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Avon Precision Tweezers

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3 Reviews

Brand: Avon / Type: Tweezer

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    3 Reviews
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      12.02.2014 08:35



      Happy Plucking With The Best Pair Of Tweezers You Can Get

      Avon Precision Tweezers With slanted steel tips for precision grooming. What a handy little accessory to get your hands on - it's always a pain in the bottom to find a decent pair of tweezers that actually grab hold of those pesky little hairs in your eyebrows. You don't need to pay a ridiculous amount for a branded accessory you just need to find the right pair and for the £4 I paid for these I am not complaining and I highly doubt you would if you try them! They are simply the best pair of tweezers I have ever bought and will never use different ones again. I've had these tweezers for a while now and they are as good as new! It's never a task to pluck the hairs using these and it takes me less than 5 minutes to do my eyebrows and small enough to pop in your make up bag. They also come in a handy little clear pouch.


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      09.10.2013 14:55
      Very helpful



      A really good pair of tweezers, Excellent value for money :)

      A couple of years ago I ordered these tweezers from Avon. One of my friends used to be a representative in my street back in Nottingham, and she was always waving brochures in my face and trying to get me to buy things off her, as Avon representatives work on commission. It wasn't hard to get me to buy things out of the catalogues as I love beauty products, and since I used to work in beauty I was always buying things from her. I think I was probably her no1 customer, as all my drawers were overflowing, full of products from Avon! She was lovely and gave me discounts, which just encouraged my shopping habit and encouraged me to buy even more!

      I paid only £3 for these tweezers which I think is an amazing price. This was even without a discount! They were on offer at the time, I think they were half price so they must normally cost around £6. Still, I think this is a good price for a pair of tweezers wherever you are buying them from. I have used tweezers from lots of other brands before, and have sometimes found that they don't grip very well. I have tried so many different ones because I am always losing them (probably because people borrow them from me and then don't give them back!).

      Personally I think the tweezers look very boring. They are just plain black with silver grips at the bottom. I suppose in some ways this is a positive aspect of the tweezers, as it means they can be used by men or women. But still, I think they would look much prettier if they had a nice pattern on them. Maybe they should at least bring out a few more colours, so that people can have a choice when they buy them. However the tweezers are easy to grip, as the handles are thick and sturdy. They don't dig into your fingers when you squeeze things, which I have had happen to me before with other brands. The handles are plastic and the grips are metal. The grips are thicker than some other tweezers' grips are, which for me is good as it means they aren't very sharp so won't scratch my skin (this has happened to me before!).

      I used these to pluck my eyebrows and had them for about a year before losing them (or perhaps someone borrowed them and never gave them back to me!). I am going to buy some more when I find a new Avon representative (my friend moved away). These saved me so much money as I used to go to Lash Lounge to get my eyebrows plucked and it was costing me like £5 at least every time, these cost me £3 and I used them over and over again, and I could use them whenever I wanted, without needing to book appointments etc first. I am so going to get some more and I definitely recommend these tweezers. If you aren't sure about plucking your eyebrows yourself I would advise watching an online tutorial video, you can find loads on YouTube. So in summary I recommend these and would award them 5 stars. The only problem I have is finding a new Avon rep (but you can buy online if you want to, I would just personally rather give business to a rep).


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        17.03.2012 15:10
        Very helpful



        Great inexpensive tweezers - super for tidying eyebrows.

        ---Why I Buy Them---

        Well as I said in a previous review, back in the 1970s I was, along with everyone else, plucking my eyebrows as if our lives depended on it - and once you start with the plucking you always have to continue. Even if you leave your eyebrows grow back to their normal shape you will always find stray hairs underneath that need removing - well I do anyway.
        Because of this I always like to have a good tweezers to hand, as I never like more than a few days passing before I give my brows a good going over. I hate if I have no tweezers - for some people it is shaving their legs - for me it is doing my brows.
        I did have a really good tweezers many years ago, but that got snapped by my young sons. After that I tried my local chemist, who had a few different versions of tweezers for sale at around the £2 mark - not too expensive you might think - but more often than not I would buy one, only to find it did not do the job I wanted it for. I found all these cheap tweezers useless - whether I bought pointed ones, slanted ones or ones with straight blunt ends. So I was spending out all the time and then more often than not I still did not have a tweezers that worked properly.
        For those of you have not plucked their eyebrows you might think any tweezers will do - but that is not the case. The tips of the tweezers have to met in the right way and have just sufficient tension to grip the offending hairs. Often with these cheap tweezers I would find they did not grab and hold the hairs properly - so that they just slid along the shaft of the hair rather than actually pull them out.
        So when I found that Avon were selling these slanted tweezers I thought I would give them a try - as if they were useless as so many of my previous ones had been - at least I could return them for a refund.

        ---The Product---

        These look basic little tweezers.
        They are just under 10 cms long and hav a gap of around 1 cm.
        The main part of the tweezers is matt black.
        The ends of the tweezers are silver coloured and slanted at about a 30 degree angle.


        £5 full price but currently on offer for £3.50.
        But I am sure I had mine as a free gift with another make-up item - so a real bargain.

        ---My Opinion---

        I love these tweezers - they actually do the job I have bought them for.
        The ends are perfect for grabbing and removing my stray eyebrows.
        I use a magnifying mirror and it is easy to local and pluck the stray hairs with the slanted ends - you have success every time. It is quite a satisfying pastime - and I enjoy doing it with a good tweezers - but it would be a very frustrating job with a tweezers that did not grab the hairs properly.
        It was not a one off with these tweezers either as I have bought other pairs from Avon since (in case sons walk off with them) and each time they are equally good.
        I am sure it is to do with the tension between the two arms - it is easy to hold and use - and does its job.
        I am sure this would also work well if you were trying to remove thorns.
        A very strong tweezers that would last me years if sons did not have a habit of snapping them in half (why?).

        ---Star Rating---

        5 Stars.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.




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      Avon / With slanted steel tips for precision grooming /

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