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Babyliss Bubble Jet Spa

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3 Reviews

Brand: Babyliss / Type: Bath Spa / waterproof: yes

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    3 Reviews
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      26.06.2009 18:39
      Very helpful



      Not bad but not the cheapest of things.

      I wasn't overly impressed with this product, buying my mum one for her birthday I was dead excited after she'd had a go and said it was quite a relaxing experience, I decided to jump in the bath and try it out for myself. I was really disappointed that you aren't meant to put bubbles in the bath with you, as you end up with an overflow of bubbles! So there I sat with this strange massaging experience, it was quite nice and relaxing however the lack of bubbles totally put me off. Also it was a lot of messing about to set up, and then to pack away, and is not something you want to be messing about with every time you want a bath.
      It's a nice little treat when you want a relaxing bath time but to be honest its one of those stupid items you buy, use once on the day you get it, and then the novelty has worn off, and its then stuck in a corner collecting dust. Waste of money really, but it is a nice product to use now and again for a nice relaxing bath, if you have to money to throw away on it, plenty of other things which would make a much more useful gift.


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      28.12.2006 15:58




      Having just purchased a Babyliss bath spa for my wife
      and read the instructions it would appear that the
      fixing kit is not for storage as a previous person
      thought but to actually be a permanent fixture in the
      bathroom one metre away from the bath out of reach
      of the bathing person so there is no chance of being
      electrocuted also the fitting instructions state that it
      should also be mounted 1.8 metres off the floor level
      or as close to the ceiling as possible.
      I was trying to contact the UK agent for advice regarding
      using as described by the previous reviewer but the
      telephone number supplied Babylis/agent is not
      recognised at B.T. which means i still don't know if it is
      safe to use with the pump on the floor.


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        31.08.2005 14:04
        Very helpful



        Worth ever penny to re-create and experience that sensual mood and relaxation!


        After experiencing a spa session on holiday I wanted to try recreating that lovely luxurious feeling of sensuality and relaxation at home. I was looking into the market for a portable bath spa. I wanted one that would be robust, quiet, had different settings, would be easy to store and would be in my price range of up to £80.

        I purchased the Babyliss Bubble Jet Spa 8059U.

        **Setting Up**

        Since reading the user manual, I realised that it wasn't as complicated as I had initially thought it would be to set up this spa. So I go upstairs and set this little machine up in my bath!

        To do so, everytime, I simply unroll and place the ultra soft cushioned mat into the bath and it sticks to the bath surface with several small suction caps, it can move slightly so beware when getting in and out of the bath. I then place the end nozzle of the hose into the correct position on the mat (at the foot end) and guide the hose around the tap (So it stays out the way).

        I plug the compact pump unit plug in at the hallway plug socket and guide the cable into the bathroom, where I then place the pump unit, I then place the other end of the hose (which is running from the bath) into the front of the pump unit. And hey presto, it's that easy!

        **How To Use**

        Now, to switching the spa on. One of the reasons I went for this model is the fact it has a special circuit breaker safety plug. This is for safety standards as obviously any electrical device in a bathroom is extremely hazardous.

        With the safety plug, you have to test the device before it will switch on fully; you do this by simply pressing a button on the plug so the device will automatically cut out should it become damaged etc.

        So you can rest assured that while using this bubble jet spa that it complies with all relevant British and European safety standards.

        Okay, so we now switch the machine on, with the 2 buttoned (Off and Mode buttons), infra-red waterproof remote control that is provided for extra ease of use (No getting in and out). Off we go, the bath is bubbling - oh, a word of warning, do not use bubble bath or any foaming agent as you will find yourself flooded with bubbles. Some essential oils are fine though.

        I normally test the depth of water out before getting into the bath, I do this by simply turning the machine and ensuring it doesn't overflow; I then switch the machine off again with the remote whilst climbing in. After laying back and enjoying that initial sense of relaxation you can simply go through the 3 speeds, settings no.1 - low, 2 - medium, and 3 - high at the touch of a single button.


        The mat really is very comfortable as it is softly cushioned. You don't realise how powerful the mat and unit actually are until you are laying there lapping up the sensual feelings of the warm bubble jets that are giving you an all over body massage. Loads and loads of bubbles!!!!


        As to storing the compact pump unit, Babyliss were one step ahead. They include a wall fitting so that you can simply store it above the bath, which is much easier than the way I do things. The mat can be rolled up and stored away in a place of your choosing. The whole unit can be taken anywhere you want as long as there is a power supply near the bathing area.


        As far as cleanliness is concerned - all you need do is rinse the mat down after every use. There are more comprehensive guidelines in the instructions leaflet, provided. You can simply, use hot water and a cloth to remove any residue.

        The motor in the compact pump unit is actually surprisingly quiet for the power it pumps out. So you can relax with some music on and some lit candles. Really go out to relax yourself, I do all the time. It makes me feel super clean as an added bonus as well.

        This is not suitable for people with medical conditions - limited sensations or if you are pregnant.

        **Where To Buy & Price**

        It gives you that sense of relaxation I mentioned earlier, and considering it retails at around £75 from Boots it is a really good investment if you have that sort of spare cash.

        I have had mine for 8 months now, and hope to have it for at least another 8 years. It comes with a full 2 year warranty by the manufacturers. I am sure you could get it cheaper than I did - just search a good search bot for a competitive price.

        It is available on both the high street and the World Wide Web.

        **Further Information**

        For more information on this spa you can go to the Babyliss website: www.babyliss.co.uk

        © Copyright of grown_up_girlie 2005.


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      • Product Details

        Soft cushioned mat with powerful warm air jet for relaxing and de-stressing all over the body massage / Mat rolls up for compact and easy storage / Waterproof remote control /

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