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Sex in the City Kiss Gift Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sex In The City

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2011 03:09
      Very helpful




      I was given this as a gift along with the other two perfumes so I feel I can give a fair review on this.
      It can be bought for £9.99 in semi-chem which I feel is a cheap price for a good perfume.

      The box contains the 200ml shower gel and body lotion, 100ml big bottle of perfume and 15ml handbag perfume to carry around for top ups during the day.
      You can choose between the spray bottle or the regular small bottle.


      The shower gels come in white tubes with green sideways buildings with name and logo at the top, they stand up on the lid so its always easy to get the products out which is also green.

      The 100ml perfume is a light see through green coloured glass bottle with metal around the top with holes in it and metal lid, you can see the logo at the front and kiss at the back coming through the bottle, the 15ml is similar but just smaller.

      The products

      The perfume reminds me of green apples so its a nice and refreshing perfume to use throughout the daytime, if you apply a fair amount then it does last for quite a few hours and you have the small one to top up with.
      Its top tones are blue hyacinth, orange blossom and eden mist water flower. Medium notes are laelia orchid, pink honeysuckle and chinese yellow flower. Bottom notes are plum blossom, amber seed and zebrano woodland.
      Apple does not seem to be in here but it smells like green apples to me which is the reason I like this perfume so much.

      The shower and body gels smell the same but the fragrance is less strong.


      It is my favorite out of the three perfumes and I would recommend this one highly, it is only £9.99 which is now available in semi-chem. It is a lovely day perfume that is not too strong yet not too subtle.
      I do feel however that the bottles could be more eye catching especially around the top of the bottles.
      If your deciding which one to buy as a gift I would say this one is the best one to choose from.


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      24.06.2011 09:02
      Very helpful



      A nice fresh summer time scent

      ==Sex in the City Kiss Gift Set==

      On my last birthday I was lucky enough to get a few perfumes and such items but this was the best looking perfume I received as it came in a fancy box and was made up of four items in the set so it came across as looking really expensive as there was a lot too it. Now that I have nearly finished off all the products I felt I was qualified to write about the item.

      Seeing as it was a birthday gift I don't really know the exact price paid but before having a look on the internet I would have assumed that the set would have cost in the region of £25 to £30 but having a look you can pick this up for as cheap as £7.99! This is a total bargain for what you get and does make a great present! There are a good few places online where it can be bought but I can't say that I have seen it on the high street at all and they definitely don't have it in Boots.

      The set comprises of four separate items, the Eau de toilette spray which is 100 ml in size, then there is a small handbag perfume so that you can carry the scent around all day with you for a top up and this is 30 ml. There is also a 200 ml shower gel and a 200 ml body lotion all in the same fragrance. If you are able to get it for £8 then this is a mere £2 per item which is great value for money.

      I used the shower gel up first and this was really rather pleasant. The bubbles that were created were a good amount and although it didn't make my skin feel overly hydrated it didn't cause it to dry out excessively. The fragrance of the shower gel is exactly the same as all the other products and although the style of product changes the fragrance is kept true to each of them. The shower gel didnt last overly long as I tend to go a bit mad in the shower and do like to make tons of bubbles and use probably too much product at any one time however I liked using it and it lasted as well as any other 200 ml shower gel I would use. The only down side was the screw cap lid which was a bit of a pain to get back on once off but more often than not I would leave this till I was out of the shower and all dried off.

      The 200 ml body lotion is the item which I still have a bit left of and this is main because I am more of a body cream type of girl. The lotion is a thin type of cream which I don't feel gives my skin enough moisture and I have only used this lotion during the day on my legs when they need a little bit extra without being too bogged down with cream. It does glide on lovely and again the fragrance is strong whilst still being nice and the lotion sinks into the skin in a quick time frame.

      The small handbag perfume container is such a great idea and of course this was popped straight into my bag and lost in the depths for a while and really only used when I remembered it was there. However it has all gone now and its just a shame that it couldn't be refilled at all. The fact that you have the scent in your bag so that you can top up your fragrance when the need arises I really liked and it is so small that, in my large bag, I hardly noticed it there at all. The scent inside the bottle is just like the actual Eau De Toilette itself but a little stronger and probably lasts a little better than when using the larger bottle. I think this maybe because it is a Eau de Parfume rather than toilette and I believe this means it is a stronger smell so you do really need to use a little less than you would do of the main large bottle.

      The large bottle itself is of a good design with a lid that is easy to pull off to reveal the pump action nozzle underneath. Each press of this lets out a really good amount of the perfume and I tend to use around three sprays to get a good even coverage. I find that the smell is strong on first application but by midday the scent has faded a good deal and this is about the time a top up would be needed. There isn't really much longevity when it comes to using this big perfume. But for the price and the size of the bottle I would still think that its good value for money and I do personally like the scent.

      So on to the smell of all these items.....

      The fragrance for me is certainly a summer type one as it is very fresh and rather fruity. There are top notes of Orange Blossom, blue hyacinth and Jabuticaba wood which to me gives a really light citrus scent with a floral mix and works really well. However this smell soon is taken over by the heart notes of the fragrance which is made up of jasmine, orchid and honeysuckle and this takes over a far more flowery and fresh smell and the fruitiness of the perfume is soon replaced. These scents linger slightly but the base notes come through and are the ones that seem to have the most long lasting abilities and the smell of the perfume that is most noticeable is the amber which gives it the body and depth that you need to last a bit longer and still be smelling half way through the day. The scents of all these mixed together really do give a very fresh and feminine scent that I really like.

      I would say that it is not my best fragrance and the fact that it doesn't last all day is really not ideal. The perfume is best suited for daytime wear in my opinion and far best for the summer than any other time. I don't think this would suit the more mature woman as it does have a young and vibrant aroma that is quite girly in its way.

      All in all I think that for the price that this can be picked up it is well worth getting. Okay so it doesn't last very long scent wise but you get so much for your money that this isn't really a massive problem and with the little handbag carry along perfume this is a great way to be able to top it up without too much bother. I was more than happy to receive the set as a gift and I wouldn't hesitate in buying this for someone else. I think for the fact that the fruity fresh scent is really nice and you get a lot for your money I will award a 4 out of 5 star rating and give it a recommendation. Really the only minus mark is because of the fact that the scent doesn't last as long as I would like on my skin but for this price I am not moaning too much (especially as I didn't' pay anything for it!)

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      many thanks for taking the time to read.


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    • Product Details

      Includes: Eau de Parfum Spray, Shower Gel & Body Lotion

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