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Gucci Rush Fragrance Gift Set

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Brand: Gucci / Type: Gift Set

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2012 23:37
      Very helpful



      A vampish fragrance

      ~Get the Gucci Rush!~

      There is a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain something that I cannot explain about Gucci Rush, that makes it a fragrance that works really well on my skin once the initial fragrance notes have settled down. I have found that this fragrance has become one of my most favoured go to choices for evening wear, as it clings to the skin for many hours, softening over time yet still giving off an amazing fragranced effect that I really like. My first experience of having sprayed on a little of the Gucci Rush fragrance actually didn't go all that well, as the initial opening blast didn't smell all that great to me at the time. I often stay away from such heady blends as they can be overpowering and even headache inducing and I really thought that Gucci Rush was going to turn out to be one of these types of fragrances...how very wrong I was!

      I must admit that it was a shock to the senses to find little more than half an hour later how very nice the fragrance was as it has an aroma when on my skin, that nothing else in the fragrance world seems to have. Since having found this fragrance I have bought it regularly in the sales, picking up Gucci Rush gift sets at highly reduced prices whenever I can, so as to keep a nice healthy stock of fragrance to hand that I can spray on with wild abandon and not have to worry about replacing. In my opinion the cost of these lovely gift sets when reduced in price is generally no more and very often less than the cost of the stand alone fragrance. The bonus of these gift sets in my opinion, is the addition of a matching body lotion that is so well perfumed that it can be worn on its own if wanted.

      ~Product presentation and ease of use~

      The presentation used for the outer casing of a Gucci Rush gift set is generally very similar in my experience, no matter what the season. The main colour used on the simple cardboard cases is a very smart and bright metallic red that is slightly burnished and softened, so that all you see is a very light shimmer like effect. The silver toned metallic highlights used around the outer edges of the gift boxes adds a little style without being too over the top and the use of the Gucci Rush name on the top of the gift box lets you know what you are buying in a fairly subtle way, as the text used it not overly large. In my experience the gift boxes are sturdy and well made, as they always manage to protect the contents so as to avoid any damage. There is very often a clear plastic protective sleeve that sits around the outside of the gift boxes which protects the red shimmer finish from knocks and bumps. I feel this is helpful if buying a set to give as a gift, as it means the sets look pristine and new when unwrapped. So far so good then!

      The slight let down for me in terms of style and finish is the actual fragrance bottle, which is in reality no more than a cheap looking plastic rectangular shaped container with a push down spray applicator set in to it. I must say that the bright red plastic used to make the fragrance container is in no way the stylish looking object that anything bearing the Gucci brand name ought to look like in my opinion. The finish given by the red plastic material is nice and smooth to the touch and could be described as being sleek, yet it has a very cheap feel to it that lacks finesse. The Gucci Rush logo has been put to use on the fragrance container but does nothing to improve its look, although the easy to use push down spray applicator does work well enough when in use and makes up for some of the fragrance containers total lack of style in my opinion. There is no real weight to the fragrance container and it can be hard to tell just how much fragrance is left to use as everything is sealed behind the red plastic finish.

      The body lotion that you get in the gift sets has a thick plastic squeezy tube style container, that protects the body lotion inside from knocks and bumps. The plastic used is a little thicker than that used on many similar body lotion containers that you get in fragrance gift sets, so whilst it would be harder to pierce by accident, it can also be a little harder to squeeze out the last few drops of body lotion when the contents of the container is low. The lid that is used on the body lotion tube is easy to handle and can be twisted on or off as required with very little effort. The lid can be used to stand the container on if wanted, in order to allow the remaining body lotion to drain down towards the lid ready for future use. The red colour used on the fragrance container is not fully carried through to the body lotion tube, as the shade used does differ very slightly. I find that it can be difficult to know just how much body lotion is left ready for use as you cannot see through the coloured plastic. The texture and feel of the body lotion is thin yet not overly so and you need just a tiny amount of lotion in order to get a very nice fragranced effect on the skin. This means that a little of the body lotion goes a long way.

      ~Wearing the fragrance~

      Initially the Gucci Rush fragrance can seem rather over powering if wearing this for the first time (which is what I first found) and to that I say, just give it time to mellow and soften, then see how it reacts with the oils in your skin. After a short while I find Gucci Rush becomes a sultry, smooth much softer blend when sprayed on to my skin. I find that the initial tangy sweetness of the fragrance remains in a much softer more wearable form and an intense vanilla and patchouli scent linger on for a number of hours. As the fragrance changes over time there seems to be a light coffee flavour hidden in there some where amongst the chocolate smoked bourbon, that breezes softly by every now and then in a very attractive way. This intoxicating combination works really well on my skin and I feel that it makes the Gucci Rush fragrance feel very daring and grown up, as well as very different to every other fragrance I wear.

      I often find that there are fragrances that I can compare and say are similar to each other, but with Gucci Rush I can honestly say I can't do that, as I feel the fragrance is very different. The fragrance is rather strong at the out set, yet softens and becomes much more subtle the longer it is on the skin, staying sweet and yet not overly so. It has been a real head turning fragrance to wear too, as I have found other people who catch a little of it tend remark on how great it is, yet they too are very often unable to place it. I find that Gucci Rush also warms up as your skin does. The fragrance mellows nicely over the course of a few hours and on warmer days the fragrance seems to be reactivated every now and then. The fragrance is sold as being a fruity yet sultry scent, but I feel that it is not really fruity in the way we usually label fragrances, although it does have a fruity feeling tangy opening burst to it. Gucci Rush is certainly not all fluffy and pink, its more your steamy sultry vamp kind of scent, gently exposing soft warm fruity florals, spicy coffee chocolate coated vanilla and boozy bourbon, which results in a fragrance that has been packed with great longevity when on the skin. It can be lightly spritzed on and yet still be gorgeous for many hours afterwards.

      ~Fragrance notes~

      Gucci describe this fragrance as being 'an unmistakably sensual chypre scent for the woman who is sophisticated, intoxicating, and truly unforgettable. A sensual burst of exotic florals and spices, Gucci Rush is a warm, seductive and distinctly alluring fragrance. Having worn the fragrance a good number of times I would agree with much of that, as I feel the fragrance has something grown up and sophisticated about it that makes it stand out in a very exotic and sultry way.

      ~Top notes ~ Bergamot, peony and gardenia make up the top notes of this fragrance. I find that the first blast of fragrance is very strong and can be a little over powering if you are not used to wearing this type of fragrance, yet when left to settle on the skin the fragrance softens very nicely indeed. The top notes are less bold in the body lotion, making it something that can be worn on its own for a much lighter Gucci Rush effect.

      ~Mid/ heart notes ~ Violet, vanilla and jasmine with a hint of rose blend to add an exotic twist to Gucci Rush, that enfolds your skin in a warm vanilla scented haze. The body lotion offers a slightly less strong yet still seductive vanilla scented warmth that softens down very nicely over a short period of time.

      ~Base notes~ Patchoulli and bourbon work there way through, adding a good degree of spice, warmth and depth the the fragrance. I find that this seems to add a slightly alchoholic, yet almost coffee scented feel to the fragrance that works so very well with the warm chocolatey vanilla and exotic florals. The body lotion has a lighter feel towards the end of its wear time yet still manages to convey a good depth of fragrance in my opinion

      ~Product rating and price~

      I really like Gucci Rush as it stands out from the crowd, demanding attention whenever you wear it. I wouldn't say the fragrance will be to everyones taste, as I feel it is one of those love it or hate it blends that either works with or against the oils in your skin to produce its final fragrance. I would suggest a trial spray at the fragrance counter before purchase in order to see if it suits, prior to purchase. The cost of a stand alone bottle of Gucci Rush as either a 30ml or 50ml sized product can be anything from £30 to a little over £45, with a gift set containing a 30ml fragrance and 50ml body lotion very often being on sale for between £30 to £35. My rating for Gucci Rush has to be 5 stars as it really is something that I enjoy wearing. Longevity on the skin is very good and top up sprays are very often not needed, meaning a small sized fragrance should last for a considerable time even with repeated use. The body lotion is strong enough to be worn on its own if wanted.


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