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Lush Sweet & Dreamy Gift Set

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Products

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2011 21:30
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      5/5 the perfect gift set when you need to relax

      I recieved Lush's Sweet and Dreamy gift set for my birthday just after Christmas, Lush stuff is always a winner with me and as people have usually run out of ideas on what to get me something like this is a sure fire hit.

      After a little look at Lush Times, I discovered that this box sells for £34.75, which seems pretty steep but there are a lot of lovely products inside! I did a few calculations and found out that together all the products if bought individually would cost £40.49, and you're getting the pretty wrapping as well so it works out at quite good value.

      The box from Sweet and Dreamy is unfortunately just a cardboard box wrapped up, unlike some of the more expensive sets where the box is reusable. However, the paper is lovely, covered in almost cartoony pink and white roses on a green background, there's then a great big bow bright pink wrapped around it so no other wrapping is needed. The tag on the box gives details of everything that's inside with a little picture so you can tell what's what. Inside Lush have replaced the popcorn which used to protect their products, with what I can only describe as bio- degradable multi- coloured foam wotsits.

      So... what's inside?
      The box contains eight different Lush products, perfect to calm and relax, the box contains a couple of my all time favourites in the Comforter Bubble Bar and Rock Star Soap, but I've discovered some new favourites in here too.

      Therapy Massage Bar- This 65g chunk of massage bar usually costs £5.95 and is 100% organic. I usually break off a chunk before going in the shower so I don't waste it too quickly, this massage bar is perfect for a bath before bedtime though as it contains lavender and cocoa butter, it makes your skins lovely and soft and sends you right off to sleep.

      Comforter Bubble Bar- I love this one, it's always been a favourite and I was glad to see it inside my gift set. It's a very girly product and I like to break the bar in half before putting it under the running tap of my bath as it's a 200g bar and does get very bubbly! This is usually priced at £3.99, it's lovely and sweet, with a strong scent of blackcurrent.

      Vanilla Fountain Ballistic- Although I'd always though this looked lovely in Lush but had never tried it before it came in this set. It's £3.05 when bought individually but looks much more expensive, the scent isn't too over powering and reminds me a bit of creme caramel but with a bit more of a vanilla kick.

      Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt- Again another one perfect for relaxing, I use this 30g block in one go after a particularly stressful day as the lavender and sandalwood help with this and the jasmine and chamomile help you drift off to sleep. This is usually priced at £2.95.

      Dreamwash Smoothie- This 250g pot of smoothie usually costs £8.95, so I use sparingly. Containing chamomile, aloe vera and tea tree this has skin calming properties. I'm not too keen on the scent personally but it is relaxing.

      Waving Not Drowning Ballistic- When finding this is my set I was a bit puzzled, it's very plain and doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the products. It's usually priced at £2.30, quite cheap for a ballistic, the scent is nice though, lavender, fennel and ylang ylang, very relaxing!

      Rock Star Soap- My favourite of all the Lush soaps, Rock Star is very girly, it comes in a 100g chunk, usually priced at £3.05. It lathers well and is a mix of vanilla and bubble gum scent, it's very sweet, but again I'm not sure it fits in with such a relaxing gift set.

      Dream Cream Body Lotion- This 240g pot was a new one on me, it contais cocoa butter so it's perfect for soothing even the worst dry skin. This also contain lavender, rose and chamomile so again very calming and relaxing, it's usually priced at £10.25 so it's one I use sparingly.

      Overall, I think this is a really good value gift set, there's plenty in there from a wide range of products I wouldn't usually try. Along with some well known favourites there are some new ones I'd never heard of let alone tried. All the products are based around the idea of relaxing and de- stressing, perfect for any busy lady.


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