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Lush Bunty Gift Set

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Products

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    3 Reviews
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      26.01.2014 11:46
      Very helpful



      5/5 a favourite set of mine, lovely products.

      Although I don't have much spare money anymore I do still like to treat myself occasionally and Lush has always been a favourite of mine. All my family and friends know that buying me a Lush Gift Set is a safe bet as so I regularly receive them for either my birthday or for Christmas. Bunty is one of Lush's cheaper gift sets, costing £13.75. In our group of friends we usually spend about £15 for birthdays so this is a gift set I regularly give and I've received it as a gift a few times too. Normally with gift sets I would expect the price to be cheaper than if buying the items individually, this isn't the case with this set though and individually the items only come to £11.75. Having said this though the packaging is very nice and when you consider this cost as well it probably doesn't make much difference.

      Bunty comes wrapped in a lovely spotty pink and yellow paper with a ribbon bow and a tag telling you what's inside. There are two different designs to the wrapping; some have yellow paper with pink spots and a pink ribbon, and others have pink paper with yellow spots and yellow ribbon. The wrapping is the only thing that's different about the boxes; they are still all Bunty Gift Sets and contain exactly the same products.

      There are four items inside the Bunty Gift Set: two bath bombs, Think Pink and Space Girl and two bubble bars, The Comforter and Creamy Candy.

      Think Pink- This is quite a small bath bomb which sells for £2.50 individually, it's bright pink in colour with three cute multicoloured candy flowers on the top. The smell is very sweet and quite overpowering at first, initially it's mainly a vanilla scent but this does turns into more of a citrus scent in the bath where it becomes lovely and subtle, it's very relaxing. As the bath bomb fizzes away lots of like confetti hearts appear in the bath which is looks really lovely. The little hearts are meant to gradually melt away in the bath water however I've never found this to be the case but if you give the bath a quick rinse when you get out they wash away easily.

      Space Girl- This UFO shaped bath bomb sells for £2.25 individually and it light purple with glitter on top. The scent reminds me of a fruity version of parma violets, it's very girly and has to be one of my favourites. In the bath though Space Girl is a little bit disappointing, the smell becomes almost non- existent which is a shame as it's so lovely. As Space Girl fizzes away it releases popping candy which crackles in the water and for this reason I like putting this one in the bath for my nephew as he absolutely loves it. If I get the Bunty Gift Set I tend to put Space Girl in one of my clothes drawers as I love the smell out of the bath and it makes my clothes smell lovely.

      The Comforter- At £4.50 individually for this bubble bar it isn't cheap, however Lush recommend just using half in the bath, I usually get at least four baths from this bar and still have lots of lovely bubbles. The Comforter is a flat circle of purple and white swirls which has a lovely sweet blackcurrant scent just like Ribena. In the bath the scent is still sweet but at the same time it's lovely and relaxing, you get tonnes of bubbles even if you just break a small amount of the bar off and crumble it under the running water. Usually I have a downside to most products but with The Comforter there isn't one!

      Creamy Candy- This is the bubble bar version of Rock Star soap and sells for £2.50 if you buy it on its own. This bubble bar is a lovely pink rectangle with a little candy flower on top like the Think Pink Bath Bomb, I usually get two or three uses from each bar. If you don't know Rock Star soap its sort of a sweet vanilla candyfloss scent, it's smells good enough to eat and again is one of my favourites. Again this bar creates loads of bubbles and scent is just as good in the bath although it is a little more subtle. Creamy Candy contains cocoa butter and you can definitely tell, the water and bubbles feel really silky and my skin feels lovely and soft when I get out of the bath.

      Overall, I'd really recommend the Bunty Gift Set from Lush. It contains three of my favourite products and although one product is a little disappointing for me in the bath I love using it to add a lovely scent to my clothes. It's certainly a very feminine gift set and a firm favourite among me and my friends. The only downside of this set is that the products are cheaper if bought individually, having said that the convenience of having it already boxed and wrapped in lovely paper is worth the extra couple of pounds for me.


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        04.02.2012 22:10
        Very helpful



        Four Lush products with girly scents

        Bunty Gift Box Spellbound gift box:

        Lush says:
        "Give someone a taste of the sweet and fruity swirls of The Comforter bubble bar, the candy scented Creamy Candy, moisturising Butterball bath ballistic and Keep it Fluffy bath ballistics, and give them a little bit of luxury."

        As I opened my box the smell of Lush hit me - fresh sweetness and blackcurrant fruitiness and I couldn't wait for my next bath. The box was wrapped in a beautiful pink paper with pastel coloured flowers tied with a real pink satin ribbon and a gift tag with Bunty on one side and To: and From: on the other. Inside the card it listed the four items in the box with a brief description of each.

        Inside this beautifully wrapped gift box I found; Creamy Candy bubble bar,Mini Comforter bubble bar, Butterball Bath Bomb and finally Keep It Fluffy Bath Bomb. A box of four of Lush's sweetest products and all packed in popcorn rather than polystyrene.

        Apparently you can have this gift box wrapped either in pink or yellow but whichever you choose this is a very feminine collection so not one I would choose to give a man.

        I love Lush and my children always get me a gift box for my Birthday in November and sometimes another for Christmas too if I'm lucky. I obviously don't use all the products at once so I unpack my gift box and place the items in my various clothes drawers so that I get the benefit of the wonderful aroma in my knickers, T-shirts and other clothes prior to using them in the bath. The popcorn I threw out for the birds and despite the strong smell they loved it - ten minutes after I put it out there was nothing there at all.

        I won't go into what to do with the products in detail but will give a short opinion on each product in the box.

        This is one of my favourite bubble bars from Lush and I can usually get at least four baths from a full sized one. I would say this one is about half the size of the usual bar so I may only get two. I have used about a third so maybe three baths if I am lucky. Just in case anyone has not tried a Lush bubble bar, the idea is that you crumble the bar as your bath is filling and then enjoy a huge mountain of luxuriously softening and moisturising scented bubbles.

        It is a really dark pink colour, like blackcurrants surprisingly, and swirled through with white. Each one is slightly different as they are handmade. Some are darker and others are very distinctly pink and white swirls so it varies quite a lot so you can often pick which you prefer from the pile on display.

        "This fruity bubble bar gives the feeling of being hugged by a jolly blackcurrant. When life is getting you down, crumble The Comforter under hot, running water for purple water and creamy bubbles. The warm aroma of cassis absolute is relaxing so relaxing that you'll go to bed feeling happier and the world will seem brighter the next day."

        I'm not sure about the happiness factor but is is a really lovely comforting smell, perhaps because it reminds me of Ribena that I used have for 'elevenses' when I was young!

        I lower myself through the layer of creamy bubbles and into the almost champagne pink water. It is a bit darker than champagne but a really true dark pink. Lie back and just soak for a few minutes absorbing the luscious fruity smell and the luxuriating in the wonderfully soft and creamy bath water.
        As I get out my skin feels lovely and moist and I smell quite fruitily sweet. A really lushious bath that I heartily recommend.

        This is a full sized bar as is sold in the shop. The name is a rather obvious and needs little further explanation really. I feel it is meant to conjure up images of cotton candy or candy floss and warm sunny days at the fair. Like the comforter this is a bubble bar which will create lots of lovely bubbles and soften the water while moisturising the skin.

        The bar is soft and creamy so crumbles easily. I find the smaller you can crumble the bits, the better bubbles you get as the bar dissolves more evenly. Remember this is only one third of the bar that created this bath full of bubbles and sniffed in the smell. I was immersed in the bubble gum scented warm moist air as it rose from the bath to fill my bathroom. This is a young smell that would appeal to the younger generation and particularly girls. My son's ex girlfriend loved this one. She was an odd mix of little girl pink and gothy punk and I bought this for her on a number of occasions! It is not a sophisticated scent at all and you do have to be in the mood for it. I find it quite light and summery so tend not to buy this one in winter much.

        The water feels creamy and soft and I never need any soap or other cleaning agent I just soak in the bath and luxuriate in the mass of bubbles that surround me enjoy the caressing smooth feel of the moisturised water gently soothing tired joints and oozing into my dried old skin! This bar is full of Fair Trade cocoa butter so it is especially moisturising for my skin. The cocoa butter means this is a very skin nourishing while the vanilla absolute and almond oil give this its candy smell. This is perfect for the person dieting who can get a fix of creamy sweetness without the calories.


        This is not a bubble bar but a bath bomb or ballistic so there are no bubbles from this one. This is not one of the large ballistics not is it one that is a special shape. This is a smallish ball shape just a bit bigger than a golf ball and smaller than a tennis ball. It is a whitish colour with flecks of browny bits.
        This is sold as a moisturising bath bomb so has plenty of cocoa butter in it and has the most lovely comforting smell of vanilla and ylang ylang which I only like in small doses as it can be a bit sickly Ylang yland is meant to be relaxing and a bit of an aphrodisiac though I can't say I noticed that effect!.

        I used half of mine and popped it into my bath where it happily fizzed and as it fizzed the scents where released into the warm air and rose to meet me. The lovely oils and butters soon melted into the hot bath and oozed into my skin as I lay back and relaxed.

        The smell was gentle and comforting and the water felt lovely and soft, like being in a gentle sweet smelling vanillary sweet blanket. When I got out my skin felt well moisturised and I didn't even need any lotion and I still smelled sweet and creamy too.

        It did leave a bit of a ring around the bath but a lot of Lush stuff does so I get used to wiping the bath afterwards and don't find it too much hassle if I do it while the bath is still warm

        Again I hadn't tried this one before so I was very interested in testing its benefits.
        My bomb was a bluey purple and creamy colour and about the size of a tennis ball or just a bit smaller.
        Lush say: "Vanilla and jasmine scented wonder-bomb to wrap you in fluffy. You might recognise the fragrance from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful. As Helen says: keep it fun, keep it fragrant, and keep it fluffy."

        This is quite a hard ball and I had a bit of trouble breaking it to use in the bath. Lush want use to use the whole bomb and drop it in the bath but the price these are I need to enjoy at least two and if I can do it I get three baths from mine. I put it in its paper bag and hit it with a rolling pin on the chopping board .

        Once I have my bits ready I drop a portion into my lovely warm bath and watch as the bomb fizzes away. The water turned a clear bluey almost jacaranda coloured water and the smell rises from the bath and fills the bathroom and even our room next door when I leave the door open.

        The smell is lovely a mixture of vanilla, jasmine, ylang ylang oil and lemongrass oil. The jasmine is such a lovely sexy smell and combines with creamy vanilla and the lemongrass oil lifts the scent and becomes quite uplifting. The scent of this product is lovely sweet, feminine and sexy. The scent was obvious but wasn't too strong or overpowering.

        The oils in the bomb left me enjoying a soft scented bath and once I got out I felt my skin nice and moisturised and the scent stayed on my skin for quite some time.

        Another lovely bath but I am still a bubble bar person and would choose a bubble bar over bath bomb any day though I do enjoy trying these products from time to time.

        NOT SO GOOD
        I am quite concerned that a number of Lush's products particularly the bubble bars do have SLS and other undesirable ingredients and considering they profess to be all natural I do think this is poor.

        I haven't listed all the ingredients of every item because if you really want to know these then you can get them off the Lush website. This is my opinion and feelings about this product which is what I feel a review should be. I loved my present despite the bath needing cleaning after some of the products. They are very different from other bath additives in that they obviously do have real bits in them just as they used to make them in the 'Good Old Days '. They are an experience and appeal to the senses of smell, sight and touch which is unusual for products for the bath. I hope that you have enjoyed this review and if you have not already been converted to Lush that you may be tempted to try something from their range.

        This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

        © Catsholiday


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          03.04.2010 12:44
          Very helpful



          A Brill Gift Set.... And Mine Was Even Better Because It Was FREE!

          On Xmas Eve I went into Lush to get some stocking fillers for my sister, she's only 10 and loves using bits of my bubbles bars and stuff so I wanted to get her a few bits of her own. I hadn't thought about getting her a gift set until I went into the shop and chose a few ballistics and bubble bars for her, they hadn't got any Big Blue ballistics on the shelf so I asked a woman working there and she told me that they had a deal on the gift sets where if you spent £15 in the shop and brought a gift set as well you'd get the same gift set for free. To cut a long story short I got my sister a Bunty set and so got a free Bunty set for myself! And 15 quids worth of other stuff..... talk about getting people spending more than usual! lol

          It cost £12.75 and comes wrapped in pink paper, wrapped loads better than I could ever do it as well! lol There's a big pink bow on it and even though it wasn't wrapped up like a Xmas pressie I knew my sister would love it because it's so girly looking.

          Inside the gift box you get 2 ballistics and 2 bubble bars. I used my last one out of the set last night and they're a wicked selection, it's weird though because I thought the gift sets would all be the same but I got a Butterball ballistic in mine but my sister got something else... bugged me as well because I've never been mad keen on Butterball!

          This is what you get in the Bunty gift set:


          This is a pink ballistic and looks nice with little sugar flowers on it. It's got a lovely sweet smell that's got vanilla in it but you can also smell flowers, the smell doesn't last all that long on your skin but it's wicked to bath in. I think this one made my skin feel LOADS softer than before I got in the bath and that feeling lasted for ages.


          I'm not mad keen on this one because it makes my skin feel greasy every time. I love the cocoa smell of it though but there's a bit too much butter for me, it's one of them you either love or hate though because it's one of the ballistics that has been constantly in Lush pretty much since the shop started. It's wickedly moisturising but it's the feel of my skin after that puts me off.


          I LOVE the smell of this bubble bar. You can break it in half but I always use the whole thing when I'm using Creamy Candy because then you get a gorgeous strong smell and a bath full of bubbles. This is like Think Pink, it smells wicked but the smell doesn't last long enough on my skin. It doesn't make my skin very soft either and I've known for years that the only reason I pay cash for this bar is to get a nice smell! lol It's gorgeous though and I was mega happy to find it in the gift set.


          These come in all different colours, mine was a blue bubble bar with a pink flower on it. It's gorgeous, you get soooooo many bubbles out of it and the smell is perfect for this mega girly gift set. The smell is citrus put it's not harsh and has also got a fruity and flowery smell at the same time. Pop In The Bath made my skin feel dead soft and I could feel how moisturising it was while I was still in the bath.

          I deffo recommend the Bunty gift set either as a treat for yourself or for a girl you've got to buy for. My sister used her set up between Xmas and New Year because she loved it so much and felt proper grown up for having her own Lush stuff.... trouble is I'm sure she's started helping herself to my stash now so I'll have to get her some more bits for her birthday! lol

          Recommended..... money well spent on a wicked gift set that you haven't even got to wrap yourself!!!


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