a good grip on your hair right up near your scalp. The thinner the better in my opinion, it may mean that you have to spend a bit more time on your hair than with the wide plated ones but it does mean you get up to your scalp which stops that silly ridges from forming. To use it I would find it easier to run a brush through my hair first to kind of lift it up and then run the straighteners through it. I would take about 30 seconds to do the full length of my hair whilst pushing the plates together as tight as possible to make it as effective as I could. Whilst doing this I would hear my hair sizzling and sometimes steam would fizzle out but who cared? The result was poker straight hair just like my friends' so who cared about a bit of fizzle!? Whilst straightening your hair with these if you are straightening parts near your face then don't inhale through your mouth, sometimes I would as I had taken the straighteners off a part of hair and would inhale the steam and this actually burnt my throat! Also be careful to give it a second or two before you touch your hair as it can also be so hot it can burn!

      ......................Protect your hair........................

      To try to stop the effect of sizzling your hair we bought some heat protection sprays. These apparently protected your hair from the heat and would help to give it condition. All you do with these is spray it onto your hair before each time you straighten it and you can buy these from various brands from a variety of prices so there should be something for everyone. I found that using these helped my hair a bit. If I didn't use them then my hair would feel really dry and it actually got a bit straw like as it was so dried out with the heat. Regardless of using these though the straighteners still had a negative effect upon my hair and all of my friends' too, we found that the ends of our hair began to split and not just in a normal way but it would go up several centimetres and you just had to look at it for it to snap off! We would just ignore it and shrug it off because who cared? Hair would grow back!

      .......................... Is sleek worth it ?...........................

      Now it seems that the fashion is to have hair with as much volume as possible but guess what? These straighteners can also be used as curlers! I have never mastered it myself because I don't suit curly hair but there is a way to use these which creates spiral-like curls too. As for the sleek element? Well at the time i thought it was worth it. I was conscious of burning my hair and knowing that my hair was in really poor condition but I tried to make up for that by applying lots of conditioner and spraying loads of heat protection spray. There is no denying that these straighteners created lots of poker straight hair and that they were really fast and easy to use but the result really was terribly damaged hair. When I lost my hair through chemotherapy it has made me value it much more and I can't believe I used to just have the throw away attitude of it didn't matter if my hair was being singed and snapping off it would just grow back! It does make you realise that us women are often doing rather foolish things for the sake of looking good! Having sleek hair at the time I thought was worth it and all my friends did too, we really bought into the idea of having the smoothest hair possible and nothing but these Ghds would do! Now I think we were a bit daft really.

      ......................... And now?..........................

      These Ghds are still in use in my home but I don't use them very regularly. I have found that they now have a rather annoying squeak to them because they were used so much and they are quite stiff as a result so although I paid quite a lot of money for them they are not in the best shape now. I now use these probably about once a month if I want to straighten out a kink in my hair where a bobble has been or if I want to style my hair in a certain way but I will not leave them anywhere near Millie as they are so hot I'm worried she will burn herself. What I still like about them is just how fast they heat up this means it only takes a minute before I can straighten my hair and it's so much easier than hanging around waiting. They are so easy to use but part of me can't believe that just a few years ago I would use these every single day! If you are using these then I really recommend not using them on a daily basis, from my experience it does damage your hair and also you don't need to use them that regularly either as if you straighten them one day it's so poker straight that it remains that way until you wash your hair anyway. Also make sure you use a heat protection spray with it too as it does help your hair somewhat.


      These are very good quality. I haven't tried any other brands recently but these have definitely stood out against other brands which I bought and tried when I first got these. The fact they heat up quickly is a huge bonus plus they are easy to use and the heat protection mat is really important. What I don't like about them though is how much they cause damage to your hair and how dangerous they are with the heat they produce. I definitely recommend you use these as a less is more kind of way to help keep your hair in good a condition as possible but if you are after a really sleek effect then these Ghds will not let you down!


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        22.06.2011 23:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        great product, would be lost without them!


        GHD is an abbreviation for Good Hair Day. The company started in Britain in 2001 and originally only sold straighteners through salons. News of the quality of the product began to spread and soon GHD became a global brand. Their success started when they became popular with stylists and celebrities around the world. More and more celebrities have become fans of the products and this has helped their image as a high quality, luxury brand. They have since brought out several variations on the original straightening iron as well as other hair products. They even brought out a pink version of the styler to raise money for breast cancer awareness. The straighteners themselves have not changed much from the original irons except from the design and colour.

        The Limited Edition Precious Set:

        GHD frequently bring out limited edition box sets. These are available in multiple colours and designs. This particular set was the limited edition for Christmas 2009. The design of these particular straightners is black and silver. The background colour is black with the silver pattern on top. It is quite difficult to describe the pattern but it can be seen in the photo. I feel that the design does fit well with the Christmas period and is quite attractive looking. Included in the set is the GHD styler (straightening iron), a travel hairdryer, a heat proof matt and some leaflets on achieving certain hairstyles.

        The Stylers:

        I love the GHD styler and now that I have used them I don't think I could go back to using a different straightening iron! They look sleek and sophisticated and this particular design looks really classy. They are really easy to use too! Simply plug them in and use the switch half way down the handle. The stylers will make a beeping noise when you switch them on and a red light will come on to alert you that they are heating up. Once they have heated up there is another beeping noise to let you know they are ready to use. The heating process really does take seconds, so you don't need to sit and wait forever for them to warm up like other brands. The styler also features a very useful auto-sleep mode. This means that if you leave the stylers unattended for 30 minutes they will automatically switch off. I love this feature because I hate worrying about whether I definitely switched them off. Its great for some peace of mind! The power cord is really long and flexible. This is really useful if, like me, you don't have a socket very close to a mirror! However you would need to be careful not to leave the cord lying around where it could be tripped over. The cord also does not tend to get itself tangled up which is useful as you don't need to untangle it all the time.

        In terms of how well the stylers work, I have found them to be a great product for hair styling. Last year I had very long hair and used them on a daily basis to straighten my hair. It does the job very well and leaves hair smooth and beautifully straight. The style stays all day without the need for excessive use of styling products like hairspray. I would recommend using a heat protection spray on your hair during use as the irons do get very hot and can cause damage to your hair. For nights out I used the stylers to create more adventurous styles. I find that the stylers can be used easily and quickly to add loose or tight curls. Curling my own hair did take a bit of getting used to, but once you get the technique it is easy to create styles quickly. Obviously these styles require use of hairspray to make them last a whole night. I now have very short hair so do not have the option of creating so many styles! I still use the stylers on a daily basis to add volume to my layers and shape my hair around my face and they do this job very well too.

        I have had these stylers since Christmas 2009 and they still seem like new. I can see no damage to the irons and they still work as well as they did when I first got them.

        The travel hairdryer:

        The hairdryer that comes with the set is of the travel variety. It is small and plain black in colour. Like most other travel hairdryers it folds so that it takes up minimal space within a bag. It does only have 2 settings which doesn't include a cold setting. However, most other travel hairdryers also have limited settings. It does reach a decent temperature so it does not take a ridiculous amount of time to dry hair for its size. I began using this hairdryer as it was intended, for travelling. Soon after Christmas 2009 my everyday hairdryer decided to die on me. I started using the GHD hairdryer as a substitute until I could purchase another dryer for everyday use. However, I thought the GHD hairdryer was so good that I have never bought a new one and still use the travel one on an everyday basis. Now that my hair is shorter I find that the smaller hairdryer is great for blow drying my hair into styles and drying the layers separately. I was sceptical as to whether it would give in pretty quickly with the high usage but have found it to be a real little survivor!

        Heat proof matt:

        This is a great thing to have with the stylers as they get very hot and I'm not a fan of leaving them on surfaces to cool down. This matt is lovely looking and doubles as a carry case for the stylers and hairdryer. On the outside it is black with silver glitter and can be fastened with as large black bow at the front. On the inside is the heat proof matt which is a good size and easily holds the full size of the stylers. There are also 2 small fabric bags for the stylers and the hairdryer which zip shut and can be attached with zelcro into the carry case/heatproof matt. This means the set can be transported easily as a whole or as individual items. If you do choose to transport the set as a whole it does take up a fair amount of space. However, using the small individual bags without the full carry case is useful as you can split the items up into separate sections of baggage.

        Care of the product:

        The stylers are very easy to look after. GHD recommends that you clean the plates on the styler with a damp cloth (when they are switched off!) to remove excess product. This is really the only thing that is necessary. They have other guidelines about not placing the hot plates onto the cord as it will melt which I feel is common sense. If the stylers stop working, and are still within their 2 year guarantee, you can easily send them back to GHD for repair for free. Outwith the warranty they can still be repaired but you will be charged a fee for the return of the item.
        I do not have any personal experience of their returns service as I have had no problems with my stylers.


        There are a lot of fake GHD products on the market and they can be difficult to spot. The fakes can be dangerous as they do not have the same safety features as the real ones. Since the product is pretty expensive it is important to know if you are paying for the real thing and not spending your money on a fake item. On the GHD website there is a website checker which will tell you if the site you are using is an approved retailer. They also have an approved salon stocklist for you to check. If you already have a GHD styler you can check if it is fake by registering it online using the code on the hologram.


        I got this set as a present so I am unsure of the exact price that was paid for it. I have seen this particular set retailing for anything between £100 and £150. The current GHD limited edition sets are priced at £129 but are currently on offer on the official GHD website for £109. This particular set will be difficult to get a hold of as it sold out quickly after release.
        This price is steep and is representative of the whole range of GHD products. The quality of the styler really is good and they do last a long time. All of the products come with a 2 year guarantee and I reckon mine will last at least another few years.

        They really are a great product and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good quality, reliable straightening iron with some great designs.


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          27.01.2011 13:35
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Don't buy them if you have thicker than average hair, spend the extra and get the wide plates!

          Okay, so I need to give you a little background here - I have very thick hair. It comes just below my shoulders. It's not afro hair. It does have a few 'kinks' in, but you wouldn't be able to wear it curly, naturally. It's in good condition, no colour of chemicals on it. The 'wide plate' GHD's do my hair lovely however I found it hard to create 'style' with the wide plates. I wanted something multi-functional that I could use to style and curl my hair. This set was a lovely surprise; I adore the colours and the pouch. The hair dryer is also an added bonus.

          The straightners do straighten my hair. However they do not keep my hair straight. After 2 hours my hair had kinked back up. Basic functions are like any GHD. They heat quick, stay hot and are easy to use. My hair kept catching in the places. Not sure why as this has never happened with the wide plates. So for straightening my hair they were not good at all.

          Styling was more successful. I curled my hair with ease, it held for a few hours as was expected.

          The hair dryer is small but powerful with two heat settings.

          The sparkly puch is my favourite thing about the set.

          Unluckily I had got ride of my wide plates. Less than a month after getting these I have already purchased another pair of wide plates. These just don't cut it with thicker hair!


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            15.04.2010 14:28
            Very helpful



            Recommended if you want a smooth glossy mane.


            I got my first pair of GHD straightening Irons back in 2002 when I opened my hairdressing salon, I started with the standard black iron but every season they bring out limited editions which are basically the same as any other GHD styler but they come in really wacky colours.

            Over the years I have seen light pink, bright pink, purple, white and black glossy straighteners come and go. All of which a designed as a limited edition styler and Ghd tend to give a donation of every pair sold to a charity, for example the pick GHD irons raised awareness for breast cancer.

            Over the years I have had every colour going, this is mainly because I get them at cost and GHD always give me cash back on old irons, I also need to have the newest irons in salon so that customers see what they are getting.

            To be perfectly honest GHD have not changed the irons that much over the years, the difference now being they are slightly rounder and the outer casing has become funkier.

            Over the last three years they have added little things like the automatic shut down and the beep to let you know they are heated, but that's it.

            I personally like GHD as I use them every day not only on myself but also on my clients and they never fail to perform. I love that they heat up instantly and they are so compact that they can be used and stored easily.

            Here I am going to review the precious limited edition GHD styler, this was the Christmas edition for 2009. These went on sale on November the 1st and proved so popular that GHD sold out within a week so they can be very hard to find now.

            THE GHD BRAND

            GHD is an abbreviation of good hair days, the company was founded in 2001 by a man called Martin Penny. He designed these fool proof hair straighteners and made them the much have straighteners for everyone around the world.

            GHD are a brand that is only sold in salons, which made them even more popular in my opinion. Mr Penny decided to issue straighteners into salons and it took on from there really. Stylists were so impressed and clients realised that the irons for a must have to keep up with the straightening trend.

            GHD stylers are still sold in salons across the globe, and are still highly sort after. With the help of celebrities and professional hairdressing salons, GHD have gone on to be a huge success across the globe, therefore expanding the company in producing products, limited edition straightening irons and styling brushes.


            The precious styler gift set was the limited edition for Christmas 2009, like every other year GHD have excelled and produced this highly sort after design.

            I personally didn't rate the design of these irons as they were similar to previous irons, for me they were a cross between the black pure irons and the purple editions available last year.

            I feel they didn't put much thought into the design and just pinched the designs from previous years.

            The Precious irons consisted of a black glossy casing, with a silver floral design printed all over them. If any of you saw the purple limited editions you will notice that these are identical, but the exception being they are black and not purple.

            These still looked very classy and I can see why they appealed to so many women as they came with a black diamante detailed carry bag which opened up in to the heat proof mat. This in itself had the wow factor, so I am sure this is why they flew off the shelves.

            As with all GHD limited edition gift sets you not only got the irons and a heat proof mat, but you also get a small black travel hairdryer and a style instruction DVD that gives you a detailed account on how to create the must have curls and straight styles.


            What you are really paying for is the exclusivity of having the limited edition colour hair styler, of which come with many cool features.

            My best feature to date has to be the built in sleep mode, which automatically turns off your hair straighteners when they have been left on for longer than thirty minutes without use. This is an invaluable feature for me, as I always tend to leave on the straighteners, at least this was I know my house will still be standing when I get home from work.

            Another bonus is the fact they have an extra long cord, yes this is because they were originally designed for salons and you need that extra length to manoeuvre around you clients, but this has proved handy at home as I can plug them in and room to more around with them, instead of restricted by a short cord.

            GHD have recently added a function that is called the shiver mode, this is let you know when your irons are at risk. If for some reason you straighteners are stored in cold conditions, below eight degrees the components inside can get damaged resulting in a broken or damaged circuit board.

            So GHD have added this function so that it will not heat the irons until they are at a correct room temperature, if for some reason your irons are too cold it will alert you by emitting a continuous bleeping sound.

            I had always known about this feature but never really thought it would apply to me, until earlier this year when we had that really cold spell. My irons were stored in my dressing table as always but they just started bleeping away and would not heat up. After getting the same complaint from clients I soon realised it was the shiver feature kicking it to protect my irons from damage.

            Over the years the ceramic plates have increased slightly in size, this was to allow the heat to disperse evenly over the hair. I found that the bigger plates also helped eliminate the heat lines that could occur before the increase and they seemed to give you a much nicer smoother look.

            The plates also have a slightly rounder edge to them, which is ideal when you are curling your hair using your irons. To see how easy curls are to achieve the education DVD provided with the gift set really helps. I also recommend you try you tube because once you see how easy it is to achieve a curled look with the irons you won't look back.

            The only feature that has remained the same is the voltage change from a 120V-240V, as standard they came with a 240V plug attached, but if you go away on holiday you can undo a screw on the plug to release a two pin plug that will adapt these so they can be used in any 120V socket. In my personal experience when these are used abroad they do not produce as much heat as they would in the UK, but they are still hot enough to straighten your hair.

            With any GHD styler that is bought you also get a two year warranty from GHD, so this is good if you damage of break them in any way as GHD will either fix or replace any damaged of faulty goods.


            When spending a pretty penny on GHD hair styler you want so insurance, you think you get this with the two year warranty. However I have had many customers duped as they never registered their irons.

            Registering your GHD hair straighteners as soon as you get them is a must, as GHD will not honour the warranty if they have never been registered. It also helps if you keep the original receipt as GHD will not guarantee straighteners that are bought from places such as Ebay, so it is very important that you buy your irons from a GHD stockist.

            On every set of GHD hair straighteners you get a unique serial number, this is located on the irons by the on off switch. It is a sticker with a hologram which will display your unique serial number and on the power cord you will also see the number on a hologram sticker that displays the voltage instructions.

            Once you have your serial number you need to register your straighteners with GHD to qualify for the two year warranty, this can be done by gone online to www.ghdhair.co.uk and click register straighteners and filling in your details, or you can complete the registration form enclosed in your gift set instruction manual and send it off to GHD.

            Remember you must register your straighteners as soon as you buy them to get the two year warranty.


            These GHD limited edition precious hair straighteners retail for £155.00 a set, you can buy them from any professional hairdressing salon that stocks GHD or you can buy them online at the official GHD web site.

            Never buy from places such as Ebay as 99% of the GHD limited edition irons on there a fakes, this is proven as GHD only make so many all of which get sold out to salons in a matter of weeks.

            As a GHD stockist, I can confirm that these cost us well over a hundred pounds so if you are getting them cheaper than a hundred pounds they have to be fakes, as no supplier in their right mind would let these go any cheaper than they paid for them.


            I have used GHD irons for nearly ten years now and I have to say I have never looked back, they never fail to achieve outstanding results and they can be used by anyone.

            The precious straighteners are very compact and easy to use, although they do take roughly two weeks to break in. This being so they don't leave line prints in your hair, I tend to spray hair spray over the plates to gunk them up a bit, I personally find them much nicer and easier to use when they have been worn in a little bit.

            These are very expensive at £155.00 but they do last for years, you would be very unfortunate if they didn't last. Plus GHD replace any irons damaged or faulty within the first two years for a two year at least investment it is not the much to pay.

            If you are not too fussy on what the irons look like I recommend you try the standard black irons, as they have exactly the same features and only cost £109.00. You won't get the heat mat of the hairdryer but they work in exactly the same way.

            Over all these straighteners do look very pretty but, they are expensive just to have some silver splashed over them.


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              06.04.2010 19:51
              Very helpful



              The best straighteners on the market but maybe for the christmas or birthday list!

              With my birthday just around the corner, seriously unruly hair and a hairdresser who couldn't stop recommending them, I literally had to have a pair of GHDs. Thankfully, I am related to previously mentioned hairdresser and she managed to get them for me reduced. How lucky my family (who paid for them) were as I have seen these priced between £100 and £150!!!

              However, it does include a very glitzy bag, which unrolls into a handy heatproof matt, and a matte-finish travel hairdryer, as well as the straighteners.(Of course)

              Everything included is black but as they are limited edition the box and straighteners themselves are decorated with a gorgeous silver, floral pattern.

              The straighteners (or stylers as they call them) are the medium barreled variety, making it easier to achieve different styles. To use you simply plug them in and flick the switch on the inner side of the straightener (sorry, styler.) A red light then turns on, closely followed by a beep. After a surprisingly short amount of time, literally a few seconds, they bleep once again and the red light starts to flash, meaning they are ready for use.
              When straightening I would recommend that you section your hair and spritz with heat defence spray before you begin. I run a comb through the section and then follow it with the straightener once or twice. Unlike some people I do this fairly slowly; I have shoulder length hair and it normally takes me three elephants, (as in one elephant, two elephant...)

              Curling is slightly harder but still relatively easy. I prepare exactly as if I was going to straighten my hair but using smaller sections, then whilst running the styler through my hair I turn it 180 degrees towards my face, leaving me with loose, bouncy curls. This technique may take some practise but gives a wonderful result in the end.

              I have heard of people using the styler to create waves by turning it 180 degrees (exactly like curling) and then turning it back 180 degrees. Unfortunately I have never tried this so don't know whether it works or not.

              The hairdryer is of very good quality and is very powerful, it also folds making it compact and perfect for holidays. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a cool setting which I usually finish off with to smooth down the hair at the roots.

              Overall I would highly recommend this as the styler achieves great results (which by the way normally last two days!) and is very versatile. It is so beautifully designed and the only critiscism I have is the price.

              Thanks for reading.


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                25.02.2010 13:24
                Very helpful



                If you can afford to pay out for straightners they are well worth it :)

                I first got a pair of GHDS for my 16th birthday, everybody at school was talking about them and I wanted to know what the big fuss was all about. When i first used the I couldn't believe the results as I have quite thick wavey hair other straightners I had previously used didn't really do anything.

                I used them about 5 times a week for about 3 years and then one day I returned home from work to find them snapped on the floor!!! my younger brother had trodden on them so that was the end to them. 3 years in my opinion is a long time and i would probably still have them now if i wasn't for him, so it's fair to say although pricey they do last.

                As I really wasn't financially able to fork out for a new pair of ghd's I decided to buy myself a nikki clarke pair from argos but this just didn't live up to the standard of ghd's. It must have taken me about an hour to straighten my hair if I wanted to wear my hair down and the straightness lasted for about half a day, whereas with Ghds this takes me 10 minutes and lasts for a day or 2.

                By now I realised I really needed a new pair and as my birthday was just around the corner I asked my partner for a pair. He bought me the limited edition precious styler from a hair salon, I originally wanted the baby pink ones but as these were limited edition and had a pattern he decided to pay£155 for this gift set....bless him.

                They come in a fancy black and silver storage bag along with a travel hairdryer and the pattern and the straightner itself is really modern and unique (I knew all my friends would want a piar if they seen them).

                These straightners are just great they look great, work great and you can curl straighten or flick your hair with them and get outstanding results. They have a light that bleeps and flashes to let you know they have heated up and are ready for use. They also have an automatic shutoff after 30 mins which is a very good safety feature and a swivel cord to prevent the wire getting tangled.

                The only thing that lets this product down is the price, hence my rating

                BEWARE OF FAKES: There is a code on the hologram sticker that you can check on the website to verify if they counterfit.


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