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Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Ladies Gift Set

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Brand: Sarah Jessica Parker / Type: Gift Set

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2012 23:38
      Very helpful



      A feminine and pretty fragrance

      ~A 'Lovely' little SJP fragrance gift set~

      The first SJP Lovely fragrance gift set I had was one that was bought for me and I recall that it came well presented in a nice gift box which I must say looked really very attractive. The set came in a gorgeous pale pink girly themed gift box, complete with small cosmetic style motifs printed all over it, which I felt gave it a very quirky and unusual look. I was very happy to receive my SJP Lovely set as a gift and once I sprayed on a small amount of the fragrance, I liked it from the out set. In my opinion the pretty slightly soapy and woody floral scent that greeted me from that first spritz of this fragrance was actually quite far removed from the girly pink pack it came in and I must admit that I was rather surprised by how very feminine and grown up Lovely actually is.

      Since then I have bought this fragrance at sale time for half its normal price on a regular basis, as I feel it is rather a pretty scent that suits my skin and I will continue to do so for as long as I feel I still enjoy wearing this light and easy to wear fragrance. The feel of the fragrance is both pretty and light in my opinion and it has a very easy to wear feel that is not overly sweetened or too heavy and clingy. I feel the fragrance is perfect for wear on a light fresh spring day or on a warm summers day, as it seems to give off a nice fresh just stepped out of the shower feel that I enjoy. I like the presentation of the fragrance and its easy to handle fragrance bottle as much as I like the fragrance itself and as such I feel the balance between the two is good.

      ~Presentation and ease of use~

      My very first gift set was amazingly good as it contained 3 small fragrance vials which each contained the SJP Lovely fragrance, along with a two part outer case in a pale pink tone with gold trims which had a fourth fragrance vial inside it, making it ready to use as a small sized handbag spray that could be taken out and about with me as and when needed. Since the moment I popped the small purse spray into my bag it has been one of the things that I have used time and time again, not only with the Lovely fragrance but with other fragrances too, as the small glass vials are easy to wash and refill with whatever I choose to put in them. The spray applicator on the small purse spray is easy to use and allows a nice amount of fragrance to be spritzed on where I want it. The lid stays put on the top of the container with ease, meaning everything stays safely in place and doesn't leak at all.

      I have since bought other gift sets which have included a full sized fragrance with a complimentary combination of body creams and shower gels which I feel work well together. The contents of these gifts sets has generally lasted quite well, as I have found that a small amount of this pretty fragrance really does go rather a long way. The full sized bottle that the fragrance comes in is very pretty and easy to use and it sits well on a flat surface even when not completely full. I like the feel and shape of the simple clear glass bottle and the pretty peachy pink fragrance within looks very inviting and pretty sat inside it. The spray applicator on the bottles I have had has always worked well and I have had no issues with the sprays becoming clogged or stuck. The lid looks pretty and finishes the bottle well when on display, although I do feel it isn't the sort of lid that stays on well enough to put the full sized fragrance bottle into a bag to take out with me. This doesn't matter to me as I have the purse spray set, although I do feel it may limit the use of the full sized bottle for some people.

      The pale pink boxes that the fragrance comes in are very sweet and girly with touch of gold here and there and I feel they look rather nice, although they do give you the idea that the fragrance will be a similar pinky and girly themed over sweetened blend, which it certainly is not. As I tend to only buy the gift sets once reduced to half price in the sales, I have only ever bought the full sized gift boxed sets, which I feel do look well presented and are as lovely as the fragrance name suggests they should be. I feel they would make very nice gifts if only I could part with them, which I can't as the fragrance is very light and easy to wear on those days when I cannot make my mind up about anything that is too strong smelling and want a lighter brighter alternative.

      ~ The fragrance notes~

      Top Notes (the first thing that hits your nose)
      These comprise Apple Martini, zingy citrusy Bergamot and classic Lavender

      Mid Notes (these take a little while to simmer)
      Following on with a blend of pretty spring time Paper Whites, Creamy Orchid and Patchoulii

      Base Notes (strength and longevity over time)
      Long lasting Musks, Sultry Woods, White Amber and smooth depth giving Cedarwood

      ~How lovely is Lovely ?~

      I find that Lovely is a fragrance that opens in a pretty and light feeling slightly sweet citrus enhanced tone, which combines to give me that just stepped out of the shower feel. The sweetness of the fragrance is softened and toned down by a well defined woody tone that alters what might have been a very young and girly fragrance otherwise. All the way through wearing Lovely the floral feel of the fragrance is continued, although it changes over time as the fragrance does at times give off a very slightly powdery feel, that comes and goes depending on the warmth of my skin. On warmer days I find there is a recurring citrus layer from the bergamot that wafts around on and off and interlaces itself between the florals and woods in the scent to give a refreshing tangy feel that I like.

      There is often a light soapy feel to the fragrance that is very pleasant and gives me that just out of the shower feeling, which when set amongst the florals in the fragrance can be very useful at times, as it gives my senses a little extra boost. The paper whites in the fragrance offer up a very pretty spring time scent that is fresh and sweet at the same time and the addition of the lavender in the fragrance seems to blend really nicely with them. When thinking about how the fragrance smells I do feel that the patchoulli in the fragrance is always there yet is never too strong and overpowering and I really like the way it works with all the other elements in the fragrance, as it adds a deeper richer tone that is never too over the top and is always in keeping with the scent as it softens on the skin.

      ~Summary, rating and price~

      I feel the SJP Lovely fragrance really is an easy to wear scent that will suit women of almost any age. The fragrance is light and refreshing yet manages to stay on my skin for a good number of hours and it never seems to be too heavy or sweet when I wear it. I like the fact that this fragrance can be worn at almost any time in any situation and yet still suit the mood and this makes it a nice stand by scent for those days when you cannot make up your mind about the kind of fragrance that will suit your needs. As such I feel that the name of the fragrance suits the way I feel about it as it really is rather pretty and easy to wear and as such I feel it ought to get a 4 star product rating.

      Prices for an SJP Lovely fragrance gift set can vary depending on the sets contents and the best time to pick up a well priced set is during the sales when prices can be cut from £35 to £40 for a 50ml bottle of fragrance with a body cream and shower gel, to around half that, which I feel is very good value. When you consider that it can cost £30 for a 50ml sized bottle on its own, I feel the gift sets do provide a nice selection of toning fragrance products at a reasonable price. My rating for the range of Lovely fragrance gift sets is 4 stars.


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