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Technic Adorn & Adore Gift Set

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Brand: Technic / Type: Eyeshadow

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    1 Review
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      14.10.2012 12:38
      Very helpful



      Not a set that I enjoyed

      In the set you receive 2 shimmer sticks, , 2 Trio Eye shadows, 5 Colour Eye shadows, 2 Eye shadow Quartets & 5 Double ended Foam Applicators. There are a range of shades in this set and each colour tends to have a light shade and a dark shade so you can blend them together.

      **Shimmer sticks**

      The shimmer sticks in this set are a lot larger than I am used to. Once I got used to holding the stick I found it was fairly easy to apply. By rubbing it over my eye lid a fair amount of the product transferred quickly, however it was a little patchy. I had to take my time to make sure that my entire eyelid was covered. I found them really hard to try and blend as they tend to dry so quickly I have to really work at it to create any acceptable finish. The colours are a little strange; in my set I received a really bright pink and a deep red colour. These are not usually colours I wear at all but as they were a gift I thought I would try them out.

      The shimmer sticks are rather pigmented which I was impressed with, however as for glimmer there was a little sparkle in the colour but nothing too over the top. The colour lasted on my eyes rather well, I was expecting it to fade really quickly but half way through the day it was still visible. It wipes off very easily with a makeup wipe and does not irritate my skin. The sticks could have been rather good but I just find the colour choices so wrong. I never wear pink or red on my eyes, I prefer neutral colours so these were way out of my comfort zone. If you like experimenting and do not mind bright, bold colours then you may enjoy these. I never sharpened them as I just did not use them enough that they needed to be however a larger sharpener should work ok with them.

      **Eye shadows**

      Again the colours for the eye shadows are very bright, and not something I would usually wear. There are greens, blues, oranges, pinks and browns. The only colour I tend to use is the really light pink as this is subtle but really nice for wearing day or night. Also the browns have a few nice shades too. I do find I have to use another eye shadow I have to blend in to make the final finish nicer but they are usable.
      The eye shadows them self really crumble under the brush I use. I find if I use my usual eye shadow brush it picks up the colour nicely, and I find that it is very easy to apply. Once on my eyes the finish is rather impressive it transfers easily, and I find it really easy to blend into the skin. The colour is not greatly pigmented but you can build the colour up a little by adding more than one layer of colour.

      The staying power with the powder eye shadows is not great. I find they begin to fade really quickly, and after just a few hours it is barley noticeable. The brighter colours tend to last a little longer the orange stays put for hours as does the blue and green. I like that the eye shadows come in different compacts rather than one large tray as it makes it easier to keep the colours I want whereas the more bright colours can be hidden at the bottom of a draw. I did one take one of the darker quadruplets case with me when I went on a hen weekend as I was not sure what colours I wanted to wear. I decided on a nice shade of brown but as I went to open the compact up I found the eye shadow had all broken in the case causing a huge mess.

      This eye shadow does have a slight shimmer to it, not so much that you cannot wear it every day, but enough so that it shines in the light. Some of the shades of brown are really nice and if blended properly can look really nice. I do not usually use a primer on my eyes but I find with this eye shadow it does help a great deal in making sure the colour lasts well. The eye shadow can be removed very easily wipe a face wipe or cleanser and it did not cause any irritation to my eyes.

      With this set I received a number of foam double ended applicators. I think there were five when I originally opened it but to be honest I have only ever used them once. I found that they were really thin and I could almost feel the plastic underneath the sponge. When applying the eye shadow I found they were not great at picking the colour up although the shadows are rather crumbly. It felt like I was scraping the colour on rather than anything else so I decided to use my normal eye shadow brush.


      If I had not received this as a gift there is no way I would have purchased it. There are a range of colours in this set but the only ones I really use are the shades of brown, and sometimes the light pink. It is a cheap set there is no way of escaping that. The set cost around £5 which is mega cheap for the amount if eye products you receive. The problem is it is cheap not just in price but in performance too. The eye shadow crumbles way too much meaning half the product is wasted by blowing excess powder away each time you use it. The colours are not highly pigmented meaning you need to add a lot of the product to produce a good enough block of colour. The staying power is rubbish on the shades I actually use, and with the other shades that I do not care if they last as they are horrible seem to stay put forever.

      You can purchase this set from places like semichem, cheap fragrances and other value make up sites. If you like daring unusual colours you may enjoy this set but I am afraid it just isn't for me. My niece has now adopted most of this set but there are even colours that age 11 she wouldn't wear.


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