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Morgan Mixed 5 Piece Eau de Parfum Gift Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Morgan / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2011 09:08
      Very helpful




      These Perfume sets are always a good thing as they allow you to smell a few different scents and find out if you like it or not. Fair enough you don't get the pretty bottles but you get the Perfume and that's what i'm looking for.

      I picked up this pack online and I think it cost me around £8 which was a not bad price in my view.

      These come in individual glass vials which are bright and colourful enough. The lids are easy enough to get off and you can either just tip the scent onto the area you wish to scent, or use the little plastic bit to wipe the scent over the area.

      So what are the scents in here and how do they smell?

      Morgan De Toi - I had smelt this one before and quite like it. This has scents of Musk and Blackcurrant in it, and I would say it's quite a heavy scent, but not too heavy. This is meant to contain Citrus Fruits in here, but I can't smell this in it.

      Morgan Love De Toi - I've already reviewed this seperately and it's a scent that I like quite a lot. So I would say it's best to read my full review about this as it will go into more detail.

      Morgan Light My Heart - Again another fruity and slightly sweet scent with a dash of Musk in it. I would say that you can smell the Citrus scent in here more than other scents, but it isn't overpowering or all that. This is quite a fresh and lingering scent and I would say this one lasts the longest.

      Morgan Sweet paradise - You get 2 of this vial in here. I felt a bit cheated as I was expecting 5 different scents. What if I didn't like this one, then nearly half of the Perfume would have seemed like a waste. The notes in this one are Blackcurrant, Lychee and Grape. It smells quite fresh and a little zesty. I suppose it smells a little tropical like and I would say that you can smell a slight Ocean scent in here.

      So how would I rate this set? It's a good enough set, but don't think there should be 2 of 1 scent no matter if you end up really liking the scent. After all I feel that this is just a taster of different Perfumes and you should get 5 different tastes.

      Would make a nice present as there is lots of choice in here, I wouldn't buy it again as i've got what I needed out of the scent pack.


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      16.02.2010 12:39
      Very helpful



      a nice variety of perfumes

      I always like to have a variety of perfumes, so when I spotted a packet of five 8ml mixed Morgan perfumes for £8.95 at the website Perfume Point, I thought I would try them out especially as I had liked a number of Morgan perfumes in the past.

      The perfumes arrived in a non-descript packet as it was basically just a slim see through plastic box containing a piece of silver card against which the perfumes were lined. It seems a shame that they didn't make slightly more effort with the packaging as this could have made a nice present for someone, but as it is I would say the packaging makes it look a little too cheap to give as a gift.

      The Perfume comes in 13cm long glass tubes (lid is included in the length) They feel quite sturdy and have survived in my handbag easily and there isn't much chance of the lid coming off (unless you want it to) as it fits very securely.

      The Perfumes

      You receive two tubes of this perfume. I am not sure why you get two, maybe this is the most popular of their perfumes or maybe it's the least popular and they want to get rid of it! Sweet Paradise comes in a turquoise tinted tube and following the Paradise theme of its name, is covered in images of flowers. The lid of the tube is a frosted turquoise colour and is slightly transparent. I would say it is quite attractive but maybe looks slightly too babyish due to the flowers.
      When you first smell the perfume you get a strong scent of grapefruit, which I personally don't like that much as it smells a little too sour and tangy for my liking. After a couple of minutes this settles down and you are left with quite a tropical, fresh and fruity scent which also smells slightly of the Ocean (I was going to say Sea-Water as I have never smelt the Ocean, but it sounded a bit odd).
      I read that it has Blackcurrant and Lychee in it and knowing that I can smell them and they add depth to the scent. Overall I like the smell, but only after it has settled down. I have found the scent isn't particularly long lasting, maybe 3 hours before it fades completely.

      Morgan De Toi comes in a clear glass tube with no design on it apart from the name of the perfume, which appears written in firebox red in a font that resembles hand writing. The Lid of this perfume is also firebox red but this time is not transparent. This is classed as a romantic perfume and I would agree with this description. When you first spray this you get a scent of Blackcurrant (Morgan apparently love its Blackcurrant). This is a much heavier scent than Sweet Paradise and I think it might be because it has a base note of Musk. While looking around on the internet I found that this perfume is supposed to contain nectarines (which I love) and now I know that, I can slightly smell the scent, however if I didn't know I would never have guessed the fruitiness of Morgan De Toi was Nectarine as it is quite an unusual ingredient. I would say this perfume is fruity, heavy and musky and slightly floral and I like this perfume, but I wouldn't say it is particularly special or unusual. This has slightly better staying power as it lasts around 4-5 hours.

      Light my Heart comes in a clear tube with no designs. Light My Heart is written in thick white writing across the middle and is also written a number of times in small writing at the end of the tubes. The lid of the perfume is completely opaque white. I am not very keen on the packaging of this perfume as I find that it looks a bit sterile and when I take it out of my bag I think people wonder what it is, as it looks more like it could be some sort of medical related accessory than a perfume! The white lid can also look a little grubby after a while. This perfume is quite unusual as I wouldn't say it is sweet at all and in fact the first word that jumped into my mind when smelling this perfume is savoury (weird I know!) It is definitely a musky scent and although there are hints of fruit in it, such as raspberry and citrus, I think that the musk stops the fruit scents from making the perfume sweet. This is a very watery smelling perfume and is incredibly light as you might expect from the name. I would say that this perfume is soapy and fresh and is best used as casual wear as it is far too light for anything else. I like this perfume and although I don't think anyone would find it offensive, I don't think it is a perfume to get excited about either. This perfume has the worst staying power, it lasts for maybe an hour before fading completely with not even a lingering scent.


      Morgan Love Love comes in quite a similar style tube to Light my Heart, however instead of white, candy pink is used and this time the lid is partially transparent. I think that the perfume looks attractive but maybe looks to girly or cheap for some. When you spray this perfume you get an immediate scent with no waiting time for the alcohol to settle. The first scent you get is one of incredible sweetness. This is definitely the sweetest perfume I have ever smelt. For me the first scent I think of when I smell this perfume is candy floss, however when the perfume settles down a little, you can start to smell more of a fruity sweetness. There is a slight hint of apples to this perfume but it is not particularly strong. I feel like I can smell the slightest scent of aniseed in this perfume, however looking at a list of ingredients I am not sure which one of them is responsible for the aniseed scent. There is a strong smell of cherry to this perfume which means that I love it, as I tend to love anything which is cherry scented. I would say this perfume is sweet and fruity and is completely girly. I know this perfume would probably not suit every ones taste as it is not sophisticated at all, it just smells lovely in a very obvious way. This has quite good staying power as it lasts about 4 hours before fading. I would say this perfume would be best for a romantic or special occasion.

      Overall I am quite pleased with these perfumes. My favourites are Love Love and I'm surprised to say Sweet Paradise as once it settles down, it's a nice scent. Although I could have bought more perfume for cheaper, I like knowing what all these perfumes smell like as I buy a lot of perfume over the internet, so its nice to know what they are like as it means that I could possibly buy the full bottle as gifts for people without worrying that they smell terrible. Although the perfumes do smell slightly similar (I am not talking about the two sweet paradise perfumes I received!) I think this is due to them all being from the same perfume house rather than any strong resemblance between them. I would recommend these perfumes to people.


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