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Soap & Glory Pink Big Gift Set

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11 Reviews
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    11 Reviews
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      22.08.2014 13:51
      Very helpful



      Soap and glory gift set, the perfect gift for any girl

      This soap and glory gift set is a great gift for any age. The products are all packed beautifully in gorgeous pink packaging which is very girly and feminine plus all of the products go in a box. This set is one of my all time favourites as there is a great range of all of their best products from face wash to shampoo. All the products are full size so everything comes in a decentsize. This set should last you for ages as a little bit goes a very very long way . The set is a little bit pricey but it is so worth it. If you think , if you bought each of those products separately it would cost you a lot more than the actual set does itself. I would most certainly recommend purchasing this product. Hope this review helps you all xxx Imogen Leigh bailey.


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      17.07.2014 21:53
      Very helpful



      Fabulous gift, showcases the best of Soap and Glory

      Receiving Soap and Glory products as gifts is absolutely wonderful, as they are really awesome, but I don''''t usually buy them for myself unless I have a voucher or really feel like treating myself, as I tend not to spend loads on toiletries for myself and these are a bit upmarket.

      To me some gift sets seem almost like an advert for the brand - fairly unpopular products packaged nicely and sold as part of a set to get people using them (call me a cynic...). However this set really isn''''t like that, it contains a selection of Soap and Glory''''s best products, for example the "Scrub Your Nose In It" facewash, which is a really good facial product - leaves my skin feeling great and I''''m always upset when I run out. Another favourite is the "Breakfast" body scrub - it smells so good (like honey and brown sugar) and does a really good job on rough skin (and latin and ballroom competition tanned skin that is going streaky, although that''''s probably not a consideration for most people!

      The range of products in the set is great, it''''s not just skin care like in a lot of gift sets. It really does showcase the whole Soap and Glory range. For example, the set includes a "Sexy Mother Pucker" lipgloss, a "Glad Hair Day" Shampoo and "Off Your Face" wipes.

      The products are all full size (250 ml for the shampoo, 300ml for body scrubs etc). In general Soap and Glory products look good, smell good, and do a good job. If you are looking to treat someone you really can''''t go far wrong with this gift set.


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      17.07.2014 16:30
      Very helpful


      • "Huge money saving"
      • "So many great products"


      Great products and huge savings! Love!

      This was the first ever Soap and Glory gift set I received and I absolutely loved it - so much so that I now have one every year and it''''s something I definitely look forward to. This was an introduction to some new products and I couldn''''t wait to try them. I do love the fact that as well as the pink girly packaging they use, that they always look nice in your bathroom. I loved most of the products in this box set however my particular favourites are the clean on me body wash - which smells absolutely gorgeous, leaves skin soft and smelling lovely. I love the righteous butter which is so nice to apply to your skin after a shower or bath and again smells divine. Also love the hand food moisturiser which is lovely to keep in your bag and leaves hands nice and soft. The products I was not so keen on was the breakfast scrub, just because on using it I feel it would leave the bits on your skin especially if you used this in the bath! I also wasn''''t a huge fan of the make up wipes. I would absolutely recommend this to those who love soap and glory products and who want to bag a huge saving as well as trying some great products you may not have used yet. The gift boxes also usually come with brilliant soap and glory offers to buy their product in-store but be sure to use them up quick-ish as they do have expiry dates.


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      01.02.2012 23:55
      1 Comment



      Lots of goodies with a girly, luxury feel

      I got this gift set for last Christmas-the whole lot lasted ages!

      Firstly, I was quite impressed with the fabric bag and internal collapsable box that very useful to use for other things such as laundry.

      There are two types of body scrub which feel like they are doing a good job, then you have the choice of a lighter lotion or rich body butter- my favourite of the lot- to moisturise.

      The lipgloss is a nice little addition, giving you a (very delicious cupcake!) taster of the cosmetics available in the Soap and Glory collection. The tingly sensation you get after a couple of minutes makes it feel like it is plumping the lips, although I couldn't see much difference in size.

      The body mist is the only one I haven't used much of as I feel it's something
      The packaging is quite appealing, I love the tongue in cheek names (Mother Plucker lipgloss!) for the products and it all looks quite girly.

      The Soap and Glory range is not the cheapest available, but does have a luxury and girly feel. This set makes a good gift as it has variety and lots in it.


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        23.09.2011 14:49
        Very helpful



        A wonderful gift set

        In the run up to Christmas 2010, I paid close attention to the Boots catalogue which listed all the lovely Christmas gifts available. One of these was the Soap & Glory Pink Big Tote Bag. I love Soap & Glory products, the brand started in 2006 with the aim of helping women pamper themselves without 'spending an arm and a leg just to moisturise one', and this set looked amazing, with 11 items, a canvas bag and a foldable cloth box all in the traditional Soap & Glory colours. The bag was originally priced at £60, but from looking at the Money Saving Expert forums I worked out that it was sure to make an appearance as an Offer of the Week (where one particular gift sells at half price), probably in the week before Christmas. I was right, and managed to pick a bag up in the Newcastle store on the very morning it was on offer. Several of my work colleagues at the time did the same thing, and my office was full of random pink boxes strewn everywhere! On offer, the set was priced at £25 although as I had accumulated plenty of Advantage Card points, I was able to use these and get the bag for free!

        The tote bag included in the product not only proved an effective way to transport the kit from work to home, but has also proved a sturdy container for anything I might like to transport. The foldable canvas box, which is pale pink with white polkadots, was very attractive and I now use it to hold my underwear, freeing up space in my drawers! It could also be used as a laundry basket, particularly on holiday as it folds up to be easily transportable. Inside the box, with a sturdy cardboard lid, were the products. Some people on the Money Saving Expert forums said they were disappointed that the products were just dumped on the bottom without any other packaging, even tissue paper, but I disagree. The packaging was a fantastic example of environmentally friendly packaging - the only throwaway bit was the tag: everything else was reusable and of high quality.

        ***The Products***
        The majority of the products in this gift set are part of the 'Original Pink' range from Soap & Glory. They come in bright pink packaging and are scented with the distinctive scent, made up of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. You can use one product at a time, or layer up to maximise the potential of the scent. All of the products are full size, except for Girligo which comes in a smaller travel size. I'll examine each product individually below.

        Girligo is described as a moisturising body mist. It comes in a pearly white bottle and to use it you remove the plastic cap and spray onto dry or slightly damp skin. You then rub the moisturiser, which is very light, into your skin. I was impressed by how well this mist moisturised the skin, although it's no substitute for a proper moisturiser on dry skin. It is great for the summer or for topping up moisture and freshness throughout the day, and could be used by someone with normal to oily skin in place of a normal moisturiser. It is scented with the sweet and fruity Soap and Glory fragrance.

        -Hand Food-
        Hand Food is a delicious rich hand cream, which contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow to keep hands soft and moisturised and is scented with the Soap and Glory fragrance. it's non-greasy and sinks into the skin well, but still does an excellent job. I will certainly be buying this again as it's lovely.

        -Glad Hair Day Shampoo-
        This shampoo comes in a bright pink tube, and smells of the Soap and Glory scent in a slightly different form - rather like fruit tea! Unusually, it's clear in colour. The product contains raspberry fruit vinegar and glycerine to enhance gloss and shine, as well as pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and strengthen. It is made with a 'no build up' formula designed so you never have to switch shampoos. The product was gentle on my hair and didn't strip the colour. I was impressed that the shampoo significantly reduced my dandruff and the itchiness of my scalp, particularly as it smells so strong. This is perhaps because it is SLS and paraben free. However, it wasn't quite as moisturising as I would have liked, and as I had to use a lot per application, buying the shampoo separately would work out very expensive.

        -The Righteous Butter-
        This luxurious body butter comes in a large pink tub and is scented with the Soap and Glory scent. It is made with softening shea butter and aloe vera to moisturise the skin. Inside, the butter is pale pink and quite thick in texture. The butter sinks into skin quickly without feeling greasy, yet it's really moisturising. Unlike The Body Shop body butters, The Righteous Butter is suitable for everyday use, not just occasional intensive moisturising.

        -Clean On Me-
        Clean On Me is a lovely shower cream which comes in a clear plastic bottle with a nozzle top, showcasing the pale pink/cream product inside. It smells of the Soap and Glory scent and only a tiny amount is needed on a shower puff to produce a good lather. It claims to have a moisturiser built in, and it certainly doesn't dry out my skin. I still need to use a moisturiser afterwards, but I do have dry skin - someone with normal to oily skin could probably get away without using moisturiser. This shower gel would be great value even at full price as it's a huge 500ml bottle which lasts ages.

        -Flake Away-
        Flake Away is described as a "shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish". Inside the tub, the product is a thick paste which is creamy-pink in colour, and you can see the peach seeds in the cream. The scent is Soap and Glory's signature scent, though is has a fruitier aspect to it. To apply the scrub, just scoop some out in the bath or shower and rub all over your skin. I find this scrub is gentle enough to use all over but is still very effective. It works especially well on the upper arms but I tend to use it everywhere, paying special attention to elbows and knees. The scrub rinses off easily, and because the peach seeds are so fine and the rest of the scrub is sugar, it dissolves easily and doesn't clog your plughole. This is a really effective scrub. It lasts for ages and I will be happy to repurchase.

        -Breakfast Scrub-
        This is a luxurious body scrub made up of shea butter, oats and sugar which also contains almonds, honey and banana extracts. It smells like sweet porridge or maple syrup and scrubs the skin effectively while keeping it soft and moisturised. It comes in a clear tub with a pink lid. An amazing scrub, ideal for use in the winter as it is so warming and comforting.

        -Scrub Your Nose In It-
        This product is a "multi-tasking scrub and mask marvel" for the face. Refreshing, blue and minty, you can use it as a simple facial scrub or leave it on longer as an exfoliating mask. It comes in the standard pink packaging and looks very eye-catching on your bathroom shelf. I really liked this scrub as I found it made my skin look brighter and more radiant without irritating it. The scrub also helped to reduce blackheads and minimise my pores.

        -Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths-
        This pack of 25 face wipes comes in a lovely bright pink pack with a plastic lid. The wipes smell lovely and are very effective at removing all traces of makeup including mascara. My face feels thoroughly clean after use and the wipes don't dry out my skin. They don't dry out themselves, either, owing to the secure lid.

        -Sexy Mother Pucker (Pink Apricot)-
        This is a chocolatey-smelling lip gloss that gives lips a lovely natural pink sheen. It makes the lips tingle and look slightly larger. While it doesn't plump my lips hugely, it's a lovely lip gloss that I'd be happy to buy again.

        -Shower puff-
        This product is basically a shower puff, so there's not a great deal to say about it. However it's bright pink and absolutely huge, so it looks good in your bathroom as well as working well. I always use a shower puff to help shower gel and soap lather - this way I need to use less product. It also gives a gentle exfoliation and I don't actually feel clean without using it. This particular puff is of very high quality and lasts ages.

        ***Final Thoughts***
        I absolutely love this set. It's full of fantastic products and the packaging is great too. At £25 the price per product works at around £2.50 which I think is absolutely fantastic value for such high quality items, especially as many of them, such as The Righteous Butter, normally retail for nearly £10. Soap & Glory gift sets have been on special offer the week before Christmas for the past couple of years. I would be very surprised indeed if they were not on offer this year too. If you fancy picking one up I would recommend keeping an eye on the Boots Christmas catalogue and the Money Saving Expert forums nearer to the time. It really is a fantastic bargain and well worth purchasing. Five stars from me.


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          15.02.2011 23:43




          SOAP AND GLORY PINK BIG Gift Set

          Received as a Christmas gift 2010

          What does it contain?

          * The Righteous Butter Body Butter
          Smells gorgeous, but don`t bother sticking your finger in and having a taste, I did and it wasn't good.

          * Flake Away Body Scrub
          Just not scrubby enough for my liking, must rub harder next time.

          * Girligo Scented Body Moisturising Mist
          Smells light and girly and clean. Just the right size to keep in a handbag and spritz during the day.

          * Glad Hair Day Ultra-Shine Super-Shampoo
          Rich and smells amazing, but I didn't notice any extra shine to my hair. The yummy scent lasted for about 3 days until the next wash though, so I was very pleased.

          * The Breakfast Scrub Body Smoother
          Lovely and scratchy and thick, just the way it should be.

          * Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream
          I found this to be way too thick and greasy, it made me panicky and I had to rub it off with a towel and washing up liquid.

          * Scrub Your Nose In It Face Scrub And Mask
          A delicate abrasive paste in a disturbing pukey green shade. Made my face feel good, and I was very relived that it didn't stain my face!

          * Super Colour Sexy Mother Pucker, Lip Gloss in 'Pink Apricot'
          Gorgeous colour, lovely creamy lipgloss and a very interesting throbbing sensation a few minutes after application.
          I would have loved this if the heavy candy-chocolately scent hadnt made me completely nauseous.

          * Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes
          I will be buying these weekly, quite simply the most gentle and refreshing cleansing wipes I have ever had the pleasure of using.

          * Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff
          So glamourous! Why arent all shower puffs this huge and pink and girly? They should be!

          * Storage box
          Very useful, I store all the spare loo rolls in it!


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          11.02.2011 01:12
          Very helpful



          brill product, handy storage bag and lots of lovely products

          My brother and his girlfriend got me this set for Christmas and I absolutely love it! All of the products have a great scent
          1. shower gel: great foam especially if you use if with a shower puff
          2.righttous butter: very easy to rub in, absorbs easily and does not leave a greasy residue
          3.flaw away body buff: excellent product, not too harsh, just feels like rubbing light sand on yourself
          4.moisturizing mist: lovely scent and quick to apply if in a rush. do not need to rub in
          5. shampoo: i have very thin hair and this did not overpower it at all. had a great lather and was easy to wash out. lovely smell
          6. breakfast scrub: lovely scent, great feeling of skin afterwards,
          7.hand food: great for on the go, not greasy, quickly absorbs
          8.facial scrub: nice minty smell, not harsh on my sensitive skin. can be used as face mask too which is great for night in
          9. lip gloss: nice colour and scent though did sting a bit on my cracked lips
          10. wipes: again not too strong, no stinging when taking off my make up and good for getting off eye make up which can be hard
          11. shower puff: nice and big!

          i really love this set and would def recommend it. the box that it comes in can be folded down and stored, there is also a lid which sits inside the box when you buy it. the box comes in a pink square bag which is great for storing bits and pieces in or for taking shopping - handy for when the bag tax comes in. the handles are a good length and durable.


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            05.02.2011 00:14



            Lovely little set!

            I had this set for Xmas, it was 60 pound reduced to 25 in Boots.
            I was so excited when I saw it as I love the Soap and Glory range and couldn't wait to see what was in the box!
            I love the fact it came with a big shopper bag that you can reuse aswell, or even use as a weekend bag!
            The box is massive and when you open it you wonder why the items are in such a big box because the items don't fill up to the top of the box, they are all at the bottom and tissue paper is stuffed in the box.
            I am reusing the box as a sort of magazine rack as the box base itself is really gorgeous, pale pink with a little soap and glory logo on the side. I have disgarded the box lid though as it wasnt as gorgeous with all of the products all on the top in pictures, so I just kept the actual box.

            The items themselves are gorgeous and I have always love S and G products. They tend to have the same similar smell but the products go on really well and you can always smell the scent still on you after you have used them; for example with the shampoo and moisturiser.

            The product I would big up the most would be the moisturiser, it is really creamy and fresh and has a gorgeous scent that lingers, and it really does work on your skin and moisturises it really thoroughly.
            Another of my faves is the lip gloss that comes with it, bare in mind when you put this on it IS meant to tingle. Some people might think they are having an allergic reactic, but fear not it is meant to do that as it is meant to plump up your lips. So I like this but it is fairly sticky.


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            03.02.2011 14:50
            Very helpful



            A superb Christmas gift set for £25.00 with an actual value of £67.11... bargain!


            I received this fantastic Soap & Glory gift set for Christmas off my mum. She got me one last year too because they are such a bargain when they go less than half price, which is usually a few weeks before Christmas. So rather than it costing £60.00 it cost £25.00 which is just an incredible price for all the items you get in it.
            Prior to looking at the products inside I was trying to work out what the box could be used for. My mum said that she thought it was not the most attractive box and bag around it. Despite saying this though I find both to be extremely useful. We have just moved house so I've been using the box as a miniature laundry box (it is a fabric foldable box too - great for storing) and the bag is useful for travelling.


            Well I shall answer that rather important question. Half of the items I had already tried before and the other half I was trying for the first time. I was not disappointed with any of these products. In the review I have put a clear title for each product and its separate retail value so we can see how much was saved with buying the gift. Don't be dismayed though that you may not have bought this gift this Christmas, I am pretty sure it is a recurring thing they do each year. It is certainly the second year they have done it. I have also given a rating to each item out of 10.

            CLEAN ON ME CLARIFYING SHOWER GEL 500ml RRP: £5.11

            There was a large 500ml Clean On Me Clarifying Shower Gel. It is a creamy pink colour, it is a creamy consistency, with an added body lotion in it. So it certainly makes the skin feel very moisturised after use. However, it does not tend to foam up because of this body lotion element to it. It is best to massage it over the body whilst not standing underneath the shower or else before you have rubbed it in, it is already down the plug hole. I love this product because it is a much larger bottle and lasts such a long time. I think even for £5.11 it is a good price and even better when the products are 3 for 2. RATING: 8/10.

            THE RIGHTEOUS BODY BUTTER 300ml RRP: £10.00

            Another product in the box was The Righteous Body Butter in a 300ml pot. This again is a rather large pot of body butter. The pot is pink with a cream coloured body butter inside. I love this body butter because usually I find all body butters too sticky but this one is great after I have gotten out of the bath. However, the smallest amount is needed so I can see this pot lasting me a long time. It contains shea butter and aloe vera so it feels extremely smooth and smells incredible. This usually retails at £10.00 which does sound a lot of money but again when 3 for 2 is on it is not so bad. For some reason body butters always cost a lot more than other products in the range. This product I had not tried prior to getting this gift and if you think that the entire gift cost £25.00 and this product alone is £10.00 it was a pretty amazing value gift! RATING: 10/10

            FLAKE AWAY BODY SCRUB 300ml RRP: £6.64 + POWDER PUFF RRP: £3.57

            A third product in the box is Flake Away Body Scrub again in a large 300ml pot. This is in an orangey/pink pot and inside is a sort of grey colour with exfoliating granules in. I really love this product because most exfoliators are quite liquidy but this one is thick and you can get a great exfoliation with it whilst also using the Giant Pink Shower Puff that comes in the gift. If you do not already have a shower puff I would really recommend buying yourself the Soap & Glory Shower Puff. It is large with lots and lots of folds which allows your product to go a lot further and lather up. RATING FLAKE AWAY: 8/10, RATING SHOWER PUFF: 9/10.


            This is a fantastic fruity smelling moisturising spritz containing a mix of strawberry, peach, jasmine and mandarin. I love this because it is so quick to moisturise all over the body. For somebody who feels like they have little time to moisturise this is the perfect product for them. Simply spray onto the body and then rub in. It is a lightweight moisturiser. This product came in a 100ml bottle but the actual size is 250mlwhich retails at £6.38. So I have had one of these from a previous gift so I have kept this one for the next time I go on holiday, it is the most perfect size to pop in your suitcase. RATING : 9/10.

            GLAD HAIR DAY SHAMPOO 250ml RRP: £5.22

            This was another product I had yet to try. However, I had tried a Soap & Glory treatment conditioner. I absolutely hated it because it made my hair feel greasy and sticky after I had used it despite putting such a small amount on and rinsing it off thoroughly. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I firstly loved the smell of it as I lathered it into my hair, it was sweet but fruity with raspberry and peach. It also has many added benefits such as containing strengthening and protecting ingredients as well as moisturising ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5. It did not make my hair feel greasy either and it was completely tangle free. RATING: 9/10.

            THE BREAKFAST SCRUB 300ml RRP: £9.25

            This is another exfoliating scrub in the gift set but it is quite different to the other one. I actually prefer this one. It comes in a round see through plastic pot with a pink lid. It smells almost like maple syrup, delicious. The look of it reminds me almost like a breakfast museli which is perhaps where it got its name from. It contains sugar granules, honey, almond, banana and oatmeal grains. So there are different shaped granules and grains in it giving a thorough exfoliation. Certainly a winner product from the gift set however, I am not sure I would pay £9.25 for it. RATING: 10/10.

            HAND FOOD HAND CREAM 125ml RRP: £4.85

            I have tried this hand cream before from another set but I received a miniature 50ml so I carried it around in my handbag. I do love the fruity, floral scent containing strawberries and mandarins as well as musk, amber and vanilla. It is supposed to smooth, soften and aid chapped hands. It certainly moisturised my hands but I do have some chapped dry parts on my hands between my fingers but it has not gotten rid of this and it can sting because it is fragranced. But if you would like it just as a regular moisturising hand cream then it is perfect. RATING: 7/10.

            SCRUB YOUR NOSE IN IT 125ml RRP: £7.40

            This one I do like but I tend to use fragrance free products on my face just because my skin is very sensitive on my face and I can break out in spots quite easily. However, I use it as a one off exfoliator and it is great to get rid of black heads around the nose area. Only a pea size of this is needed to massage onto an already wet face, it helps to unclog pores and get rid of dead skin cells. Alternatively it can be used as a 3 minute mask to help get rid of oil on the face. RATING: 6/10


            This product was my biggest surprise. I had one of these in a pink shade from the previous Christmas gift set. I had never tried it because I thought surely Soap & Glory cannot produce fantastic makeup when they specialise in bath and shower products, but I was definitely wrong. This one came in a peach/apricot colour and I tried it one evening. At first I thought I was having a reaction with it because my lips were tingling for ages after applying it. So I got my friend to apply it and she said the same thing. Then after about 30 minutes the tingling subsided. I loved the extremely glossy look it gave. I usually am not one for sticky lipglosses. I just hate getting my hair stuck to it. However, this one really was quite different to any lipgloss I have tried before. My lips looked massive!! So the plumping action that it claims was certainly right! It contains plumping superfill microspheres which increase up to 10 times which gives your lips the plumping look. Great for a night out on the pull, however, it is not a great day time look because it is not a natural look. I will rate it according to night time look which is RATING: 9/10.


            I usually do not use makeup remover wipes because they usually bring me out in spots and I do not feel that my face is clean afterwards. These claim to remove dirt, oil, make-up as well as exfoliating to remove dead skin cells. However, I did not see the later of exfoliation from these wipes. They smelt nice and removed my make-up but I still prefer washing my face with a wash and water. Great for a quick fix though or if travelling or on holiday. This is the only product I would not buy again, however, it was not an awful product, just not for me. RATING: 5/10.


            The actual value of this gift when adding all the individual prices of the items is £67.11 so this is was a massive bargain at £25.00. My rating of the all of the products overall equates to 8/10 which is an excellent rating. Overall a superb gift set and none of it is tested on animals which always makes me feel good when using their products. I love the fun, brightly coloured packaging and the gorgeous fruity, floral and sweet scents. Certainly a gift to look out for, some online stockists are still selling it. All Soap & Glory products are currently 3 for 2 in Boots if you like the sound of any of these items.


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              06.01.2011 20:46
              Very helpful



              Think Pink!

              This review will include parts of 3 of my previous reviews. This is due to the fact that I didn't know you could review the Big Pink Tote Bag, if for whatever reason you are not happy with this then I will redo the sections for these products. I have purely only done this as I would be writing pretty much the same thing anyway and I will not go on to review any of the other products from this bag separately.

              I received this set for Christmas 2010 and am very happy with the contents! It was available from Boots and cost £60, though very close to Christmas it was put on offer down to £25, which is a very good offer considering the value of the products.
              As this is on a S&G set all the contents are exclusive to Boots. It comes in a lovely pink tote bag, with the normal S&G retro design to it, which means it can easily be reused. The bag is really hand and due to its size it can also be used to carry school books. I love the retro design to it as it makes it a bit more edgy rather than a normal pink bag. The straps are quite long and sit on the shoulders comfortably. The straps are also relativley wide, so they don't dig into your shoulders making it uncomfortable to hold / use. Also the box can easily be folded down in order to store it and also be reused.

              ~Glad Hair Day Shampoo ~
              The shampoo is very easy to squeeze out, which I think may be due to the design of the bottle, which means you could probably easily do it with one hand. It has a flip top lid, which also unscrews should you need to do so.
              The shampoo is a pink / clear colour and as soon as you squeeze it out of the tube you can smell the fresh, fruity scent it has to it. The smell is quite sweet and does remind me a little of fruit flavoured sweets, however the fresher citrus smell far overpowers the sweetness of the shampoo.

              I did find that at first I found the shampoo a little hard to lather up and needed more than what I would normally need with any other shampoo in order to create a decent lather. Once I had done so, I managed to creat a real good lather, which also felt quite soft and creamy, compared to other shampoos which can sometimes feel a little watery or harsh.
              The shampoo was able to easily be washed clean with some fresh running water. When drying my hair it didn't feel like it had any left over shampoo residue in it, neither did it feel clogged up.

              Once dry I was very pleased with the results, my hair was left very soft and tangle free and I could easily glide my fingers through it. I wasn't too sure on the 'dazzling shine' it claimed to leave, but none the less it did leave my hair shiny, especially when it hit the light.
              It said the shampoo was suitable for daily use due to the no build up formula and when using it every day my hair was fine. I wouldn't say that it had completely no left over residue, however, was just the same as any other shampoo that I have used. My hair didn't become greasy quickly, but neither did it stay clean for days on end and was nothing special compared to others.

              I was pleased to see that the scent lingered as I really liked the scent. In some ways it reminded me of the smell of Aussie shampoo, due to the sweetness, however, it was far more fruitier than this.

              I would definitely recommend this shampoo, however, I do think that it is relatively expensive and is nothing special, though I wouldn't discourage people to buy it.

              ~Breakfast Scrub~
              To use I simply scoop some out with my hand and rub round in circles. As soon as you do this you can feel the scrub exfoliating as it is quite abrasive. It does feel quite 'gritty' to use, however is not harsh to the skin. As you rub it into the skin the smell begins to get a little stronger, I don't know whether this is because it is now covering a larger surface area or because by scrubbing it you are 'releasing' the smell. To the touch it does have quite a sticky texture, however it does all wash off easily and it is not a pain to remove from the skin.

              After washing off the scrub my legs immediately feel softer and smoother. They feel well exfoliated, but they also feel nourished and moisturised, which I wasn't expecting but was happy with none the less. I also found that the scent lingered, which I was very happy about. Due to it being a sweet scent it may be more suited to younger women as it could be seen as a little overpowering, but I personally absolutely love the smell.

              The scent is gorgeous, you can definitely smell the maple. It gives the item a much sweeter smell than many of the others which often have a very citrus smell. The top note is definitely the maple and it does remind me a little of pancakes and you can also get a slight undertone from the shea butter.

              To look at it looks golden brown and quite gritty, there are some visible oats, though most of them have been ground down and also some black things (not sure what these are!)

              ~Sexy mother pucker~
              This is available in a few colours, but the one that comes with this set is;
              ~Pink apricot~
              What it looks like in the bottle-
              Pink apricot doesn't look like it has much pink about it. It looks very orange, however, is a subtle orange and looks more like a coral. It looks very matte and doesn't even look that glossy and just has the one tone to it, whereas some lip glosses can have mottled tones when in the bottle.
              What it looks like on~
              Well, it looks much better on then it does in the bottle. Once on the 'pink' comes into play a bit more and it is actually a much more subtle and close to 'nude' colour than I expected. It just adds a 'tint' to the lips and once on it does look very glossy and shiny, unlike how it looked in the bottle. It is a more orangey pink than a reddy pink, which I think is where it gets its name from. It is a very subtle colour, so could easily be worn in daytime for a natural look, as it only adds a little pink tint to the lips.

              So, now the all important question, do they actually 'plump' the lips in anyway?
              Well, sadly for me...not really. When first applied it doesn't really feel like it is doing anything, however, after 30 or so seconds the tingling sensation begins. I am not actually sure how to describe it, but I strangely like it and it definitely feels like it was/ is doing something.
              After 5 minutes or so I was very disappointed to see that it had not really achieved anything, in no way did my lips look fuller, plumper or in fact any different from what they would have been using any other lip gloss. The tingling sensation did continue for around 10 minutes, however, even after this length of time there was still nothing to report which did leave me utterly disappointed, especially as it was a brand that I loved so much!

              Despite this once the tingling sensation had actually STOPPED completely, which did go on for about 15 minutes on me I found that my upper lip looked slightly 'fuller', but in no way would I call it 'plumper'. There was no difference to my bottom lip and after I had waited around 15 minutes for any sign of difference I had kind of given up all hope and to see what a measly difference it had made I had to then deal with the realisation that I had utterly wasted 15 minutes of my life staring into a mirror for some miraculous 'sexy mother puckers' which in all honestly, never existed and I doubt they ever will after my experience with this! The little difference it made was not noticeable and maybe it was only a figure of my imagination that it had in fact done that after longing for it work for 15 minutes!

              I was, however, very impressed with the staying power! It lasted at least a couple of hours before I needed to reapply and unlike some of the other lip glosses I have used that become sticky and tacky over the course of wearing it, this didn't happen. It didn't look flaky or uneven and the colour just faded slowly over time and didn't look patchy.

              The lip glosses, on a plus, do all smell absolutely beautiful. They have a gorgeous sweet aroma, it is vanilla, but with a subtlety or coco and just overall smells good enough to eat. It is not overpowering and I am pretty sure that once you are wearing it no one else can smell it, but it does smell good enough for others to comment on how nice it is when I first pull the wand out of the tube.

              ~Flake away~
              This is very similar to that of Breakfast scrub, in that it is an exfoliating style product. It comes in a large pink pot, which is almost identical to that of 'Righteous Butter'.

              The first thing I noticed when I opened this was how smooth it looked for an exfoliating type product. It looked very much like how I would expect a body butter to look. It was creamy white in colour and to look at the texture looked just as smooth. The smell is absolutely beautiful, unlike 'Breakfast Scrub', it has a very citrus smell to it and has an undertone of sweetness, whereas in Breakfast scrub the sweetness is the dominating factor.

              To use, I again simply scoop out some with my hand before rubbing it around in circles on my legs, on damp skin. When doing so you can begin to feel that it is slightly grainy and exfoliating, but not as 'gritty' as that of Breakfast scrub. When doing this it feels as if it is also moisturising due to the creaminess in the texture of this item, it also releases the scent more and in such it becomes stronger, it does not become over powerful, just more noticeable.

              To wash off it is very easy, which may be due to it be a less a gritty exfoliater and more a moisturising one. It left my legs very soft and feeling well nourished and moisturised, even more so than the 'Breakfast Scrub' which I was surprised at as I thought that the 'Breakfast Scrub' did well to leave my legs that way.

              The scent didn't linger as well with this one and within a couple of hours seemed to die down, which was a bit of a shame, however, my kegs stayed soft and smooth. It also left them looking more 'radiant' as if they have been buffed as well as just being exfoliated and clean from crocodile skin!

              ~Scrub your nose in it~
              This like a facial scrub, but mainly targets your nose, hence the title, and the T-Zone. It comes in yet another pink packaging and is an upside bottle with a flip lid. It is very similar to the shape of Hand Food, so can often be confused, which may causes some annoyance, though the designs on the front are quite different.

              It says to just use a peas size amount, and personally I found this to be the perfect amount to give my face a good old scrub, so I can definitely see this item lasting me a while as it is quite a large tube. The scrub itself is a turquoise / green colour and has a somewhat menthol / minty smell to it as well as being quite herbal.

              It is again another product that feels quite exfoliating and abrasive, which is often what is need for a facial scrub, as well as being quite grainy. It says that it can be used as a 2 in 1. By this it means that you can use it in 2 different ways, 1 being that it can be used just as a facial scrub and then washed off straight after, or as a cleansing, exfoliating mask, where you just use a thin layer which you leave on for 3 minutes and then wash off.

              I have used it in both ways and would not really say that there is any difference between the results. To scrub in it does feel quite abrasive, like it is being harsh on the skin and can seem quite 'drying'. It does feel ever so slightly 'tingly', which hopefully meant that it was doing something.

              When I washed it off my face felt cleansed and refreshed and in someway smoother. It did not seem dry, like I had expected it to feel as it wasn't very moisturising when it was on. I am not sure whether it reduces blemishes or spots, however I would definitely say that it has cleared up some blackheads on my nose and has been able to keep them at bay, so I am happy with the results. It also makes my face look a little more radiant and like it has a healthy shine.

              ~Off your face wipes~
              These are the facial wipes, which are just like basic face wipes. This has to be the item I was perhaps most disappointed with. The packaging was perhaps the best thing about it due to them having a plastic clip shut front which allowed the wipes to keep there moisture. (What little they did have.)

              The face wipes are slightly smaller than others I have used, but I believe them to a lot thicker which almost makes up for it. They are white in colour and have small, round little bubble like things which adds a different texture to them, though it doesn't say why this is or what it does.

              These don't really have much of a scent to them and it is almost nothing compared to other Soap and Glory products. It is a very subtle, fresh, clean smell which is nice, just nothing as special or as fruity as what I was expecting. I also found that the wipes were very dry and had very little moisture to them, meaning it was hard to be able to clean the face properly and even harder when wearing make up, making it virtually impossible to take off mascara.

              They also claim to reduce pores with frequent use and I haven't found them to do anything to refine or shrink my pores, I wasn't really expecting a simple face wipe to be able to do this, but it is always a little disappointing when something claims to do something.

              This may be one of my least favourite products in the bag, nonetheless they come in handy now and again!

              ~Righteous butter~
              This is like the moisturiser, or the body butter of the set. As I have previously said, this comes in a large pink pot which is much the same as the 'Flake Away' pot.

              It even has a very similar smell to that of Flake Away, being very citrus and fruity smelling with the ever so subtle undertone of sweetness, resembling the maple in 'Breakfast Scrub'. This butter is a creamy white colour and to the touch has a thick, creamy texture, but does not feel sticky or greasy.

              As it is thick it means that you only need a small amount as it goes a long way. It feels very smooth when apply and even feels moisturising as soon as you begin to rub it in. It does not feel greasy, despite the thick texture which I was a little surprised at and neither does it feel sticky. The texture is thick and slightly oily, but easily rubs off. Though, I do find that it transfers onto clothing a little too easily, meaning that your clothes can often be left with this greasy substance on them.

              I would definitely say that this is one of my favourite products, it leaves me feeling both nourished and moisturised. It leaves my skin both soft, smooth and silky to the touch and like many of the other S & G products leaves my skin looking slightly radiant, with a healthy shine.

              My only disappointment with this item was that the scent didn't really linger.

              ~Clean on me~
              This is much like a luxurious soap / shower gel / shower cream. It comes in a large bottle with a pump top action. I find the pump action to be really handy as it allows you to easily dispense the item with just one hand. I did, however, when first using the product have to pump it a few times and unscrew it to be able to get the pump to work. It may have just been mine, but just thought I'd let you know as it can get a little tedious, but it will work in the end!

              The soap /shower crème itself is quite thick and creamy looking and has a light pink colour. When using this, I actually used it along side the shower puff that came with this and with by doing this I was able to work up a really good, creamy lather. The lather felt very moisturising and thick, unlike some of the cheaper brands which can often feel quite watering and don't work up such a good lather.

              The scent is generally quite sweet with this item, but has a very subtle sweetness to it, compared to 'Breakfast Scrub' which has a very obvious sweetness to it. It also has some very slight undertones to it of fruits and some mid tones of citrus. It is a really nice, refreshing, yet subtle girly scent.

              This left my skin feeling REALLY soft, they were so smooth! Even whilst using it I could feel that it was very moisturising and after using it my legs were left very smooth to the touch as well as feeling moisturised. I was very happy with the outcome of this product as my legs stayed this way until I next used it!

              This is the item that is in a pearly white 'spray' style bottle. I have seen this item before, but had never actually used it before I received it in this set. This item is designed for those of you that when you are in a rush and don't have time to properly moisturise you can simply spritz on a bit of this and then rub it in to moisturise.

              The bottle itself is very attractive looking and the 'spray' top is quite small, meaning only a little bit comes out each time. I actually find this quite useful as despite is being thicker than any other spray, due to the fact you need to rub it in as it is moisturising, the small amount gives you time to do this before it runs off everywhere.

              Admittedly, it is not the most moisturising thing I have ever used, however, it does work well if you haven't got time to properly moisturise and are on the go. The spray itself is white in colour and though it is thicker than most sprays, it still does run so you need to run it in quite quickly. When rubbing it in, it does feel quite greasy, however at the same time moisturising. It doesn't leave the skin exactly soft or smooth, however, it does leave is somewhat more replenished and hydrated which I think is more the idea behind this product.
              Fortunately, the greasiness does no stick and begins to go and it just leaves your skin feeling hydrated.

              I also really like the scent on this, it is much like that of 'Clean on Me', but a little sweeter again, but less sickly than that of 'Breakfast Scrub'. This is a nice item for if you are too busy to moisturise properly, however, I would not say that it is good enough to use for a daily moisturiser and just to rely on this.

              ~Hand food~
              This is the hand cream item of the set. I have used this before and would not say that it is the best hand cream ever, but neither it is the worst. It is pretty 'normal'.

              It comes in a pink tube, much the same as that of 'Scrub your nose in it'. The hand cream itself is a white to cream colour with a very subtle pink tinge.

              The hand cream itself has a very non-greasy feel to it, which I really like as I hate it when you are unable to do anything after applying hand cream due to your hands having that 'sticky' texture to them. The hand cream feels quite moisturising when rubbing it in and when doing so the scent becomes stronger. It has a very sweet scent to it, but it is also very subtle.

              Despite frequently using the hand cream I would not say that there have been any drastic changes. My hands still feel quite dry, especially inbetween the fingers and only really managed to soothe the tops of my hand. Overall it is a nice hand cream, which is non-greasy, but it is by no means the best I have ever used and even struggles to soothe dry skin.

              This is a shower puff, but is a little more luxurious than most. It is very big, much bigger, fatter and fuller than many others I have used, perhaps double the size and is bright pink in colour.
              It has a silk tie / handle, which I suppose adds to the luxury, rather than some of them which just have a rope tie.

              It is good for using alongside many of the products in this set and is able to exfoliate well, but in no way is it too harsh or abrasive. There is nothing particularly special about this shower puff, except perhaps for its size, as at the end of the day a shower puff is a shower puff.

              Glad Hair Day Shampoo ~ RRP £5.22 250ml
              Breakfast Scrub~ RRP£9.25 300 ml
              Puff~ RRP£3.57
              Hand food~ RRP£4.85 125ml
              Girligo~ RRP£6.38 250ml
              Clean on me~ RRP£5.11 500ml
              Righteous butter~ RRP£10.00 300ml
              Off your face wipes~ RRP£4.09 25 wipes
              Scrub your nose in it~ RRP£7.40 125ml
              Flake away~ RRP£6.62 300ml
              Sexy mother pucker~ RRP£8.43 7ml

              Overall I'd definitely recommend this set or any of the items that are included in this! I am one very happy lady with this and I am sure any other girl would be!


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                A wonderfully, jam packed gift set full of all the best Soap & Glory full size products out there.

                Christmas has just recently come and gone, and it appears that Santa thought I had been a very good girl this year. I got showered with a whole host of wonderful gifts (that I shall be reviewing as time goes by) and had a superb festive holiday! One of the gifts that Santa (through the human device that is my Girlfriend) delivered to me was this "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set". I'm choosing to ignore the fact that I was with my Girlfriend at the time of this frantic purchase (scrambling out of bed at 8am to be at the nearest Boots store for its 9am open to bag the bargain that is this gift set!) and will remain to believe that Santa decided I deserved something extra special this year - just for being me! Well Santa - you did me proud! This "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" is enough to make any lady feel good all year round!

                If you haven't ever heard of Soap & Glory as a brand, then you probably don't know many women! Soap & Glory are a company whom produce the most luxuriously pampering, wonderfully scented and deliciously good bath and body products, and package them up in delightfully retro, girly packaging. Soap & Glory are a feast for the body, with their rich, thick body butters, tantalisingly alluring body sprays, refreshingly moisturising body washes and their tingly pout plumping lip glosses. If you're ever in need of a good old pamper session for yourself, or a last minute gift for a female friend or relative, turn to Soap & Glory - they will never let you down!

                Soap & Glory products are available to purchase from Boots, Harvey Nicholls and online at asos.com. These are the only official stockists of Soap & Glory products, so don't go looking elsewhere, or you could be duped into purchasing a rip off or lesser quality product which is trying to disguise itself as the wonderful Soap & Glory! The "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" was released in November time as part of the Soap & Glory Christmas gifts and proved to be a big hit with all Soap & Glory fans, and frantic present purchasing shoppers alike.

                This "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" is priced at £60, which is quite a hefty price to be spending on a gift for someone (or yourself!), but the sheer amount of products within the set make it worth the money. A total of thirteen different products are included in this set, working out at £4.62 per product. This price doesn't seem so bad once you divide the total cost up and compare it to the price of the individual products to purchase alone. However, if you were lucky enough (like my Girlfriend) to grab a "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" as part of the Boots 'deal of the week' promotion before Christmas, you would know that the set was reduced down to a more affordable £25! Now THAT is what I call a bargain!

                So, what is this "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set"? Only the biggest and most wonderfully girly gift set you will ever lay your eyes on, that's what! Firstly, the gift set comes complete with eleven different products within. Oh yes! Most gift sets generally come with a count of three to five products, at the maximum. This big beauty is packed with eleven different delicious products that will leave you feeling pampered and smelling divine! Not only are there eleven products inside, but the outer 'packaging' for this gift box makes up two extra products too! That's thirteen products in total in one gift set. That's thirteen. Count them! The eleven individual items are packaged inside a collapsible, foldable fabric storage box, which is then packaged inside a huge, beautifully printed, sturdy pink tote bag. Let's all bow down to the gift set fairy and give thanks for this incredible creation!

                I will run through the "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" contents one by one to give an idea of how just how fantastic this gift set has turned out, and how wonderfully pampering and delightful each individual product really is:

                Clean On Me - 500ml
                This award winning creamy shower gel will leave your skin squeaky clean and feeling wonderfully moisturised. With mandarin orange extract and built in body lotion, this glossy shower gel lathers up wonderfully and smells delicious. A 500ml bottle of Clean On Me shower gel is priced at £5.11 to buy alone.

                The Righteous Butter - 300ml
                This generously sized tub of wonderfully creamy body butter will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and down right irresistible. Formulated with shea butter and aloe vera, this butter is like no other. With a fruity, floral scent, this body butter will be sure to keep you coming back for more. A 300ml tub of The Righteous Butter is priced at £10 to buy alone.

                Flake Away - 300ml
                A delicious blend of shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar make up the magical blend of this flake defying body scrub. Scaly legs and dry elbows - be gone! This invigorating scrub will leave your body polished and your skin looking at its best! A 300ml tub of Flake Away is priced at £6.64 to buy alone.

                Girligo - 100ml
                Short on time? Too much of a rush to take time to moisturise? No problem! Girligo is a scented moisturising body spray which takes literally seconds to spritz onto your skin and only requires a quick rub in. Scented with peach, strawberry, bergamot, mandarin, musk and jasmine - this moisturising mist will leave your skin beautifully soft and smelling divine! A 100ml bottle of Girligo is priced at £2.55 to buy alone.

                Glad Hair Day - 250ml
                Looking for a deliciously scented shampoo that suits all hair types and leaves your tresses feeling silky smooth, shining like a star and strengthened? Look no further! This shampoo contains raspberry fruit vinegar, glycerine, phytantriol and Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep your locks in tip-top condition, smelling wonderful and looking superb! A 250ml tube of Glad Hair Day is priced at £5.22 to buy alone.

                The Breakfast Scrub - 300ml
                This body scrub is a new comer to the Soap & Glory range - and boy does it smell good enough to eat! Think thick American pancakes drowning in maple syrup. Yum yum! This scrub's formula is made up of blend of golden sugar, oatmeal grains, shea butter, banana, almond and honey extracts and is topped off with a great maple fragrance - all of which leave your skin silky smooth and smelling delicious. A 300ml tub of the Breakfast Scrub is priced at £9.25 to buy alone.

                Hand Food -125ml
                This non-greasy, quick fixing hand cream is made wonderful by its blend of marshmallow, shea butter and macadamia oil. These three ingredients act to smooth, soothe and soften dry, chapped or irritated hands and hydrate your over worked digits. Scented by strawberry, mandarin and vanilla - this hand cream is a feast for the nose as well as the skin. A 125ml tube of Hand Food is priced at £4.50 to buy alone.

                Scrub Your Nose In It - 125ml
                This product is not only a facial scrub, but can also act as a face mask too! Perfect for those amongst us who are prone to large pores that clog with daily grime easily. The super fruit acid ingredients act to dissolve the 'glue' which makes dead skin cells stick to the surface of the skin, whilst the special clay and earth ingredients act to absorb excess oil and clear dead skin cells and debris from the face surface. A 125ml tube of Scrub Your Nose In It is priced at £7.40 to buy alone.

                Super Color Sexy Mother Pucker - 7ml
                Looking for plump, deliciously glossy lips that are left wonderfully moisturised? This is the product for you! This lip gloss has been formulated with a rare circulation enhancing ingredient which causes a tingling sensation to boost blood flow to the lips - causing a natural 'plumping' effect without any need for cosmetic surgery! Go on, make those lips look divinely kissable! A 7ml tube of Super Color Sexy Mother Pucker is priced at £8.43 to buy alone.

                Off Your Face - 25 cleansing cloths
                No time to cleanse, tone and moisturise? No problem! These handy cleansing clothes work as a 3-in-1 to rid your face of oil, dirt and makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and stroke-able. The cleansing clothes are loaded with a formulation containing seaweed complex, mint and chamomile, and glycerine to clear and minimise pores, refresh and cleanse your skin, and leave your face feeling wonderfully moisturised. A pack of Off Your Face cleansing cloths is priced at £4.09 to buy alone.

                Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff:
                This has to be one of the biggest and girliest shower puffs I have ever come across. I have a fair few of these shower puffs now from different gift sets from the Soap & Glory range, and I wouldn't be without them! This shower puff is huge, pink, soft and makes a tiny blob of shower gel or soap go a long, long way! The Giant Super Sudsy Shower Puff is prices at £3.50 to purchase alone.

                Foldable Fabric Storage Box:
                This foldable fabric storage box is something that you'll treasure. You may have lived without it before, but once you own it, you'll wonder how you did! Made from a soft pink fabric adorned with mini white polka dots, this fabric storage box has reinforced sides and base. To collapse the box down, simply pop the base up and fold the sides - simple! My storage box is currently housing a host of cute stationary and beauty products which are yet to find a home in my messy chest of drawers!

                Giant Pink Retro Print Tote Bag:
                This tote bag has to be one of the biggest I've seen! Made from a wonderfully thick and durable cotton, this tote is a lovely pastel pink in colour and is printed with al all over black retro image design. The pink and black colour way suit the 'Soap & Glory' packaging designs perfectly. The all over print is made up from retro looking beauty products, bottles and containers, pin-up girl-esque ladies, baths and showers, hairdryers and a whole host of other floral, heart shaped and retro looking images. I've used my tote to carry large packages to the post office and to carry my 'top up' shop back from Tesco with no problems at all!

                The total individual price for the products which are available to purchase alone come to a grand sum of £66.69, not including the foldable fabric storage box and the gigantic retro tote bag. At the full RRP of £60, you're already saving yourself a lump of cash as this is much cheaper than buying the products alone. If you can pick up one of these "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set"s for less than RRP - you're on to a winner!

                In my honest opinion, as a female that enjoys taking a shower and is rather fond of pampering herself occasionally, this "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" is the best gift set I've ever come across! What woman wouldn't want a gigantic retro printed tote bag inside which there was a pretty pink polka dot storage box stuffed full of different pampering products to make her smell and look good? None! (aside from my Mum who doesn't care much for Soap & Glory, as she much prefers 'Sanctuary Spa' bath stuff - tut tut!) Soap & Glory really outdid their selves this year with their "Pink Big" gift set - I really cannot see how they can possible top this item next Christmas, but I look forward to finding out! The eleven different bath and beauty products inside this gift set are each wonderfully scented and a joy to use. The size of each product within the set is generous and long lasting, unlike a lot of other gift sets which tend to miniaturise their products to put them in their sets. There is a wonderful array of different products within the set, ranging from facial wipes to shampoo to maple scented body scrub, which means there is definitely something for every woman in there.

                The only problem I had was this gift set was that for full, original price of £60, once opened the set looked a little bare. The sheer size of the beautiful retro print tote bag with the foldable pink polka dot storage box inside made the products look rather minimal once the lid was lifted. The eleven individual products were of rather generous (either full size or large travel size pots/tubes) sizes, but there was no tissue paper or extra packing inside so the storage box looked rather empty with the products only half filling its spacious size. For £60 you would have assumed that soap & Glory could have stretched to a bit of pretty pink scrumpled tissue paper inside to pad out the box to make it appear fuller and more luxurious as a gift. That said, I'll still give this "Soap & Glory 'Pink Big' Gift Set" five out of five stars for being absolutely wonderful. After all, I guess I can't complain as I received my gift set as exactly that, a gift, and it was purchased for less than half the original RRP!

                On the whole, Soap & Glory seems to be a firm favourite with women between the ages of 15 and 65, and I'm sure there are fans out there that stretch even those wide age boundaries! The only trouble is - once you get hooked, you'll never be able to get out (alive!). If you're a lover of Soap & Glory and have worked hard at being good, or you simply want to treat someone you think deserves a little pampering, then this is the set to do it with!

                For more information about Soap & Glory, their brand and products you can visit their UK website at: www.soapandglory.co.uk

                **Also posted on Ciao.co.uk under the username little_feets88 **


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