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Asda Bath Sponges

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2 Reviews
  • They last for long
  • They are very cheap to buy
  • The sponges are not wrapped individual
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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2014 15:18
      Very helpful


      • "They last for long"
      • "They are very cheap to buy"
      • "They get my children clean"
      • "The sponges are good quality"


      • "The sponges are not wrapped individual"

      Asda bath sponges

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a pack of 2 bath sponges that are made by Asda. You can buy them in their stores or online from their website only.


      These sponges are packaged in a plastic bag and they are not wrapped individual. I use both of them at the same time because I put one in the shower and one in the bath but I would not like for one of the sponges to be stored unwrapped for a long time because it would get dust on it.


      I buy these sponges alot because all of my children like to use a sponge in the bath and they play with them also so they do not last for very long. I used to buy them natural sponges that were good for their skin but it was too expensive with how quick we throw sponges away and I think that these ones are just as good and my children do not have to be careful with them because they are so cheap that I do not care how often I have to replace them.

      They are soft and they get the skin clean when you put some soap or cleanser on them, they help you to create more bubbles than if you were washing with just your hands also. I would not use them on my childrens faces because they are not that soft and feel a little bit scratchy on the skin.

      When we have finished using the sponges we wring them out and leave them on the side of the bath to dry. That does not take very long and I am shocked that these sponges last for as long as they do because when I first got them I thought I would have to replace them weekly because of the cheap price but that is incorrect and they last alot longer than that.

      They are strong but my one daughter pulls the sponges apart in the water, they do not fall apart but it does not take her very long to rip it badly before I see that she is doing it.


      2 sponge in a packet cost 58p and I think that is value. I would like to choose the colours but I think the blue and white are nice.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      28.08.2012 09:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great value sponge

      I bought these sponges from Asda as I was finding it a little difficult to find a nice soft blue sponge for using in a baby hamper, as you get two sponges in the packet one white and one blue I put the white one in my own bathroom for use.

      The sponges as the name would suggest were from Asda and cost just over 50p for the pack of two which I think is fantastic value.

      The sponges came in an see through plastic wrapper with very little detail on it just the basis name of the store and name of the product and as it was see through you could see the two sponges side by side inside.
      The packet is easy to open by simply pulling the two sides apart like you would with a packet of crisps, the sponges inside are a decent size and are shaped with rounded edges. The sponges are not really soft that you could use on a baby but they are not really rough either and my nearly two year old daughter uses the sponge without any isses.

      I like the sponges and have found that when you wet it and put a little shower gel on it the shower gel lathers really nicely and right through the sponge so it helps the shower gel go a little further.

      The sponge can take uite a bit of rinsing to wash all the sopa out of it if you put too much on and then of course that uses more water so you really do only need a little shower gel when using it.

      The blue sponge is a nice light blue colour which I used for a little boys hamper and the white probably isn't really the best colour as it does discolour a little so it is now more of an off white colour than bright white like it was.

      These sponges are well worth the price you pay and we are planning on buying another packet so myself and my daughter can cut some shapes out to do some painting with them which gives us a cheap activity for fun during the long 6 weeks.


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