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Sex in the City Seduce Gift Set

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Brand: Sex In The City

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2011 09:53
      Very helpful



      Good value

      Key features:

      Brand: Sex in the city "SEDUCE''
      Launched: 2000's
      Type: Eau de Parfum
      Gender: women.
      Classified as: musky, woody, floral

      I have never been interested in celebrity perfumes; I have tried a couple of them beforehand and didn't like them. I'm not so sure if the celebrities themselves have tried their own perfume to be honest. I prefer designer perfumes because they last longer and smell nicer even though they are a lot more expensive.

      So why did I buy this one then?

      I bought "sex in the city" because I wanted to use my Amazon vouchers and it came at a very cheap price of £7.99 for the four piece gift set. The perfume itself I sold for £5.99 so I thought why not take the gamble and get the shower gel the mini perfume and body lotion. It works out as £2 per item which is an absolute bargain so for me it was a no lose situation. There are lots of scents to choose from, personally I chose SEDUCE and LOVE and I shall review seduce this time round.

      == Sex in the city - SEDUCE, The content of the gift set: ==

      The set is constituted of 4 separate items; Sex in the city Eau de Parfum Spray (100ml), Sex in the city handbag size Eau de Parfum Spray (30 ml hand bag), shower gel (200ml) and body lotion (200 ml). All of them come in an elegant hard box so in my eyes it makes a gorgeous gift for a birthday or Christmas or any other occasion.

      == I'm going to review the perfume first. ==

      == The bottle and the colour of the perfume ==

      I have to say that all sex in the city bottles have the same bottle design, the only difference is the colour of the bottle. The bottle is a bit chunky and extremely tricky to hold it's designed to be wider instead of being taller, the bottle is tinted with the amber-brownish colour which gives you the impression that the perfume is of wood or earth scents. On the front, the middle of the perfume to be exact, the name of the perfume was written in gold. On the back the brand name was written. On the top of the bottle there is a plastic golden shell and the lid was elegantly designed with gold and amber shades. I was impressed with the design, it wasn't overly extraordinary and it wasn't basic too, it was chic and sophisticated looking bottle.

      == My opinion including the smell and the notes ==

      I think the most important thing about any perfume is its smell and for me first impression counts. My first impression about the perfume was, hmm, nice but very familiar. I was sure that I had smelled the scent before but I couldn't recount what it is.

      Analysing the notes in order to get the full picture about the fragrance.
      You should know that fragrances are different and they are classified into different categories according to their ingredients and composition.

      == Top note, passion fruit and pink grapefruit ==

      When I first sprayed the perfume, a big splash came out from the nozzle so a couple of sprays are more than enough. The initial scent was fruity; I could scent in immediately after it as sprayed. It was a very youthful, fresh and attractive smell. The sweet fragrance of passion fruit brewed nicely with sweet and zesty smell of pink grapefruit, making it both sweet and sharp at the same time. These lovely smells lasted for over 30 minutes.

      == Heart note, water lily, amber and white musk, ==

      After 30 minutes or so, the fragrance settled down and it built up into a new aroma. The initial scents didn't fade but they took the back seat and let the heart note shine! I just love any perfume with water lily and the heart note of this perfume is a stellar. The perfume transformed into much more dense and deep smell. It smelt more like a woody- earthy smell this time. The water lilies captured my senses with its flowery- grassy aroma enhanced by warm, resinous, rich and recognisable scent of amber. Any fragrance with amber with it will guarantee a warm and cosy perfume. There was a hint of white musk that gave the perfume that extra added touch of masculinity.

      == Base note, patchouli, musk, white sandalwood ==

      When it comes to the base note I always make sure to smell it very well because the base note is the last stage of perfumes transformation and in most cases it's the heaviest scents and you can probably smell it come night time

      The base note was a woody, earthy note. This base note had three main ingredients that are a part of woody fragrances.

      Woody fragrances are more heavy scents. Patchouli is an earthy and mossy fragrance that is very stimulating. A drop of musk that blended nicely with the white musk in the previous note, so more masculinity and warmth were added. Rounding up this very beautiful list was the smoky and earthy sandalwood which finished off the very good fragrance.

      == My opinion ==

      This fragrance is like sour grapes; you either love it or hate it. If you like strong fragrances then this one is for you.

      I loved this perfume because I adore strong musky, woody perfumes. It's a sexy, sophisticated and elegant. The only thing that can be considered as a downside is that the scent didn't last until the end of the day It probably lasted for a good 3-4 hours. The scent started really strong and powerful but it settled down and the smell started to drift away gradually until it almost vanished. Here comes the smaller bottle hand to use ( the 30 ml hand bag size bottle) I re apply it every now and then to keep the fragrance fresh and long lasting and worked for me.

      If I were to categorise this perfume by age groups, I would say it's suitable for all ages, young or old however, I'm not sure if teenage girls will enjoy using it. From my experience, young girls like flowery or zesty scents.

      As I mentioned in my previous perfume reviews, I do have a sensitive nose and I sneeze a lot when using certain perfumes, I must say that sex in the city seduce perfume did pass the test with flying colours and I didn't sneeze at all.

      In my opinion, it is an attractive, appealing and very warm scent; it is suitable for everyday wear but not for special occasions as it won't last for the whole outing.
      As for the name of the perfume, I suppose SEDUCE is a bit of an exaggerated name for this perfume as I can hardly describe it as a sensual perfume. If I could rename it, I would say charisma instead of seduce because it's a charismatic and alluring perfume.

      == The shower gel and the body lotion description and my opinion ==

      Both the shower gel and the body lotion have the same fragrance as the perfume but I have to add that the fragrance is slightly more intense. The shower gel and the body lotion came in soft plastic tube with the same colour as the bottle (amber-brownish). The shower gel is a clear thick liquid-gel that smells absolutely divine in the shower! Only small amounts will create a nice thick lather that lasts until the end of your shower. I was honestly surprised as it didn't hydrate my skin however it wasn't revitalising as they mentioned on the tube. The scent did last though and it didn't irritate or sting as some strong fragranced shower gel might do. As for the body lotion, it was so runny which was slightly disappointing but it did sink into my skin quickly and left my skin soft and lightly scented. I loved the results despite the runny state of the lotion. The fragrance lasted for a few good hours and it wasn't harsh on my skin.

      == Prices and availability ==

      You can buy the fragrance only for £4.99- £6.99 or the gift set which will work out a lot cheaper for you at only £7.99-£10.20. You can find it at most discount shops, pharmacies and all over the internet.

      == So would I recommend it? ==

      I would say yes, it's very cheap, the perfume smells very nice even though it didn't last for long; then again you can always re-apply. The shower gel and the body lotion are absolutely fabulous and it was definitely value for money.


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      Gift set / Includes: Perfume, shower gel and body lotion

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