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Asda Smartprice Pocket Tissues

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Brand: Asda / tissues / Type: Tissues

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2010 07:59
      Very helpful



      See review.

      Well this has been a Christmas to remember, both of my children suddenly came down with a flu virus a week before and are still trying to get back onto their feet from it!

      Alongside al the nasty symptoms they developed, aches and pains, loss of appetite, lethargy etc.... they also had to content with the normal cold symptoms too, which my daughter (bless her) managed to stave off with endless spoons of Calpol, and a good few hours lying in her bed watching the Simpsons.

      My son on the other hand, though brave in his convalescence, has had the most awful dripping nose, to the degree that if he sniffed and moaned once more, I was tempted to stuff his nostrils with cotton wool, my hubby has said though that "man flu" is much worse than "woman flu", so I should be a little more sympathetic! Lol!

      One thing that I always seem to have a supply of in my cupboard is packs of tissues for such "emergencies", thus (hopefully) encouraging a simple "blow then throw" culture, and not wipe then stuff up the sleeve like my nan keeps telling my son to do, if I find one more mashed and paper mached piece of tissue up the sleeve of one of his tops again I will have to get her to do my washing!

      As I encourage my kids to blow then throw their tissues I don't tend to spend a great deal on them, tending to buy the cheaper branded tissue's, which is the type I am reviewing here.

      The Asda "smart price" branded tissues are ideal for such situations, with you being able to buy a multipack of six individually wrapped packets for around the 50p mark, and each pack containing 10 x3ply tissues.

      Each tissue and indeed pack is simple and without any detail, with the pack itself being clear with the briefest of green smart price colouring, and the tissues being simply white, with a little embossment around the edges of the tissue itself.

      Each tissue measures 210mm x 210mm, which in plain speak is hand covering size, which of course is essential, no-one wants to blow their nose to find a palm full of snot do they!?

      The tissues are of course cheap, but rather than being useless, you will find they are thick and well made, but will not lovingly caress the delicate skin around the nostrils like some brands do, so a liberal smearing of Vaseline will help with this particular problem, but I do find these are quite the best tissues on the market for simply nose blowing and eye wiping qualities.

      These are a nice addition to your handbag, ideal for cleaning smeared children's faces, dabbing a dripping nose or wiping a weeping eye, they are cheap and cheerful and thus easy to use once then bin, though they are thick enough for you to go in for the second blow if needs be, though be under no illusions that these are anything more than a tissue!

      Thanks for reading xx


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