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Soap & Glory Scent Sationalism Gift Set

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Brand: Soap and Glory / set / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Soap / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes

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    1 Review
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      21.11.2011 12:24
      Very helpful



      a beautiful gift for any girl

      Soap and Glory is a beauty brand from the founded of Bliss. S&G products include bath treats, body lotions and potions, perfume and skincare products.


      Soap and Glory release various gift sets at Christmas. Throughout the year, they offer 2 gift sets and one is Scent-Sationalism.

      This gift set includes 3 x 100ml fragranced sprays. Each spray is presented within a dinky, curvy bottle with a clear cap. Matching scented products can be purchased if you intend on layering your preferred scent. Each spray has a shelf life of 24months.

      *Glam-A-Lot Body Spray (a purpley coloured bottle) - described as being a "soft and sexy body spray". This spray is said to carry a scent of "fresh flowers layered on a woody, vanilla musk base".

      *Girligo Moisturising Mist (a white bottle) - a milky, post shower treat. Girligo is said to carry a scent of "bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk".

      *Mist You Madly Body Spray - a flirty scent which is said to be a blend of "bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk".


      The bottles are presented in a clear fronted box. The box is pink and white and this is typical of Soap and Glory products. The usual quirky sayings are present and old fashioned pictures that the company are famous for.


      This gift set is available from Boots priced at £8,43. This range is often on a 3 for 2 offer. The sprays are available individually in 250ml sized bottles which cost between £6.00 and £7.00 each.

      *~*My Thoughts*~*

      I love Soap and Glory products but rarely get to treat myself. Whilst Christmas shopping recently, I picked up a few things and opted to buy the Scent-Sationalism gift set. £8.43 might seem a lot for 3 x 100ml sprays when compared to Impulse and the likes but believe me, it is completely worth it. I got it on a 3 for 2 so bargain! I have bought this set before and am happy that it is stocked all year around.

      This set is beautifully presented in my opinion. It would make an ideal gift for a girly girl and I have bought one for my brother in laws girlfriend for Christmas as I know she will love it! Each bottle is perfect for slipping into a hand bag or taking on holiday as they aren't too bulky. The look and feel appealing and of a high quality and I have never had issues with leakages or dodgy spray tops.


      This body spray settles quite damp when sprayed from the bottle directly onto skin. It doesn't have a mist consistency like other body sprays and does feel slightly sticky on the skin for around 15seconds before absorbing and leaving no trace. I wouldn't recommend spraying this on clothing. This body spray gives an instant, refreshing feeling to the skin and leaves it cool.

      Glam-A-Lot is quite strongly perfumed and the scent settles beautifully on my skin. It is a modern, rather sophisticated scent which could be mistaken for a light perfume and certainly doesn't come across as being cheap and nasty. The scent lingers perfectly on my skin for several hours and during that time, the area which I applied it to feels soft.

      The scent is full bodied and ideal for using at night time in my opinion. The floral aspect is minimal and simply adds a freshness to the overall scent which pleased me. The main focus is on the vanilla base which is gorgeous. It gives the scent a natural sweet vanilla aroma which has a woody tinge and slight earth aroma. The musk runs through the scent and gives the overall scent a "grown up" feel allowing it to be used comfortably by younger or more mature ladies.

      I don't need to reapply this often as it has excellent staying power which is comparable with an EDT. I love this spray and would happily buy the full sized bottle though I do prefer the 100ml size for convenience. It is simply brilliant and I cannot fault it!


      This is my favourite spray from Soap and Glory and one which I have been using for around 2years. I think Soap and Glory made a good call adding a Moisturising Mist to this set as it sets it aside from just being a body spray set. I find this addition to make the set rather special!

      Girligo isn't a mist as the name would suggest. It sprays out milky and should be sprayed onto bare skin. This spray is ideal for using after a shower when my skin is slightly damp and it cools the skin nicely. I wouldn't carry this one about with me as it would be a bit awkward to apply when out and about due to the milky texture. When sprayed onto skin, the mist settles as a runny milk consistency and is very light weight. I find it to be like sun lotion sprays. It is easy to rub across the skin and absorbs very quickly leaving no sticky residue on the surface of my skin.

      Once absorbed, my skin feels hydrated and lightly moisturised. I have dry skin and this gives it a decent moisture boost allowing my skin to feel smooth and soft. It doesn't provide the same level of moisturisation as the body butter does but is ideal for those days when I cannot be bothered slapping on body butter or lotion and has pleasing results which last for several hours. I find it to work a treat when rubbed into rough areas around my knees and elbows.

      Girligo carries the most gorgeous scent and I love layering this one with the other similar scented goodies that S&G offer. It is the perfect day time scent and comes across as being girly and fresh. It is a light scent but is in no way subtle. It is noticeable to those around me without being overbearing. The peach, strawberry and mandarin create the prominent scent - fruity and sweet whilst the bergamot provides the uplifting freshness to the scent. The jasmine and musk act as undertones and aren't powerful enough to quench the fruity thirst.

      Overall my favourite scent and spray within this set. It leaves my skin feeling and smelling great and is one to buy full size and keep in the bathroom to spritz on before getting ready. It lasts most of the day though does start to lose its intensity after 4-5hours.

      *~*Mist You Madly*~*

      Another body spray and probably one of the most popular scents. This spray has the same effects on my skin as Glam-A-Lot - refreshing and smooth on the surface. I would say this is my least favourite S&G scent. Although I love the perfume based around this scent, I find the spray to be a bit too strong and have to limit how much I spray on my skin at any one time to avoid it overpowering! It is perfectly wearable but it just doesn't suit my personal tastes as much as the other 2 scents.

      On spraying, Mist You Madly is a volumptuous, full bodied scent which cannot fail to be notice. There is a lot going on within this scent and I feel they have tried to put too much different scents into one bottle which makes them more difficult to sniff out. This scent is heavy and musky more than anything else and I feel it would suit someone who does appreciate musks (as I don't). I can pick up floral hints which must be down to freesia and magnolia but the blackcurrant isn't detectable. There is a lingering sweetness from the vanilla but it isn't strong enough.

      I would say Mist You Madly is definently an evening scent and could be worn as a perfume as it is very strong. Only a tiny spray is needed for the scent to sit and linger on the skin for 6hours or so. Not my favourite from the set but nice enough and is adored by many.


      I love the combination of scents and the fact that you get 2 sprays and 1 mist in one box. Because of how long each scent lasts on my skin, the bottles last a considerable amount of time. I'm not tempted to spritz them all over to keep the scent going as there really is no need. The liquid consistency also allows the sprays to last much lonnger than an aersol can and personally, I cannot fault the set. Although I have not spoke highly of one of the sprays, this is down to personal preferrence and is nothing to do with a high quality of the set.

      Overall 5/5 - great treat for me and gift for a friend or girly girl. If you are trying S&G for the first time, this spray set is ideal to trial 3 products before commiting to paying over £6 for a full sized bottle.

      Thanks for reading! x


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