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Remington S1001 Girls With Attitude Gift Set

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Brand: Remington

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2013 16:12
      Very helpful




      I used to live with a girl who had GHDs and I never felt the need to buy my own straighteners as she was generous enough to let me use hers whenever I needed to and GHDs are in my opinion the greatest straighteners in the world! I have since moved elsewhere so it was time to pick out a new pair of straighteners. My one condition was that the straighteners I bought had ceramic plates. Non-ceramic straighteners seem to tug on my hair and break it, whereas ceramics glide over it without causing as much damage (although obviously it's not great for your hair!). I went to Boots and immediately fell in love with these. They are the S1001 model in a special 'Girls With Attitude' gift box. I seem to remember it costing around £35, but it is available from ebay for around £24 now. I didn't want something too cheap as I know they can be of very poor quality, but GHDs were far too far out of my price range. £35 seemed like an appropriate price to pay. The reason I loved this gift box was that the straighteners are in a limited edition print. They are bright pink with a kind of black snake-skin print all over them. They also came with black and pink crackle effect nail polish - I love crackle effect nails, but had never had a chance to try them and so this seemed perfect. There was also a cool emery board included with the same print. Unfortunately the nail polish wasn't great - it's watery and doesn't last long, but it was fun and it encouraged me to go out and buy a brand-name crackle polish to experiment more with. In my eyes, it was only a free-gift and I'm not going to knock any stars off for this. =Using the straighteners= These straighteners have an on switch and once switched on there's a little red light. They take around 30 seconds to heat up which is really quick and makes all the difference when you're in a rush to get ready in the morning. The plates are quite slim so you can be really precise with your styling, but it does mean it takes a little longer if you are straightening your whole head. These probably wouldn't be suitable for people with really thick curly hair, but for the majority of users I think these would do fine. The plates are quite shielded by the casing and I have never burnt myself (head or hand) with these. I never feel that my head gets uncomfortably hot when I am straightening near my roots. I never feel like these are tugging my hair and shredding it to pieces. I can never hear that horrible sound of hair breaking that you sometimes get with cheap straighteners which is a big plus for me! =Appearance= My hair always looks straight after using these - it does the job just fine! I noticed that GHDs always used to make my hair look shiny after use, but sadly these don't. It does look completely acceptable though and if I add a bit of shine serum I'm good to go. My hair doesn't go too big and frizzy at the roots after using these; a lot of cheaper straighteners straighten the lengths, but make the roots look awful (I'm guessing from static maybe?) - these don't do that and they don't feel like they're destroying my hair. The only thing is that I don't think my hair stays straight all day long with these while GHDs kept my hair straighter for longer. It's not significantly worse, but it's just worth pointing out. By about 7pm I'm starting to get little curls and flicks at the end. I haven't noticed my hair get into significantly worse condition since buying these straighteners despite the high heat intensity. I use heat protection spray and avoid straightening my hair every day and I think these straighteners are on the lesser side of evil! =Overall= Overall they get 4/5 - for the bargain price they are as close to GHD quality that I have ever used. The results stay for a reasonable time (but not all day) and it is really easy to straighten with these. The cool print is another great bonus in my opinion. They are a bit let down with the lack of shine after use, but that's what you get for the price and I'm perfectly happy.


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