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17 Eyeshadow Brush

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2 Reviews

Brand: Boots 17 / Type: Eye Shadow Brush / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2012 17:57
      Very helpful



      Boots eyeshadow brush

      Boots always make nice make up brushes and this one has proved to be quite handy. I have quite a few eyeshadows from the Boots No7 collection that do not require a makeup brush as they already come with a little foam applicator in the pack but my MAC eyeshadows just come in a little compact and do not have a brush with them so a eyeshadow brush is essential for applying these. 

      This brush comes from the 17 range in Boots so its nice and cheap and cheerful but still does a really good job. I like the look you can achieve with a brush much better than the look you can achieve by dabbing eyeshadow on with your fingertips so this brush works really well for me. Boots say that this eyeshadow brush will helps you attain that flawless finish during your daily makeup routine. Well, I'm not sure about complete flawlessness, I have a few wrinkles and creases in my eyes but this brush definitely applies my eyeshadow well. 

      Boots say that the best way to use this eye shadow brush is to emphasise the eyes by blending eyeshadow gently over the eyelid. What I like about the brush is that its nice and wide and fanned out with fairly longish bristles so when I sweep the brush over my eyes it will cover my whole eyelid in one go. This I think helps with that flawless look as you only need to apply the powder once and then its on your eyes. The bristles are nice and soft so they don't irritate my eyes in any way which is nice. The handle is fairly long so you can get a nice grip on it when applying and it never slips in my hand or needs readjusting. 

      The brush costs £4.50 and you can buy it on its own from the 17 range in Boots, a nice bargain brush that does the job well. 


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      23.10.2010 10:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good basic eye shadow brush for a low price


      Lost... Into thin air. My old make up brush that is. I had a Ruby and Mille eye shadow brush that I bought 2 years ago and loved. It was a fantastic eye shadow brush. I searched high and low for it and it appeared to have vanished. So I thought, instead of buying another one, I'll buy a cheap replacement for the meantime in the hope that it would turn up.

      *About the Product*

      17 eyeshadow brush is perfect for eye shadow & colour application. This eyeshadow brush can be used to create a soft sheer cover of eye shadow over the eyelids or use to blend and soften colour.

      *Price and Availability*

      17 Eyeshadow Brush retails at £2.00. This price is unbelievably cheap and probably the sole reason that I decided to opt for this brush over any other.

      You can buy this eyeshadow brush solely from Boots stores as 17 is a Boots own brand. It is also available to buy online at www.Boots.com so you don't have to miss out if you don't have a Boots store that is local to you.

      *My Opinion*

      The Packaging: 17 Eyeshadow brush doesn't have the most exciting packaging but as I am just going to throw it away and store it in my make-up brush pouch, this doesn't matter to me at all. It comes in a thin plastic case. This opens easily to access the brush and can be thrown into the bin.

      The brush itself: The handle of this brush is pink and translucent. The colour of this is very girly and actually quite cute. It is made of a hard plastic and it isn't likely to snap, unless you are trying to snap it anyway. There is then a silver metal piece, approximately an inch long which connects the plastic handle of the brush to the bristles. As for the bristles themselves, they are soft yet at the same time firm. Perhaps a little too firm in my opinion as the bristles do not splay as much as I would like. I would take a guess that they are synthetic but I don't know that for sure. The bristles are black and approximately a centimetre in length. I like the shape of the brush. It is fairly flat and rounded at the top. This shape allows you to cover the surface of your eyelid with ease and speed. The length of this brush is reasonably long but this makes it very easy to use and apply eyeshadow.

      Is 17 eyeshadow brush perfect for eye shadow and colour application? Yes, this eyeshadow brush loads the powder well and distributes it easily which means that it is good for covering the base of your eyelid. What I find it isn't so brilliant at doing, is creating more precise make up, especially when you want to add some drama to your eyes. For me, the brush is perfect for a simple, one colour on the eyelids.

      Can this eyeshadow brush be used to create a soft sheer cover of eye shadow over the eyelids or use to blend and soften colour? In my opinion, I don't think that this brush is so great for blending. I find that it doesn't perform this role to a high enough standard for my liking. But since I have only paid £2.00 for the product, I don't really feel I have the right to complain that it doesn't work as well as a brush that I have spent 4 or 5 times the price on.

      Longevity of the product: I used 17 Eyeshadow Brush for about 2 months and it lasted very well throughout this time with very few bristles falling out but one or two did go astray, splaying out to the left. I think it would last you a few months, but it isn't one that will endure years and years of use.

      Prior to buying this 17 Eyeshadow, I used a Ruby and Mille brush which really was excellent so I do know the importance of a really good make up brush, especially when it comes to application of eye shadow. Buying a cheap brush, really doesn't usually work out that well, but on this occasion, in the short term at least, 17 Eyeshadow brush performed its tasks well.I now don't use it because my I have invested in a new and expensive make up brush set and these brushes are amazing but for the price, this is a decent enough eye shadow brush. You get what you pay for.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      17 Eyeshadow brush is a product that is actually very good considering its low price. I would recommend this eyeshadow brush to anyone that is looking for a low price and basic product. It performs the task relatively well although not as well as those that cost significantly more. I think that when it comes to make up brushes on the whole it is certainly a case of you get what you pay for although having spent just £2.00, I feel that I have done really well, and you will too, should you decide to go ahead and buy this too.


      I really do believe that a very good make up brushes are essential so if you were looking for one that falls under this category them I am sorry but you won't find it in 17 Eyeshadow Brush. But as I said earlier, I bought this product as a cheap stand in, with the hope that my Ruby and Mille one would reappear. 17 Eyeshadow Brush does perform a good job of the tasks that you want it to. It has bristles are soft yet firm and it is pretty good if you don't want to spend a lot of money. I have since spent a lot of money on a new make-up brush set (don't ask how much, you really don't want to know) and this one has been relegated to my drawer at home, unlikely to be used again.


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